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  1. I thought since I've made a few chapters for my first story on this site I'd make a discussion thread for it. It seems to have garnered a good reception so far which I am quite pleased about. Feel free to ask any questions you might have about the story's world, the characters themselves, or other elements that might strike your fancy. Whether or not I'll properly answer said questions depends on how spoiler heavy I feel the answer would be. I'm interested to hear what people who've read it so far think.
  2. I will have to disagree on the sentiment of disregarding methodology and other authors opinions on how to go about writing. While I certainly understand the spirit of the statement, it does leave out an important thing to remember; Any and all things you learn can be used to enhance the way you tell your story. You may not use everything you've learned from other people on every story, but having that methodology at your disposal could be the very thing to help bust you through the dreaded writers block when it comes knocking. You do not know everything about writing, lord knows I don't w
  3. That is precisely how I do things actually. Sometimes, if I'm having a particularly hard time with some dialogue, I'll even get up from my computer and act out the conversation out loud as the characters, letting myself use mannerisms they might employ or postures they might take, changing up the wording and the tone until I find something that feels right. I'll not be winning any awards for my performances, but its enough to get the creative juices flowing at the very least. I also like to make small vignettes outside of my stories for my personal use that I use to explore the personalit
  4. "Listen," Your soon to be ex boyfriend says in what he thinks is a calming tone, "I didn't mean to crash the space ship alright? That asteroid came out of nowhere. Lets just find some supplies and see what we can do about repairing the hull, please?" Trapped on an uncharted habitable planet with your air head of a lover and pilot, your task is to try to survive long enough in this blasted alien world to get off it in one piece. Figuring out how to do this without throttling the man next to you is an entirely different matter.
  5. Demented

    Chapter 3

    Shahnaz’s mood had made a marked improvement since she had found her young Lord’s present. The Tiefling had been so frazzled and despondent over not being able to find this elusive MageCrafter. Her young Lord had sounded so excited to meet this person, even though the lad had never even laid eyes on whomever this was. The young Lord who had balked and waved off every single eligible candidate to be his present had finally found someone deserving of his attention, and to her dismay she had not been able to perform her duty for him. That despondent feeling wasn’t simply because she was his f
  6. Demented

    Chapter 2

    Deep beneath the foundations of Duke Bertolde’s estate, there is a massive room filled with billowing plumes of steam. Every time the Duke peered into this room, it seemed like almost another plane of existence, separated from the outside world. Standing guard outside of the room were two of his son’s personal Maids. One was a cheerfully Pink hued Tiefling with black horns and a tail with what could only be described as a heart shaped tip at the end. The other was a young human woman with deeply tanned skin and black hair that she wore in a bob cut. They both curtsied to the Duke as he wal
  7. The way I see it, the only thing you need to do with exposition is imply that the world is bigger than what is on the page. Context clues, implications, and passing mentions of unintroduced elements gives the readers questions they can mull over and want to find the answers for. Take someone shopping in an aisle of a supermarket. The only thing happening in that scene is someone looking through whats on display and trying to find what they need to purchase. However with implied exposition and context clues you could morph something like that into whatever you want. For example, let
  8. I've already started posting on here but I thought I'd introduce myself. I've been writing awhile under various pen names, usually within the realm of fanfiction. I thought I'd finally step out of that comfort zone and try my hand at some original fiction writing, especially after being so inspired by the care and effort put into some of the stories on here. Hope people here enjoy my efforts as much as I've enjoyed theirs so far.
  9. Demented

    Chapter 1

    Kotik raced down the cobblestone street, nimbly avoiding the rain puddles that were building up as best as he could. He didn’t want to get any wetter than he already was. Each wayward splash of those puddles seemed to give him a fresh wave of cold that lanced through his entire body. Still despite the pelting rain and the thunder rumbling above him, he couldn’t help but feel somewhat happy about today. His employer, a local Tavern owner in this small mining community, had found out that today was his thirteenth birthday. Most of the other adults avoided an unsupervised Lynxian youngster li
  10. Demented


    Welcome to the Kingdom of Silbel, where Butlers and Maids are known and feared as mysterious and powerful magic users in service of nobility and royalty. Follow Kotik, a thirteen year old Lynxian peasant boy as he is thrust into a world he is both terrified of and fascinated with in the same breath. Expect to find Elves, orcs, dwarves and other demi humans in this Victorian styled nation, and learn what lies in store for our cat eared protagonist.
  11. I admire those who are able to make such languages. Personally, I wouldn't be satisfied with a language I made unless I did some in depth research on how languages are made to do it right. J.R.R Tolkien made languages as a hobby and that man had a massive college education on the nature of languages.
  12. Demented

    Chapter 32

    You have no idea how feverishly I have been devouring this staggeringly delightful saga since I stumbled upon it by happenstance. Words cannot express how much I adore everything about this story. I never expected to be so completely enthralled when I started reading it a few days ago. The world building is utterly inspired, I can envision the world of Kandric so completely it excites the nerves in a way few professionally published novels have ever done, much less something I stumbled upon on a website. I can only pray to every god this story has that this story shall receive a long awaited u
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