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  1. HERE is what I need. you put together in one sentence everything that I collected in two months. Now I am more confident in my plan. Thank you. Of course, finding an editor is still difficult. But I went in the right direction. Thank you.
  2. Sorry! if I break the rules by leaving a post in the old thread. But I did not find a branch more precisely. I really want to write something in the style of Harper. I really like "To Kill A Mockingbird" What was the inspiration for the Harper? And most importantly. Are there contemporary authors who imitate him ?? Thank you as much as possible, in advance. 🙏
  3. Excuse me, maybe you know where I can get this story in more detail? for its story. I will be very grateful to you.
  4. I have an idea for a story. Which tells an alternate history of the first gay marriage in the 1940s. What do you think? a fantastic story in which a young family takes up their rights and wins.
  5. I fully support your method. I meditate often, and all versions of the text in my head are cleared. And as if there was only one option left to write down. It is important to be able not to worry while writing the text. For this, I meditate or ask for help. For example, the guys from https://eduzaurus.com/free-essay-samples/ recently helped me, and they edited my text for syntax and grammatical errors. But when I don’t have problems with ideas, they come to my mind on their own. While running or meditating.
  6. I wanted to thank you! for a whole week, I could not write a single line. The day before yesterday I read your topic and decided to write on the run. It helps a lot
  7. For me, fantasy has always been a challenging genre. After all, the level of surprise in the plot is always too chaotic. I think there is very little stability in fantasy, and it takes a lot of craft experience to achieve balance.
  8. It sounds really cool, and I was interested in it.
  9. I've been writing stories all my life, already fifteen years of practice. And it was always just stories, and my creative process was always set up so that I immediately saw the entire text in my head. I'm so used to working. I am writing for the https://assignmentbro.com/uk/do-my-assignment site for high school students. As a rule, my work is essays and short stories. And I was put off by the idea of writing something over 1000 words. But recently I started writing a novel. And this, to my surprise, has been happening for over a month now, and I can't do anything about it. I remembered my fir
  10. Hey! You write about usage in British English before the 18th century. I was wondering how you found out about this. I was thinking of writing a story, and in it the events must unfold in seventeenth-century London. And I would like to put the spirit of that time into my text by emphasizing the use of older forms of English.
  11. It is exciting to watch the issue from Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Poland, Russia. My friends from Ukraine talked about the movement in their city. And there is a stereotype that there is no movement as such. But this is a delusion. They have a very developed music scene and musical club movements. This article has a mention of this https://samplius.com/free-essay-examples/lgbt/ their Movements ""SCHEMA"" and ""Ritmburo"" is a modern queer-culture scene free from quibbles, trendy in Kyiv and Warsaw.
  12. Tell me, can newbies in writing also place their works there?
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