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  1. I guess I have been bitten by a fan-fiction writing bug or something, I've come up with 3 potential fan-fiction stories. I don't usually write fan-fiction on GA, or at all anymore. Discussions on fictional universes and story idea session seem to have jump-started that area of my thought process.


    1. cehammock


      We are looking forward to reading them. Are they all Supernatural? or have you crossed over into other universes? Like Lucifer? The Morningstars meet the Winchesters?

    2. W_L


      Three different universes, I'm not sure which one I'll actually pursue long-term. The Supernatural universe, the Pokemon Universe, and a Harry Potter Universe. Like I said, I've been bitten by a fan-fiction writer bug, so I wrote the preambles of a story for each. @cehammock and @astone2292 know about my Supernatural and Pokemon ideas, but the HP one is a new concept.

      I also have an original story as well that I am still working on for release later this year. I really like my own original story with a Japanese based fantasy setting, so whatever I do, I won't pull all my resources away from it.


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