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  1. What is wrong with young people? The other day I was enjoying myself at the paintball field and these young couple (14, 15 ish) and they were obviously a couple as they would always be on the same team and would always cover each other. I noticed they were both wearing these simple leather wrist bands. Simple, no fancy designs on them and had a couple of metal buttons on them.... I am looking at the bands and then it hit me: Yeah I guess you CAN wear those things on your wrists.

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    2. Ron


      Essentially, it's a leather band with some snaps on it, and regardless of the intent with which it was made it can be used however one wants. Use it as a cock ring or a wristband - snap a leash to it and control your wayward child. Its uses, while not unlimited, can be versatile. ; )

    3. Rano


      Or...tokens of their bonding; being a couple - I really don't know, just wondering as well :P

    4. Houdinii


      I wish I could use a wristband as a friggin ring, I'm not that lucky :/


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