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  1. Cadude145

    Looking Out for You

    I was going to say 8:30pm for dinner with a 2 year old and teenagers, receipe for disaster. Didn't turnout bad though.
  2. Cadude145

    Helping Hand

    Yep, Kyle said he was waiting for something before starting a faiily, now we know what. I liked the setup and lead into family now we se what suprises await.
  3. To me Nan getting married is a hoot. However the setup seems to be Levi & Lincoln being foster kids needing A home and two teachers just went to class. I do realize im a couple of years late here.
  4. Cadude145

    New Tomorrows

    I realize I'm 3 years behind reading these stories and I'm having a problem. Who is Davis? I don't remember him from the last story. Second, and remember is me again. I had a problem finding the second story here. There were no linkis I could see fro story 1 to 2. I finally opened a authors search and found story 4 and then found two. Can someone tell me if there is an easier way to find stories?
  5. Cadude145

    Holy Shit

    I read another story Williams's love and liked it did a search and this story intrigued me. I've now reading the comments from 2017 when the story posted. So far it looks like our students may get together and everyone wants a Man.
  6. Cadude145

    Blu's Prologue

    You got to love Nan- man this is really a two sided coin.
  7. Cadude145

    Chapter 47

    Great story really enjoyed reading it and finding new wonderful friends.
  8. Cadude145

    Chapter 35

    Man that Mother is psychotic evel woman. I'm hoping she likes prison life 🤬
  9. Cadude145

    Chapter 34

    Dear Will has a ❤️ the size of Texas.
  10. Cadude145

    Chapter 31

    A lot of good stuff in this chapter. I liked a reference to finding out about what is happening with the F.B.I. And I love the ending.
  11. Cadude145

    Chapter 28

    Oh do I love reading about sister Karma. By mom
  12. Cadude145

    Chapter 27

    I enjoyed the chapter and story, I think I'm a more blood thirsty and would have liked a little more in the two thugs and the fact they admitted to trashing the house making or putting this in a hate crime category, hence the need for F.B.I.
  13. Cadude145

    Chapter 26

    I really want some one to pay for this for the rest of there lives.
  14. Cadude145

    Chapter 18

    After 33 years in Social Services I have seen some bad stuff and even in the position I was in which was not child services, I was subpoenaed to testify on behalf of a child in similar circumstances. I remember case turned out in the favor of teenager and I'm glad I could help.
  15. Cadude145

    Chapter 14

    Worked at social services for 33 years we had a lot of very dedicated Social Workers and Foster Parents. Though, sometime I think it's like bikers seems to only take one to spoil the reputation of the good folks.
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