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  1. Cadude145

    Chapter 2

    Great transition and set up for the heart section of the story, well done👍
  2. Cadude145

    Chapter 1

    This was a good introduction to the next star player in the story and a great way to tell the perspective of those Dragon Ryders who came forward. Look forward to D'gar meeting So, watch this space
  3. I am now beginning to understand the line of the story now. I'm a Pern fan so I get all the references and I do remember Ruth going back in time and saying "I always know When I am" or something like that. GOOD or continuing character development. Now, Mawgrim, please get some adminstrative assistance to put your story in order and as unfinished. Your posting a new chapter every few days, so that's kudos plus and you have a great story. It is however more difficult to follow the storyline. I finally figured out to follow the post date. Thanks again for a good story.
  4. I am such a Dragon Riders fan that I thoroughly enjoyed the story. I'm hoping for more even though it says complete. My personal opinion is there could be more depth in the mating flights. Though I understand why the author went the way he did on a first flight. More please
  5. Cadude145

    Ex Post Facto

    No I did see that coming. Not at all
  6. Cadude145

    Home and Gone

    Well, I like the set up for the final book. Love the cuddle puddle. Yes , though I know it's all ready written, some HEA and I really want Angus to die horribly.
  7. Angus McLeod needs his heart removed from his chest, preferably while still beating.
  8. Cadude145


    I am enjoying the evolution of the homestead pack and looking forward to the next book.
  9. Cadude145

    Chapter 9

    Really enjoyed the story and can see the lead in. We will see what next story brings can't wait.
  10. Cadude145

    Chapter 6

    Really enjoyed the story and characters. Now if I can figure out how to open your next in the series.
  11. Well, it is difficult to condemn a 13 year old for wanting to find out about sex, and no, he would not know the ramifications of his actions, it just feels good at that age, remember? Now, that said, this is not the youngest father I have seen, either fortunately or unfortunately I work at a local welfare department in California, and I worked with teen parents for many years. Cadude145
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