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  1. Adam Blake

    By CLJobe, in Fiction. 05/11/2021 (Updated: 07/31/2021)

    • teen
    • school
    • no sex
    • psychology
    • 20th century
    • friendship

    A lesson in education

    • 164 Chapters
    • 200,166 Words
    • Everyone
    • Drama
    • In Process
  2. The Preacher's Kid-Book 3: Nate's Story

    By FlyOnTheWall, in Fiction. 07/24/2021 (Updated: 07/31/2021)

    • teen
    • young adult
    • coming of age
    • love
    • high school

    I never imagined The Preacher's Kid would turn into a series--but then I never imagined a secondary character would become so well-liked by my readers.

    The third book in this series is all about Nate Hamilton, the lovable and amazing younger brother of Eddie, the subject of the first two books. In the first two books, we saw the amazing part of Nate beginning with the filming and posting of the promposal and through the creation of his "Cancer Sucks" vlog. We saw Nate's incredible heart during the week-long day-camp with Eddie and Matty.

    • 3 Chapters
    • 7,555 Words
    • Mature
    • Comedy, Drama, Romance
    • In Process
  3. Egaran Stars

    By Yeoldebard, in Fiction. 09/19/2020 (Updated: 07/31/2021)

    • teen
    • young adult
    • aliens
    • were-creatures
    • roommates
    • under 18
    • depression

    Reinard Artego the Third is the last of his clan, a Faro running from his world after the death of his Segal. He takes refuge on Egara, working at a porneo, where no one would ever expect to find a Faro.

    Galen just moved to the Hephaestus Isles, accepting a job offer from his friend. The only issue is the offer comes with a house already taken by a Faro.

    When the Egaro and the Faro meet, cultures collide. Reinard fears his new roommate's sexual appetites, while Galen is amazed at Reinard's standoffish attitude toward him. For a week's time, the two will have to deal with each other. Or at least try not to kill each other.

    • 46 Chapters
    • 50,847 Words
    • Mature
    • Drama, Sci-Fi
    • In Process
  4. Cernunnos

    By astone2292, in Fiction. 01/18/2021 (Updated: 07/31/2021)

    • were-creatures
    • gay
    • oral

    Follow the harrowing story of Cyn, a shapeshifter known as a Cernunnos: a deer. Commonly hunted by humans, as well as other animal predators throughout the world, Cyn has lived his life in constant fear. But when he finally confronts his death, he is given a second chance. But is this chance worth the distress and paranoia that follows?

    Join Cyn as he embarks on a journey. A journey, where this Cernunnos learns to live...among predatory lycan shifters!

    • 39 Chapters
    • 98,541 Words
    • Mature
    • Paranormal
    • In Process
  5. Puppy for Sale

    By James Matthews, in Fiction. 07/23/2021 (Updated: 07/31/2021)

    • under 18
    • europe
    • coming of age
    • love
    • friendship
    • mental health

    Jensen Stibbings longs for a place to call home. But at Sixteen, and the oldest resident at Greenstone Children’s Home, his hopes are fading fast. With a complex medical condition, anger issues and little to no real-world experience, he continues to get looked over for other younger and more adaptable kids.

    Will Jensen see out his childhood days at the home until he is left to fend for himself at eighteen, or will he be saved from the scrap heap that is the care system? Time will tell, in Puppy for Sale.

    • 14 Chapters
    • 138,760 Words
    • Mature
    • Drama
    • In Process
  6. WL's Mainstream Gay Book Reviews

    By W_L, in Non-Fiction. 07/06/2021 (Updated: 07/31/2021)

    • review
    • faq
    • journal

    Just a collection of mainstream Gay books reviews, mostly Romance novels with a few Mystery, Fantasy, and an occasional Science Fiction story

    • 22 Chapters
    • 34,059 Words
    • Everyone
    • Reference
    • In Process
  7. The Brilliant Boy Billionaire

    By Altimexis, in Fiction. 06/12/2021 (Updated: 07/31/2021)

    • teen
    • gay
    • casual
    • coming of age
    • abuse

    Young Adam, aka Simon, aka J.J. grew up in Southern Indiana, the victim of sexual abuse for as long as he could remember. The one thing he had going for himself was his intelligence, which allowed him to master advanced college-level material online. On his 13th birthday, however, his father left him no choice but to fight back the only way he could. Forced to run away, he began an amazing journey that would lead him to the highest corporate echelons, and more importantly, to love.

    • 16 Chapters
    • 84,255 Words
    • Mature
    • Adventure, Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi
    • In Process
  8. Catering With Benefits (3) - An Appetite for More 5. Appetites

    By Wombat Bill, in Fiction. 03/27/2021 (Updated: 07/31/2021)

    • young adult
    • mature adult
    • gay
    • australia
    • crime
    • brothers
    • politics

    This is the third book in the “Catering With Benefits” series. All the characters from the previous books return and continue their efforts to succeed in business and love.

    Jared meets his birth mother and Craig and Justin expand their business into a new venture. Dean, Juanito, Thomas, Jared and Snowy all get new jobs. Tristan has exciting news about a new dance project and The Prices also set off in new directions.

    Raj is still in search of love while Brett and Jeremy take on a new project and Andy makes an investment.

    • 59 Chapters
    • 160,800 Words
    • Mature
    • Drama, Romance
    • In Process
  9. Bodark Creek

    By RichEisbrouch, in Fiction. 05/07/2021 (Updated: 07/30/2021)

    • rural
    • north america
    • light-hearted
    • serious
    • 20th century
    • love

    Bodark Creek is a small, former mill town, north of Dallas and close to the Oklahoma border. Starting in 1908, Addy Bronner Braden spends most of her very long life there, surrounded by her large, close family. She loves them, leads them, and depends on them.

    There is one gay person in this book – my husband. That makes sense, since the book is based on one half of his family tree. But he only turns up at the very end and as a visitor. And that about defines the relationship between gay people and this part of his family.

    • 14 Chapters
    • 16,072 Words
    • Everyone
    • Comedy, Drama
    • In Process
  10. Stoke 3. Light Dancing in the Dark

    By Demiurge, in Fiction. 05/28/2021 (Updated: 07/30/2021)

    • magic
    • gay
    • alternate earth
    • anal
    • oral
    • serious
    • love

    Second part to my Magik series.

    One obstacle has been overcome, but in it's place, many more arise.

    Can Kalian navigate a completely foreign battlefield with the help of his rag tag band?

    Battles, new allies, new foes, politics, deep-rooted commitment issues, and the first real look at what Kalian Alauis is really capable of.

    • 17 Chapters
    • 110,739 Words
    • Mature
    • Adventure, Fantasy, Romance
    • In Process
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