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  1. The Alpha 3. Running With The Pack

    By WolfM, in Fiction. 02/11/2020 (Updated: 06/02/2020)

    Well known as a bully and antagonist by his peers, his arrogance is a thing of legend and scorn at the annual Congress of Alphas. Overconfidence in his own greatness led the beat down of his life. Self reflection takes him on a journey of how the unlikely wolf eventually became the alpha.

  2. Carnality & Innocence - Part One 1. I & C Premium

    By Mann Ramblings, in Fiction. 07/15/2015 (Updated: 06/01/2016)


    Nathan Valencus after turning twenty has had his marriage arranged. As normal as that is for a noble man in the land of Victoria, he's not looking forward to it. Inexperienced and sheltered, yet with a sharp wit, Nathan hopes to make sense of his new life, and the husband who demands a pure spouse.

    Nathan's future is like nothing he ever expected.

  3. A Healing Heart

    By lilansui, in Fiction. 11/15/2014 (Updated: 10/07/2015)

    Talin focuses on work, barely giving anything else attention. One encounter in his club's parking lot drags him out of his dull life. Dimitri has watched Talin for so long, when Talin storms into his workshop, Dimitri decides he won't stay in the sidelines any longer. He wants Talin for life.

  4. Noah's New Plan

    By Rob Colton, in Fiction. 09/04/2013 (Updated: 09/24/2014)

    When Noah's partner of twenty years leaves him for a younger man, Noah finds himself single and starting over.

  5. Standing In Shadows

    By Krista, in Fiction. 12/10/2010 (Updated: 09/12/2014)

    This story is about a young man trying to break through the expectations set by his father and small-town life.

  6. Direct Confusion

    By Sasha Distan, in Fiction. 11/01/2013 (Updated: 08/28/2014)

    Luke McBride has it all. He's a smart, popular jock, and his school is super cool about him being openly gay. But his relationship with hiding-in-the-closet Jeremy isn't going anywhere other than the bedroom, and when a new boy joins the school and the cheer leading squad, Luke starts to realise that maybe he might need more than just good sex in order to be happy.

  7. Button

    By Cole Matthews, in Fiction. 03/16/2014 (Updated: 07/13/2014)

    Button is a little boy who was dropped on his father's doorstep. Watch as he and his two dads grow with each passing year.

  8. Not My Brother

    By Sasha Distan, in Fiction. 05/29/2014 (Updated: 06/10/2014)

    Damien's mom has fallen in love, and the side affect of this is that he is now being forced to spend an eight hour drive, and the rest of his life, with a stepbrother who he cannot stand. Dallas is everything he hates, and everything he wants. Dallas is NOT his brother, but sometimes Damien wishes that he could be something much more than that.

  9. All That Drama

    By Fantasyboy69, in Fiction. 04/29/2014 (Updated: 06/04/2014)

    Justice is one hot guy on campus, part of the In Crowd, but he sees that he needs to change that when things get too out of hand

  10. Enforcer 2. Timber Pack Chronicles

    By Rob Colton, in Fiction. 03/08/2014 (Updated: 05/31/2014)

    Jed Stone suffers in silence, damaged and poisoned from his fight with the rogue wolf. But he puts on a smile and does his duty, making sure his Timber Pack mates are safe.

    Buzz Hinske belongs to a traditional lycan pack. Challenges and violence seem to be their way of life.

    When they come together at the annual Lycan Conclave, Jed is elated at finding his destined mate. Unfortunately, Buzz has already been promised to another...

  11. Born Wolf

    By Sasha Distan, in Fiction. 12/24/2013 (Updated: 05/03/2014)

    Kurt Smith’s life should be perfect. His parents are high ranking werewolves in a stable and happy pack on the south coast of England. He’s strong, dominant, good looking. His life should be great. Unfortunately Kurt is the only werewolf to have been born a wolf, and he doesn’t understand humans at all. While Kurt is struggling to maintain his position in the pack, he goes and falls for the only known sufferer of wolf-related-dyslexia.

  12. Adverse Effects 2. Saving Caeorleia Premium

    By Cia, in Fiction. 08/06/2012 (Updated: 04/03/2014)

    Dade is no one's victim. He refuses to acknowledge the truth, that he needs someone who can help him. Of course, the last person he ever expected to find that in was an alien light years from everything he'd ever known.

  13. Married to the Enemy

    By Cia, in Fiction. 10/20/2011 (Updated: 02/24/2014)

    The priests have proclaimed that I must marry Zaran, the leader of the army that had decimated my people for years. His reputation was fearsome but life couldn't get any worse for me, could it?

  14. Electric Blue and Catnip

    By lilansui, in Fiction. 08/17/2012 (Updated: 01/21/2014)

    Alexi, a music composer and pianist, heads to New York to work on a new project, while he sorts out his issues with public appearances and stage fright. The only true relationship he's ever had is with his best friend Adrian who is constantly walking out on him when things get too intense. When he meets Joshua Randolph, he finds himself wanting to find out if there is more to life than music and bad relationships.

  15. Silver Ice

    By lilansui, in Fiction. 09/07/2013 (Updated: 09/07/2013)

    Silver Reese falls for an ice hockey player named Knox Thurston.

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