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  1. The Watcher - A sci fi Christmas Carol

    By Roberto Zuniga, in Fiction. 12/25/2015 (Updated: 12/25/2015)

    Some times it only takes a Christmas Miracle.

  2. Sauna Christmas 2. Tales From the Sauna

    By Thorn Wilde, in Fiction. 12/25/2015 (Updated: 12/25/2015)

    After spending a glorious summer together, Adam went back to LA and left Juha in his small Finnish town. Now it's nearly Christmas, and Juha gets a surprise. Sequel to Sauna Summer.

  3. Let me in 2. Unison Island Spinoffs

    By Caz Pedroso, in Fiction. 02/01/2015 (Updated: 12/25/2015)

    Louis and Cade were introduced in Buried Treasure, here is their story.

  4. Finders, keepers

    By Puppilull, in Fiction. 08/23/2015 (Updated: 12/24/2015)

    When you think all is lost, maybe that's when you find what you're looking for.

    This is the story of Levi, an unusual vampire, and Matt and George, the men he loves.

  5. 2015 Prompt Responses

    By Valkyrie, in Fiction. 01/05/2015 (Updated: 12/22/2015)


  6. Jay & Miles: Out West 0. Jay & Miles

    By ColumbusGuy, in Fiction. 12/21/2015 (Updated: 12/21/2015)

    Our heroes visit Miles' cousin in St. Louis in early December 1976. A collaboration with AC Benus covering the time of his story, Katie's Sketchbook. This is seven months ahead of the main story.


  7. What is Christmas really about?

    By Sammy Blue, in Fiction. 12/20/2015 (Updated: 12/20/2015)

    Everyone knows what Christmas is about. Jesus, of course, some say. Excessive consumerism, others reply. But is that really all there is to it? Two young teens learn that it might be more than that.
    A short story for reflection.

  8. The Silence

    By Cynus, in Fiction. 12/19/2015 (Updated: 12/19/2015)

    A man contemplates the journey his life has taken, and the way the music of love has overcome the profound silence he has felt for so long.

  9. When The Road Darkens (Five Windows)

    By lomax61, in Fiction. 12/19/2015 (Updated: 12/19/2015)

    A short story in five pieces about love, loss and redemption.

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    A Lifeless Journey

    By Emi GS, in Non-Fiction. 12/18/2015 (Updated: 12/18/2015)

    Nothing but a plain experience out of My life

  11. All I want for Christmas

    By Graeme, in 2015 - Secret Santa Short Story. 12/16/2015 (Updated: 12/16/2015)

    A chance encounter holds the promise that Ruth might re-establish contact with her estranged brother.

  12. The Modern Magi, or Miracle at the Angel Tree

    By AC Benus, in 2015 - Secret Santa Short Story. 12/16/2015 (Updated: 12/16/2015)

    Like a bad penny, somethings we just can't get rid of.

  13. Seven Swans

    By albertnothlit, in 2015 - Secret Santa Short Story. 12/16/2015 (Updated: 12/16/2015)

    Saying goodbye can be hard. Remembering the good times can help, sometimes. Especially in the icy quiet of December. Andy is struggling to cope with the fact that his husband Michael has passed away. But Michael's last message, written in a letter, will surprise him.

  14. Julebukking

    By Cole Matthews, in 2015 - Secret Santa Short Story. 12/16/2015 (Updated: 12/16/2015)

    Similar to Christmas caroling, residents go from store to store and are rewarded with treats. Traditional Julebukking involves a kind of masquerade, where carolers where costumes and masks and attempt to hide their identity from those they are singing to, while the recipients try to guess who's behind the mask.

  15. The Secret Santa Game

    By Timothy M., in 2015 - Secret Santa Short Story. 12/16/2015 (Updated: 12/16/2015)

    How do you convince teens to do good deeds? By turning it into a contest, of course.

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