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  1. A Tinge of Chemistry

    By bryan90, in Fiction. 05/10/2011 (Updated: 05/10/2011)

    Sharing no common interest or having utterly disparate lifestyles did not stop them from falling in love. However the grand challenge for Sam and Shawn was never about discovering their love for each other but on learning how to remain together. Can a tinge of chemistry more than make up for the complete lack of compatibility? [Part of 'Tales of Love, Tales of Woe' short story collection]

  2. Ashes Of Another Life

    By J_Ross, in Fiction. 04/06/2011 (Updated: 05/10/2011)

    After an accident that leaves his boyfriend incapacitated, Conner is left to try and pick up the pieces and move forward with his life. But moving on is easier said than done as long as Justin's still breathing, and Conner's made a promise not to leave him. With so much of himself wrapped up in a boy that isn't really there anymore, Conner isn't sure he can handle dealing with life in general and starting new relationships, or even hang onto old ones without losing his mind.

  3. In Touch

    By W_L, in Fiction. 05/10/2011 (Updated: 05/10/2011)

    Half Homage/Half introspection to Erotic gay fiction.

  4. Broken - a life

    By comicfan, in Fiction. 05/10/2011 (Updated: 05/10/2011)

    What happens when your whole life leads you to believe that you are somehow broken and useless. How do you get through life feeling that way. What do you do if you reach the end of that rope? Do you reach out and to who? What happens if you are the one who is left with that person's note. Welcome to the world of Broken - a life.

  5. Trillion Dollar Family

    By Rilbur, in Fiction. 03/01/2011 (Updated: 05/10/2011)

    Sometimes, life just sucks. Jared Warren knows this better than anyone. His 'loving' marriage has had thirteen long, long years to explain it to him. In detail. But when the choice between an experimental life-saving procedure and dying comes up, he doesn't hesitate. After all, he has to protect his kids!

  6. That's the Chicago Way

    By Jack Scribe, in Fiction. 01/16/2011 (Updated: 05/09/2011)

    NOVEL. With the dynamic metropolis of Chicago as a backdrop, politics, corruption, murder and romance are woven into a tale about a variety of relationships. The primary characters of That’s the Chicago Way include a popular television news anchor, a resourceful college student, a personal assistant/lawyer for a crafty wheeler-dealer, and a junior associate of AOI Security. AOI is an international security firm that has been the part of several past stories.

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    4.7.11 and 5.8.11

    By Toast, in Poetry. 05/09/2011 (Updated: 05/09/2011)

    Just another reason.

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    Outside of Eden

    By Docile, in Fiction. 05/07/2011 (Updated: 05/07/2011)

    The world as we know it has ended, but humanity goes on.

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    By Docile, in Poetry. 05/07/2011 (Updated: 05/07/2011)

    Love isn't always simple.

  10. Tyler and Reese

    By sandboy, in Fiction. 05/03/2011 (Updated: 05/07/2011)

    Two misfits arrive on college campus at the same time. One a jock with some brains at least, the other a highly intelligent geek. Both devoid of social graces. They turn out to be roomies. A match made in heaven.. or hell?

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    From the Secret Diary

    By BenKT, in Poetry. 05/07/2011 (Updated: 05/07/2011)

    Verses from the Secret Diary.

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    By Dolores Esteban, in Summer - Walk on the Wild Side. 05/06/2011 (Updated: 05/06/2011)

    A night on the road. Is Alex chasing a dream? Patrick is angry and Alex is feeling annoyed. Why did Alex kiss the girl?

  13. In Our Bedroom After the War

    By xTony, in Fiction. 05/03/2011 (Updated: 05/03/2011)

    Andrew's parents invite Zane to stay in their home for his senior year instead of moving to Florida with his parents. They're best friends. Things change.

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    Straight and Narrow

    By Frostina, in Poetry. 05/02/2011 (Updated: 05/02/2011)

    A myriad of emotions.. stirred up by something unconventional... unconditional.. and looked down upon, just because it's different

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