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  1. The Symmetry of Life- Book 1: To See, To Know, To Be Human 1. The Symmetry of Life

    By W_L, in Anniversary - Secrets Can Kill. 08/17/2012 (Updated: 08/17/2012)

    One Part Science Fiction, One Part Fantasy, but completely human to the core.

  2. Remember my Heart

    By Dark, in Anniversary - Secrets Can Kill. 07/06/2012 (Updated: 07/06/2012)

    Entry for the special anthology Secrets can Kill.

    Pop star Little D has the career he's always dreamed of. The only thing missing is the man who made all this possible. Gus was once the name in the Martian music business. Now he's just a footnote. He lost everything in a tragic accident. He even lost a significant chunk of his memory and every day is a struggle for survival. Can his former lover restore what was lost?

  3. Who...Are You?

    By MJ85, in Spring - It Wasn't Me. 02/14/2012 (Updated: 02/14/2012)

    Jake McCallister opened his locker one day to discover...somebody likes him! But who could it be? Could it be the swimmer who's only recently come out at school? Could it be the president of the school's GSA, who inadvertently helped Jake to come out himself? Or...could it be...?

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    The Ultimate Truth

    By Dolores Esteban, in Special - Mayan Tribute: End of the World. 12/09/2012 (Updated: 12/09/2012)

    The esoterics and prophets predict the end of the world, but none of them anticipates the truth that is ultimately revealed to the world on the day of Winter Solstice. History must be rewritten. Professor Sharma and his students are involved in the events and witness the day of revelation.

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    The Game

    By Dolores Esteban, in Anniversary - Secrets Can Kill. 07/27/2012 (Updated: 07/27/2012)

    Debbie, Richard, and Liz are dead. Who will be next? Vivian, Gordon, or Andrew? Thirty years have passed. The killer is back. The lethal childhood game has not yet ended.

  6. Helios Unleashed!

    By Bill W, in Special - Mayan Tribute: End of the World. 12/05/2012 (Updated: 12/05/2012)

    Although many had been worried about the supposed Mayan prediction of an apocalypse, the feared date passed without incident. Suddenly, everyone began to feel safe again, but were they truly out of the woods now?

    This story is part of the 2012 Mayan Tribute Antholoty - End of the World.

  7. Infinite Density

    By C James, in Spring - It Wasn't Me. 03/11/2012 (Updated: 03/11/2012)

    A short story written for the "It Wasn't Me!" themed Spring Anthology, 2012.

    Fate cannot be denied, and neither can Density.

  8. No Strings

    By Sara Alva, in Summer - Choices. 06/09/2012 (Updated: 06/09/2012)

    Josh's friend has made an important life decision. Given the opportunity, will he make the same one?

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    Which Way Do You Want To Die?

    By W_L, in Summer - Choices. 06/08/2012 (Updated: 06/08/2012)

    Death is manifested by human actions, beyond the limits of right and wrong. All choices lead to death, but how you arrive is where the story will take you.

  10. Breathless

    By Yettie One, in Special - Mayan Tribute: End of the World. 12/15/2012 (Updated: 12/15/2012)

    Everyone's talking about the end of the world. Really? Oh come on, its something that's been talked about since the beginning of time. 2012 is the end of the world...

  11. The Change of Heart

    By Andy78, in Fall - Friends & Enemies. 08/04/2012 (Updated: 08/04/2012)

    Josiah Banners is being bullied at school, and things only get worse when the fact he is gay gets out. As events come to a truly frightening head, help comes from an unlikely source.

  12. Amber Prince

    By comicfan, in Fall - Friends & Enemies. 09/06/2012 (Updated: 09/06/2012)

    When your whole life is ruled by a phrophecy things get messy. When you are a prince and your kingdom is in turmoil all you can do is what is fortold.

  13. Serendipity

    By Roan, in Spring - It Wasn't Me. 03/08/2012 (Updated: 03/08/2012)

    Callum Davies is a lovable rogue, or at least that's what people tell him. His comfortable life takes a turn though when he falls for his best mate, the straight and serious Jake. Fate plays strange tricks sometimes, and never more so than when it comes to love. Will it help or hinder Callum's quest to work out what to do about Jake?

  14. Just Some Good Ol’ Boys

    By Bill W, in Winter - Desperate Ends. 12/05/2012 (Updated: 12/05/2012)

    Devin Whitlock just got back from an 11-month tour of duty in Afghanistan and is leaving his base in Upstate NY to visit his parents, who live outside of Atlanta. Shortly after he enters GA his car breaks down and a pickup stops to help, but it’s not exactly the sort of help he needs. How will this turn out?

    This story is part of the 2012 Winter Anthology - Desperate Ends.

  15. The Escape of John Doe

    By comicfan, in Winter - Desperate Ends. 12/09/2012 (Updated: 12/09/2012)

    The story of John Doe who stops to help a woman in distress and finds his life has stopped being his own.

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