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  1. My Coming Out Story

    By LittleBuddhaTW, in Non-Fiction. 01/08/2011 (Updated: 01/08/2011)

    The true story of accepting my sexuality and "coming out"

  2. Sex Ed in Rudy Sharkey's Class

    By ricky, in Non-Fiction. 01/12/2011 (Updated: 01/12/2011)

    This is a true story! Every Word of it!

  3. A Bus Ride To Truth - A true short story

    By ricky, in Non-Fiction. 01/12/2011 (Updated: 01/12/2011)

    Another true story from one of my boys youth.

  4. A Freshman On Santa's Lap - A true Short Story

    By ricky, in Non-Fiction. 01/12/2011 (Updated: 01/12/2011)

    Another true tale from one of my boys youth.

  5. Palouse Writing Project

    By rec, in Non-Fiction. 01/15/2011 (Updated: 01/15/2011)

    The Palouse Writing Project is intended to look at the nuts and bolts of writing a novel, Palouse, about the coming of age of and the coming of maturity to a young prodigy musician and the love that grows between him and a young musician.

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    By NickolasJames8, in Non-Fiction. 01/15/2011 (Updated: 01/15/2011)

    In 2006 my family went to California for a vacation. We had a lot of fun, and I got to see a lot of family, many of whom I hadn't seen since 1999. During the course of this visit, I made a lot of observations and relived a lot of memories, good and bad.

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    Just a Little More

    By RCD, in Non-Fiction. 01/21/2011 (Updated: 01/21/2011)

    Author RCD

  8. Untitled

    By icedfire, in Non-Fiction. 01/22/2011 (Updated: 01/22/2011)

    A reflective, semi-autobiographical short essay.

  9. Best Day and Worst Day

    By K.C., in Non-Fiction. 05/13/2011 (Updated: 05/12/2011)

    This is the last moments of the most amazing person to walk this Earth.

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    Kenny & Keith

    By MidNight_Love, in Non-Fiction. 05/21/2011 (Updated: 05/21/2011)

    (This story, will be a very long chapter story. This is completely real involving me & my wife, but inste- well your see.)

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    Bittersweet Memories

    By Frostina, in Non-Fiction. 06/17/2011 (Updated: 06/17/2011)

    I never felt like I wanted to express this, ever felt the need to say it, to write them down, to... Maybe i was just trying to keep it in me? who knows.. but... here goes:

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    A Family Wedding

    By comicfan, in Non-Fiction. 07/02/2011 (Updated: 07/02/2011)

    What happens when two people meet, fall in love, and plan a wedding? The result can be the destruction of familial ties and be very funny, at least long after the fact. Take a glance and see if you have ever been to a bad wedding, or one like this.

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    By K.C., in Non-Fiction. 09/05/2011 (Updated: 09/04/2011)

    Writing therapy #4

  14. Selfish

    By Damond, in Non-Fiction. 09/20/2011 (Updated: 09/20/2011)


  15. The River

    By rustle, in Non-Fiction. 11/25/2011 (Updated: 11/25/2011)

    Just a little more adventure than expected.

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