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  1. The Amazing Graham and Scott

    By zanoGreen, in Non-Fiction. 08/31/2015 (Updated: 08/31/2015)

    Scott and Graham were just two average 20 somethings living in New York. Until one day they discover they have unique abilities that bond them closer as friends or maybe even more than friends.

  2. Basketball diaries

    By Aviana, in Non-Fiction. 07/16/2017 (Updated: 07/16/2017)

    These are short poems relating to my favourite sport: Basketball, which I couldn't continue because of some health issues!

  3. Haunting Memories

    By K.C., in Non-Fiction. 03/24/2014 (Updated: 03/24/2014)

    Struggling with some memories

  4. The Second Fifty

    By Cole Matthews, in Non-Fiction. 05/21/2015 (Updated: 05/21/2015)

    A little slice of my life so far.

  5. Best Day and Worst Day

    By K.C., in Non-Fiction. 05/13/2011 (Updated: 05/12/2011)

    This is the last moments of the most amazing person to walk this Earth.

  6. The Plugh Brainstorming Method

    By Lugh, in Writing Tips. 01/01/2012 (Updated: 01/01/2012)

    The easiest way I've found to brainstorm alone.

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    Things i find helpful

    By Winged_Wolf, in Writing Tips. 04/24/2018 (Updated: 04/24/2018)

    worksheets and tips that i find are helpful for when i am working. you are more than welcome to copy and use for yourself!

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    So You Want To Be an Author?

    By sat8997, in Writing Tips. 02/06/2011 (Updated: 02/06/2011)

    Writing tips

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    By K.C., in Non-Fiction. 09/05/2011 (Updated: 09/04/2011)

    Writing therapy #4

  10. A series of shorts in the history of my life and family

    By Revel, in Non-Fiction. 01/26/2013 (Updated: 01/26/2013)

    A series of (true) short stories set in my family's history.

  11. Selfish

    By Damond, in Non-Fiction. 09/20/2011 (Updated: 09/20/2011)


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    By Mikelaing74, in Non-Fiction. 06/23/2012 (Updated: 06/23/2012)

    A short about dependence.

  13. Why Research Is Important To Me

    By Mikiesboy, in Writing Tips. 12/09/2017 (Updated: 12/09/2017)

    Why research can make a difference to your story.

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    By Mikelaing74, in Non-Fiction. 06/02/2012 (Updated: 06/02/2012)

    Just finding out how luck I am.

  15. We're OK Now

    By JackBinimbul, in Non-Fiction. 11/20/2015 (Updated: 11/20/2015)

    For a very loved shelter dog

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