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Summer - Road Trip

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  1. 03:00 PM 2. Clockwise

    By aditus, in Summer - Road Trip. 06/11/2015 (Updated: 06/11/2015)

    Romeo is going to spend a romantic weekend with Julian. Jonah will take care of the coffee shop. Everything will be perfect. Until Romeo gets cold feet.

  2. Boy River

    By Cole Matthews, in Summer - Road Trip. 06/11/2015 (Updated: 06/11/2015)

    Ben Miller is a paralegal with the Hennepin County District Attorney's office and he has an unpleasant task, returning a runaway boy home to a tiny town in northern Minnesota. The teen, Clay Taukkala's, behavior is a little strange and so Ben asks his boyfriend, Rush Romer, to ride with on this road trip. They begin delving into the boy's emotional reactions and discover the real story about what happened to him. Not everything is as it seems.

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    New York or Bust!!!

    By Krista, in Summer - Road Trip. 06/11/2015 (Updated: 06/11/2015)

    Entrusted by his parents to watch over his twin sister Tessa and her best friend Nikki, Wes Brantley reluctantly agrees to a trip. Scouting colleges in the north east, or really just wanting to see New York. The three hit the road determined to make it to the big city.

  4. Exit to Redemption

    By Valkyrie, in Summer - Road Trip. 06/11/2015 (Updated: 06/11/2015)

    Pete meets Henry at a conference and can't get him out of his mind. He doesn't understand why Henry won't give him the time of day. Pete needs to decide if Henry is worth changing his behavior for, and figure out if redemption is possible.

  5. Rootin' Down The Highway

    By Carlos Hazday, in Summer - Road Trip. 06/11/2015 (Updated: 06/11/2015)

    Follow along with an Aussie group of musicians on their first tour of the United States.

  6. Are We There Yet? 2. Something Unexpected

    By Renee Stevens, in Summer - Road Trip. 06/11/2015 (Updated: 06/11/2015)

    With summer in full swing, Brad is taking his son Jake on a road trip to California, and every six-year-old's dream come true... Disneyland. He invites his boyfriend Tony to go with them, never expecting the trip could change everything between them.

  7. From Here to Forever

    By comicfan, in Summer - Road Trip. 06/11/2015 (Updated: 06/11/2015)

    Charlie Wagner and Scott Reed are back for a little road trip. After the wedding of Charlie's cousin the two men take some time to visit different places and reconnect with each other. When they do it might just change their whole lives.

    This story is a stand alone but does contain many characters last seen in Accidents Happen.

  8. Picking Up Strays

    By Cia, in Summer - Road Trip. 06/11/2015 (Updated: 06/11/2015)

    When bad goes to worse, mankind’s implosion is spectacular… and has one hell of an unintended consequence.

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