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  1. Night Thoughts

    Being alone at night can bring on all kinds of thoughts and emotions. A series of short stories linked by this theme. They are separate, yet connected.

  2. Doorways

  3. Threads

    Cyberpunk 2077 and 2020 AU.

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    New York Stories

    New York Stories follows a group of gay teens, and precocious pre-teens who attend one of New York City's elite public highs schools. The stories are closely related to the New York Holidays series and the New York Anthology series, both of which involve the same characters.

  4. Frontier

    The Sailing Adventures of the sailing yacht Frontier.

  5. Marvel Universe Fanfic

    Just thought I'd gather all my fanfic from the Marvel universe in one place.

  6. Dundee

    Dr James Shaw suddenly becomes guardian to his two nephews - Reid and Toby, after the tragic death of their parents. Living in the Top End of Australia, James and his partner have to make fast adjustments to their lives, to accommodate the boys.

  7. Cinema Stories

    Short stories set in the UK cinema business, back in the pre-digital days when there were still projectionists running film.

  8. Kilimanjaro

    When Jacob goes to live with his Uncle Nat, he had no idea how much his life would change.

  9. Comforting Touch

    Ben is a visually impaired gay demisexual, who is feeling emotionally empty, in December. Jason is a homeless gay pre-med student, who was disowned by his parents several months ago and has been hit hard by life. A chance encounter between them may offer both of them fulfillment.

  10. Out on the Field

  11. Well Groomed

    Collection of Voltron: Legendary Defenderfanfics, set pre canon and pre-kerberos, featuring Shiro and Keith falling very gently in love.

    Series Complete (6 works)

  12. Chronicles Of An Academic Predator (CAP)

  13. The Barnstable Chronicles

  14. Chronicles from the Orchard

    The journey of a team of childhood friends as they grow, through laughter and tears, into a loving and steadfast family.

  15. The Castaway Hotel

  16. Pathfinders

    These are the stories of a tiefling and an elf. Apart, they have their problems. But together they might just be able to conquer anything that is thrown their way.

  17. Prompts and Shorts

  18. The Neko

    This is the story of Astara, a small planet home to humans, elves, and, of course, nekos. Some of them are werewolves, some of them want to be werewolves. And some want nothing to do with their wilder sides.

  19. Replay

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