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    New Years Eve

    By davidcaleb, in Poetry. 05/20/2012 (Updated: 05/20/2012)

    a short thing

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    Breathless Words to Find My Own

    By jrhyder, in Poetry. 12/24/2014 (Updated: 12/24/2014)

    a series of short poems

  3. Not a Poet—Maybe a Thinker 4. My Uni-Verse

    By aditus, in Poetry. 02/22/2019 (Updated: 02/22/2019)

    A glimpse into my mind in verse.

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    The winding path

    By Bleu, in Poetry. 04/03/2011 (Updated: 04/03/2011)

    A collection of poems on the rocky and winding path to love.

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    OFP 857 Circa 1963

    By Mark92, in Fiction. 07/09/2011 (Updated: 07/09/2011)

    A short story about an aold car's revamp


    By grahamsealby, in Poetry. 04/09/2018 (Updated: 04/09/2018)

    To remember the heroes of June 28, 1969 at the Stonewall Inn, Greenwich Village, New Your, New York. To them we owe our present.

  7. That Call You Don't Want

    By jamessavik, in Non-Fiction. 01/09/2019 (Updated: 01/09/2019)

    Memorial for a Big Brother

  8. In Thrall

    By RolandQ, in Fiction. 02/22/2017 (Updated: 02/22/2017)

    A long-married couple, a chance meeting with a stranger, each launch on an adventure to be forever changed and find themselves "in thrall."

    Bi-sexual, dominance-themed story.

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    By DragonFire, in Fiction. 12/18/2010 (Updated: 12/18/2010)

    A short story depicting one man's view of Valentine's Day.

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    Fall From Grace

    By Bill W, in Winter - Chain Reaction. 12/10/2014 (Updated: 12/10/2014)

    A man once revered and hailed as a hero is suddenly treated as an outcast. What had he done to undergo such as tragic reversal of fortune.

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    By jian_sierra, in Fiction. 12/25/2011 (Updated: 12/25/2011)

    A 'very short' Christmas-theme short story.

  12. Tears for a boy

    By Douw, in Poetry. 12/22/2010 (Updated: 12/22/2010)

    In the dark but in the end light streams throe....

  13. Holding Hands

    By Douw, in Fiction. 03/07/2011 (Updated: 03/07/2011)

    I'm tired and need sleep... And then fate just has to come into play...

  14. Wearing Purple

    By DynoReads, in Fiction. 02/09/2014 (Updated: 02/09/2014)

    A simple poem has inspired generations of women to don their red hats and embrace growing old. However, when James, a husband and father, reads it, he embraces something more.

  15. My First Time

    By TLM280249, in Fiction. 11/28/2018 (Updated: 11/28/2018)

    Ben has a decision to make. Curtis decides to help him along.

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