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  1. 01-Spark

    By albertnothlit, in Fiction. 04/27/2015 (Updated: 06/29/2015)

    It was close. Humanity almost destroyed itself. Among the ruins there's only one Island city which still has technology the rest of the world can only envy. The entire city depends on spark. If anything were to happen to it… Well. it's better not to think about it. My name's Rick. I'm a Peacekeeper in that city. My city. I'll defend it from anyone who tries to destroy our source of spark. Even if it's a secret agent, deadly and cunning...

  2. 0300 Book 1 1. 0300

    By David McLeod, in Fiction. 07/08/2013 (Updated: 09/25/2013)

    Three Earth Analogues come together in "0300 Book 2." Here are beginnings of two of them.

  3. 0300 Book 2 2. 0300

    By David McLeod, in Fiction. 09/25/2013 (Updated: 09/25/2013)

    The sequel to 0300 Book 1, formerly published as "Finding Danny," updated and revised.

  4. 0300 Book 3 3. 0300

    By David McLeod, in Fiction. 01/10/2014 (Updated: 04/22/2014)

    This is a continuation of "0300 Books 1 and 2," and parallels the second of those.

  5. A Changelings Tale

    By comicfan, in Spring - It Wasn't Me. 03/06/2012 (Updated: 03/06/2012)

    A creature of Faerie sits down to tell their tale to a captivated listener. However, when the tale is done, things might be changed forever.

  6. A Companion for all Time

    By dianjin, in Fiction. 06/18/2015 (Updated: 06/10/2016)

    Welcome to Elathia, a world where humans live on 8 islands that float in the sky. Capital Island is rich and orderly, while Zarch is, well, the exact opposite... A tale of magic and wonder to find oneself.

  7. A Day in The Life of a Seer

    By comicfan, in Fiction. 04/06/2014 (Updated: 04/15/2015)

    What would your life be like if you could always see the future? Would you do your best to alter everything or knowing you could only save a few would it affect you? Meet Tom Cleary, this is his life.

  8. A Different World: Part 1 - The Siege of Penthorpe Keep

    By ValentineDavis21, in Fiction. 04/26/2018 (Updated: 11/19/2018)

    Set in a mirror version of the 14th century, Paladin's plague has turned the world into a wasteland. With time running out and a war brewing, Commander Gil'eppsie races for Pen’thorpe Keep; mysterious dark forces are at work, and Catholicism is on the rise.

  9. A Ruby by any Other Name

    By comicfan, in Fiction. 05/08/2013 (Updated: 05/08/2013)

    Wendy is a bit of a witch, and to be honest she so is not having a good day. What happens when Wendy's powers take over?

  10. A servant's duty.

    By NightOwl88, in Fiction. 04/07/2011 (Updated: 04/07/2011)

    Amos and Byron have been friends since they were young but as they grew they has to assume their roles in life; Byron as a young noble and Amos as his man servant.

    Through the years they each harbored a secret love for each other, something they both had buried due to thier positions.

    The time is almost right though that secret to be uncovered. Can Byron over come a year of pain and guilt? Will Amos stay long enough to discover what he has known for nearly a decade?

  11. Adamagika: The Spirit Within 1. Adamagika Series

    By Hamen Cheese, in Fiction. 01/03/2011 (Updated: 04/11/2011)

    Adam is a sixteen year old mage cast out from his village by a people sworn to hate and destroy all magic in the world. He is thrust into a world with people like him and has embraced magic as a good in the world. Now living in the city of Arantiva, he discovers that he is not truly happy until a boy much like him comes into his life. But with this chance meeting comes a web of secrets, lies, and prophecies that bind him and his new friend closer than he could have ever imagined...

  12. Aglanthol 1 - The Legend of Khaalindaan

    By Dolores Esteban, in Fiction. 01/03/2012 (Updated: 01/24/2012)

    The mighty wizards Khaalindaan and Norlorn fought the final battle. The Aglanthol wizard Norlorn won. Khaalindaan's spirit, however, is only banned for a thousand years. Once released, it will aim at Aglanthol's destruction. The time is over. The time for Khaalindaan's return has come. Only one man can stop him. The wizard Neldor, the royal soldier Qildor, his friend Magath, and the old woman Gwyn are getting involved in the fight.

  13. Aglanthol 2 - Side Stories (The Legend of Murdock etc.)

    By Dolores Esteban, in Fiction. 01/14/2012 (Updated: 01/14/2012)

    Aglanthol 2 - Side Stories
    01 The Legend of the Ancient Town
    02 The Legend of Murdock
    03 Gwyn's Silver Casket

  14. Aglanthol 3 - The Castle of Saelethiel (The Law Cannot Be Shaken)

    By Dolores Esteban, in Fiction. 01/31/2012 (Updated: 03/05/2012)

    Ogol, the mighty Khalindash wizard is driven by thirst for revenge. He wants to seize a magical tool that is hidden in the Western Mountains. Ogol lived in secrecy for twenty years. Now he feels close to his ultimate goal. The wizard Neldor, the royal soldier Qildor and his friend Magath set out and chase him and the guardians of the Castle of Saelethiel are called to enforce the law.

  15. Aglanthol 4 - Tyrnae (Journey to the Otherworld)

    By Dolores Esteban, in Fiction. 03/18/2012 (Updated: 04/09/2012)

    Prince Lyaris has disappeared. Inspired by the false magician Zhoron, the young prince set out to find the gate to the magical realm of Tyrnae. However, only the chosen ones may enter the otherworld and leave it again. Aaron, unhappy in love with the prince, sets out to find Lyaris. The wizard Neldor accompanies him.

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