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  1. 01-Spark

    By albertnothlit, in Fiction. 04/27/2015 (Updated: 06/29/2015)

    It was close. Humanity almost destroyed itself. Among the ruins there's only one Island city which still has technology the rest of the world can only envy. The entire city depends on spark. If anything were to happen to it… Well. it's better not to think about it. My name's Rick. I'm a Peacekeeper in that city. My city. I'll defend it from anyone who tries to destroy our source of spark. Even if it's a secret agent, deadly and cunning...

  2. 11:50 From Seattle

    By Thorn Wilde, in Fiction. 03/15/2019 (Updated: 03/15/2019)

    ‘But, Ronan . . .’


    ‘You’re gay.’ Andi hears the quaver of his own voice and clears his throat again.

    ‘Yeah,’ Ronan says slowly. ‘And you’re a guy.’

    Ronan has been there for Andi since he began his transition. Now he wants to come visit and Andi is overjoyed, but he can't quite bring himself to believe that Ronan is truly interested in him, when his body isn't exactly what most gay men would want.

  3. 18 Weeks of Twoey

    By skinnydragon, in Fiction. 08/07/2015 (Updated: 09/02/2016)

    David’s awakening churns toward a New Year’s deadline.

    His Journey
    Introduction Ch 1
    Part 1 Twoey Discovers Himself Ch 2 - 27
    Intermezzo Ch 28 - 31
    Part 2 Angel in Therapy Ch 32 - 58
    Part 3 David Slays Goliath -suffers damage Ch 59 - 81
    Part 4 Alex Ch 82 - 106
    Part 5 David - spiraling Ch 107 - 122

  4. 52 Panhead

    By Gabriel Morgan, in Fiction. 01/02/2011 (Updated: 01/02/2011)

    Jeff's a decent guy from the wrong side of the tracks. Badly hurt by a failed relationship, he's wary of commitment. Evan lost his first love ten years ago and still isn't quite over it. After a chance meeting, they realize that this could be more than they ever hoped for, if they can find the courage to trust and believe. (in progress)

  5. A Chance to Dream Again

    By Altimexis, in Fall - Legends. 09/03/2011 (Updated: 09/03/2011)

    When Tom wakes up the morning of September 11, he knows right away something is off. It doesn’t take him long to discover that Clark, his love, is trapped in Tower 1 of the World Trade Center. Their only hope is a legend from Clark’s Grandmother for a chance to dream again.

  6. A Charm For All Seasons 5. A Charmed Life

    By Geron Kees, in Fiction. 09/27/2016 (Updated: 09/27/2016)

    Jesse and Marty are still moving along on their voyage of discovery - which just keeps getting bigger, and wilder, and...well, stranger. But that's okay, because they're having fun, and they're learning a lot. And they're together, which has come to mean a lot to both of them. It's about discovery, right?

    And, this time around, about being discovered, as well.

  7. A Cold Spell 5. Pleasant View

    By bradleyjcarson, in Fiction. 04/09/2015 (Updated: 04/21/2015)

    "A Cold Spell," the fifth installment of my "Pleasant View" series is unlike anything that comes before or afterward in the ongoing lives of Jack, Brad, and friends. "A Cold Spell" is my foray into the world of sci-fi, and is also my homage to the eerie events surrounding a tragedy and a mythical (or real) creature that some say still haunts the hills and hollers of Appalachia.

  8. A Cook's Tale 2. Ship Logs of the Santa Claus Premium

    By Mann Ramblings, in Fiction. 05/21/2013 (Updated: 07/03/2013)

    Erron Murfin is the newest crew member on board the Santa Claus, piecing his life back together with the help of the crew and the chef, Gamin, a long time family friend.

    Sometimes starting over is easy. Other times the past and secrets of others make it much more difficult. Erron simply wants to belong. Shouldn't that make it simple?

  9. A Dozen Black Roses

    By VoyeurVamp, in Fiction. 01/22/2011 (Updated: 01/22/2011)

    In synopsis,the convoluted plot which is liberally sprinkled with dramatic irony and black comedy centres around five main characters. Duncan is all set to marry his boyfriend Grant but before the big day he confesses a guilty secret which sends shock waves through those closest to him.He reveals that he has been having an affair with his best friend Maggie's husband but Maggie has problems of her own. As if the news of her spouse's bisexuality..

  10. A Full Moon 1. Homestead Pride

    By Fantasyboy69, in Fiction. 04/25/2014 (Updated: 06/01/2014)

    An executive from California moves to Salem, MA for a promotion and find far more than he bargained for

  11. A Half-Ounce of Gold 3. The XXX Series

    By AC Benus, in Fiction. 02/01/2017 (Updated: 02/15/2017)

    Chance meetings can lead to casual affairs, but they can also start a slow unfolding of the heart. This happens to an American in Bali when a stranger shows him a thing or two.

    **this story contains graphic sexual situations**

  12. A New Dream 3. Earning Danny

    By EricMorrison, in Fiction. 11/28/2014 (Updated: 11/28/2014)

    Love continues to grow between these two young boys as they strive to fulfill Jake’s dream of marrying Danny, the love of his life, and they learn that it takes more than innocent love to make a relationship work.

  13. A New Life 1. A New Life

    By TheEggman, in Fiction. 06/19/2013 (Updated: 08/07/2013)

    Meet Preston O'Brian, his mom, Margaret O'Brian, and Keith Hundser, his brothers Drew and John, and his parents Jim and Jennifer.

  14. A New Life ....Across The World

    By Victor Gutte, in Fiction. 10/11/2015 (Updated: 11/13/2015)

    Kunj moves to Canada in hope to start a new life leaving everything behind. Can he find what he wants or will his past ruin it?

  15. A Shot of Bourbon

    By shadowgod, in Fiction. 01/15/2011 (Updated: 01/15/2011)

    The classic tale about a boy and his dirtbike. You know the one; boy meets bike, boy falls in love, bike hurts boy... yadda... yadda... yadda...

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