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    Doodles of the Mind

    By Mark Anthony Holland, in Fiction. 07/23/2014 (Updated: 07/23/2014)

    A gay coming of age short story set in Sydney

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    My Story

    By grahamsealby, in Poetry. 08/19/2017 (Updated: 08/19/2017)

    A poem about the cruelty of society to homosexuals in the nineteen fifties.

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    Fund Raiser

    By Graeme, in Fiction. 12/17/2010 (Updated: 12/17/2010)

    Short Story: A group of teenagers work to raise money for a particular cause.

  4. My First Time

    By TLM280249, in Fiction. 11/28/2018 (Updated: 11/28/2018)

    Ben has a decision to make. Curtis decides to help him along.

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    New Story

    By Graeme, in Fiction. 09/25/2013 (Updated: 09/25/2013)

    Trent's trying to write a new story, but gets interrupted by his boyfriend.

  6. The Statement

    By JimmyD, in Fiction. 04/02/2015 (Updated: 04/02/2015)

    James Lacan: Lawyer extraordinaire. At least, that's his dream.

    Another dreams sweeps him off his feet in the lift.

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    The Visitor

    By Rigby Taylor, in Spring - Snapped. 05/23/2019 (Updated: 05/23/2019)

    An unwelcome visitor is encouraged to leave.

  8. Spreading the Word

    By Rigby Taylor, in Fiction. 03/23/2018 (Updated: 03/23/2018)

    •Sebastian and Reginald have a close encounter with visiting evangelists.

  9. Gay Whales

    By Graeme, in Fiction. 09/21/2013 (Updated: 09/21/2013)

    Scott's friends are concerned about his obsession with Dean Ranolli. They decide to do something about it.

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    Father's Day

    By Graeme, in Fiction. 09/30/2013 (Updated: 09/30/2013)

    Ryan hates Father's Day and everything associated with it. His father walked out on him and his mother when he was six years old.

  11. Letters

    By Graeme, in Fiction. 02/26/2014 (Updated: 02/26/2014)

    Communications and miscommunications, between a father and a son.

  12. Ties That Bind 1. Ties That Bind

    By Roan, in Fiction. 03/01/2012 (Updated: 03/01/2012)

    For Josh and Colin, life is complex enough without love intruding. But as their relationship deepens, both must take a chance and abandon their fears and the ghosts of their pasts to take the next step. Deciding to risk it all for love is one thing, but making it work is another entirely. Will they discover the ties that bind them to eachother are stronger than the ties to their own pasts and fears?

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    Dating Again

    By Graeme, in Fiction. 09/23/2013 (Updated: 09/23/2013)

    A father of two teenage boys is being pushed into dating again.

  14. Dare to Dream

    By Graeme, in Fiction. 09/27/2013 (Updated: 09/27/2013)

    Mark has a boring job to go with a boring life. Then one of his co-workers invites him out for a Friday night drink.

  15. Black Swans

    By Graeme, in Fiction. 09/18/2013 (Updated: 09/18/2013)

    Snapshots of lives as a young boy grows up, a young couple age, and an old man goes through his retirement.

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