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    Various One Shots

    By S.L. Lewis, in Fiction. 12/19/2010 (Updated: 12/19/2010)

    Various one shot stories that I have running around.

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    Rose Strailos Flash Stories

    By S.L. Lewis, in Fiction. 12/19/2010 (Updated: 09/29/2011)

    100 Flash stories done by me.

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    By Toast, in Fiction. 12/19/2010 (Updated: 12/19/2010)

    Life's little surprises.

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    By Toast, in Fiction. 12/19/2010 (Updated: 12/19/2010)

    Avery was ever fair of face and form.

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    By KDave, in Fiction. 01/01/2011 (Updated: 01/01/2011)

    : Help comes in many forms. In desperation, indulgence becomes an option. But this is a double-edged sword. The Cooper couple knew what they were putting themselves into when they hired a male hustler one night to play with. They just didn't know the extent of its effectts it will have on their marriage.

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    Melted Chocolate

    By Gregoire, in Poetry. 01/09/2011 (Updated: 04/16/2012)

    A collection of emo-esque poetry, so I guess that makes me an esque-emo. So by my logic, if you like igloos, you'll love this. :P

  7. A Dozen Black Roses

    By VoyeurVamp, in Fiction. 01/22/2011 (Updated: 01/22/2011)

    In synopsis,the convoluted plot which is liberally sprinkled with dramatic irony and black comedy centres around five main characters. Duncan is all set to marry his boyfriend Grant but before the big day he confesses a guilty secret which sends shock waves through those closest to him.He reveals that he has been having an affair with his best friend Maggie's husband but Maggie has problems of her own. As if the news of her spouse's bisexuality..

  8. Finding A Solution 2. BOYZZ

    By jazziebabe, in Fiction. 03/31/2011 (Updated: 03/31/2011)

    Theo and Toni tries to start a family... but the problems starts with just the mere method of conception.

  9. Selkie

    By tambrathegreat, in Harry Potter. 04/27/2011 (Updated: 04/28/2011)

    Lucius Malfoy's thoughts on Severus Snape through the years.

  10. Life and its Confusions

    By Tony42, in Fiction. 03/30/2013 (Updated: 03/30/2013)

    Coming of age story of a teen and his changes as he moves from high school to college.

  11. Vampires in Venice

    By Thorn Wilde, in FanFiction. 06/29/2013 (Updated: 06/29/2013)

    Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel 'Angel and me have never been intimate. Except that once...' Venice, 1894. The Scourge of Europe have fled Rome and The Immortal. Spike and Angelus make it back from a night of slaughter to find the house empty. To pass the time, they drink wine, play cards and get into an argument with a rather interesting conclusion.

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    Before the Night takes Us

    By crazyfish, in Fiction. 03/28/2014 (Updated: 03/28/2014)

    A missing teenage girl, a boy dying with cancer, a man clinging to life in a critical care unit, and at the center of it all, Yinka is just trying get through his week without blowing up over his ex-partner's bullshit.

  13. New World Order

    By RolandQ, in Fiction. 12/05/2015 (Updated: 12/14/2015)

    Terrorists are bent on forcing their rules of life on the entire world. A few dedicated individuals take on the battle for dignity and the right to love as one must.

  14. The Reluctant Master 2. A Triumvirate of Saints

    By RichEisbrouch, in Fiction. 08/26/2017 (Updated: 09/24/2017)

    The continued adventures in sex and friendship, online and off, of Alan Damschroeder, a Cedar Rapids, Iowa, high school teacher.

    Alan says, "Sometimes I think it takes a triumvirate of saints to keep me out of trouble."

    These stories are written as exchanged e-mails and reading this way is an acquired taste. But the first book of this series, Web Guys, has a small, loyal following, so here's the second.

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