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    Cerebral Confessions

    By ChristopherBlanc, in Poetry. 12/28/2011 (Updated: 12/28/2011)

    Attempt at poetry.

  2. The Amazing Graham and Scott

    By zanoGreen, in Non-Fiction. 08/31/2015 (Updated: 08/31/2015)

    Scott and Graham were just two average 20 somethings living in New York. Until one day they discover they have unique abilities that bond them closer as friends or maybe even more than friends.

  3. Another One Lost

    By podiumdavis, in Poetry. 05/23/2012 (Updated: 05/23/2012)

    A short poem, dark and sad.

  4. I called him Daddy

    By podiumdavis, in Poetry. 03/21/2013 (Updated: 03/21/2013)

    A poem of abuse, coming to terms, and finding victory.

  5. Blossoms on our peach tree

    By LJH, in Fiction. 08/30/2011 (Updated: 08/30/2011)

    Barry's life is about to change when his husband, Sal,tells him he's seeing someone else.

  6. The Lake

    By Dolores Esteban, in Spring - Nature's Wrath. 03/14/2014 (Updated: 03/14/2014)

    Rick and Frank enjoy an evening by the lake. The water, however, is not as calm and peaceful as it seems.

  7. Until I met Chris

    By Vaniley, in Fiction. 04/05/2013 (Updated: 04/05/2013)

    Nathan is an teen with the greatest looks, drop dead gorgeous, has a perfect family, perfect girlfriend and the greatest friends and he is the quaterback of their school football team...Everything is perfect until he meets Chris.

  8. The First

    By AmosLee1023, in Fiction. 06/06/2018 (Updated: 06/06/2018)

    In the peaceful city of Pury, a serial killer seems to have grown overnight, with bodies of the victims surfacing over the last few weeks. What they don't know, though, is that there's more than one killer. And they're recruiting more.

    Original Summary: Jordan and Alex, members of a serial killing group, talk about their first murders.

  9. Carpe Terror

    By jaybird85, in Batman. 03/08/2017 (Updated: 03/08/2017)

    Jonathan Crane "Scarecrow" entry in the Arkham Diaries. A series of short stories from the villain's viewpoint in the Batman universe.

  10. Damiens Ordeal

    By podiumdavis, in Fiction. 09/07/2013 (Updated: 09/07/2013)

    Damien is to confront his own demons, to confront his past, and his future in one foul swoop. Through the help of (others), although unknown, he learns to confront old hurts and see them for what they really are.

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    Hell’s Vengeance: The Incubus 1. Newsletter Prompts by BHopper2 The Fairie

    By Brayon, in Fiction. 10/29/2017 (Updated: 10/29/2017)

    Some secrets, one should keep till they are in the grave. Eddie Olsen, a 29-year-old single man, and Manager of a local Starbucks finds out why in a terrifying fashion, one Halloween Night.

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