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  1. Pride

    By Toast, in Fiction. 12/19/2010 (Updated: 12/19/2010)

    From the wrong side nothing looks right.

  2. Kenny and Peter - Book 1

    By hh5, in Fiction. 12/19/2010 (Updated: 12/19/2010)

    Kenny is at the peak of his life but it's headed for a downturn. Peter is no where near the start of his life. Can these two bring each other out of life's rut.

  3. Naptown 16 - Positive 16. Naptown Tales

    By Altimexis, in Fiction. 01/16/2011 (Updated: 01/16/2011)

    Sammy thought surviving years of abuse was bad enough, until he was repeatedly raped, but even that didn't prepare him to deal with the knowledge that he was now HIV-positive. (November, 2008) This is the 16th story in the Naptown Tales series, which can also be found at Awesome Dude and Nifty. A slightly modified version more suitable for younger teens can be found at Codey’s World. Please see the Introduction for important background info.

  4. Naptown 05 - Halloween Hero 5. Naptown Tales

    By Altimexis, in Fiction. 01/15/2011 (Updated: 01/15/2011)

    When Barry finds his brother in bed with a football player, he has to make a potentially deadly choice - his brother, or his parents. (October, 2007)

    This is the 5th story in the Naptown Tales series, which can also be found at Awesome Dude and Nifty. A slightly modified version more suitable for younger teens can be found at Codey’s World. Please see the Introduction for important background info.

  5. The Road to Everything

    By Rebelghost85, in Fiction. 07/30/2011 (Updated: 08/21/2011)

    A story about two gay teens and their evolving relationship from strangers to mentors and finally parents of two boys.

  6. Until I met Chris

    By Vaniley, in Fiction. 04/05/2013 (Updated: 04/05/2013)

    Nathan is an teen with the greatest looks, drop dead gorgeous, has a perfect family, perfect girlfriend and the greatest friends and he is the quaterback of their school football team...Everything is perfect until he meets Chris.

  7. The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

    By ricky, in Fiction. 12/21/2010 (Updated: 01/12/2011)

    Andy and his mom move in with Aunt Glady's deep in the country, only to find that the openly gay boy next door has been openly fantasizing about Andy being his for over two years.
    A small issue though, Andy isn't gay. . .

    This promises to be an emotional roller coaster. It was my very first story in this genre and remains my favorite. Keep a box of tissue nearby. Both kinds of tears, happy and sad.

  8. The Gift

    By D.K. Daniels, in Fiction. 12/30/2018 (Updated: 12/30/2018)

    On Christmas Eve, a 10-year-old homeless boy called Max meets Joe, a homeless fifty-year-old; where the pair shares a moment of kindness and goodwill.

  9. Ties That Bind 1. Ties That Bind

    By Roan, in Fiction. 03/01/2012 (Updated: 03/01/2012)

    For Josh and Colin, life is complex enough without love intruding. But as their relationship deepens, both must take a chance and abandon their fears and the ghosts of their pasts to take the next step. Deciding to risk it all for love is one thing, but making it work is another entirely. Will they discover the ties that bind them to eachother are stronger than the ties to their own pasts and fears?

  10. Bippity-Boppity-Boo

    By Lugh, in Spring - Fairy Tales. 01/09/2011 (Updated: 01/09/2011)

    What do a faery godmother and two androids have in common? Evil Stepmothers of course. I hope you enjoy this re-telling of Cinderella.

  11. Life's Revised Expectations

    By kuragari129, in Fiction. 11/23/2017 (Updated: 01/18/2019)

    A retelling of my first story ever written. Several boys experience a coming to age tale, each in their own way. Join Shane, Isaac, Nick, Gage and more as they go through life with their own expectations.

  12. How Familiar

    By AusGlitterati, in Fiction. 10/30/2018 (Updated: 02/05/2019)

    Three triplet Princes come of age after being fostered out to three other Royal Families when the Zyrian sorcerer Kai overthrew the Alaeyan Royal Family and seized control. Now, the greedy monarchs simultaneously seek to use the claim of their adopted Prince to merge their country with Alaeyas and war across the whole continent is inevitable. In a world where Humans are born with Familiars, lifelong companions until death, the three Princes discover their gift - they can communicate through each other's Pegasi. Will Ytia drown in blood of Human and Familiar alike, or can the Princes save them?

  13. The Castaway Hotel - 9 9. The Castaway Hotel

    By Bill W, in Fiction. 12/17/2010 (Updated: 12/17/2010)

    Frankie is unable to find a job in law enforcement, so he joins the Army as an M.P. After training, he is sent to a very dangerous prison. Jake is diagnosed with prostate cancer and Josh has to deal with a school board member who is raising a stink about the gay-straight alliance. Will he succeed?

  14. Lives and Trials of Jupiter

    By Thomas Nealy, in Fiction. 01/22/2011 (Updated: 05/01/2011)

    Follow Alex, his family, and friends as they come to terms with their lives and there sexuality while facing those around them. They may be ready but is society.

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