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  1. 1. Nick and Tony 1. Nick and Tony

    By Nick Brady, in Fiction. 02/16/2016 (Updated: 02/24/2016)

    This is the story of a boy growing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the early 1970's. It is a life full of discovery and surprises.

  2. 2. Nick and Joseph 2. Nick and Tony

    By Nick Brady, in Fiction. 02/24/2016 (Updated: 06/01/2016)

    Nick is growing up in 1970's Tulsa. His early adventures have been reckless. When he meets Joseph, all that changes. This is a sweet and tender love story about real people with real problems.

  3. A Marriage Below Zero - opera libretto

    By AC Benus, in Fiction. 01/14/2014 (Updated: 01/26/2014)

    Elsie breaks her vow. She promised to never love him, but fell for the man she married.

  4. A New Life 1. A New Life

    By TheEggman, in Fiction. 06/19/2013 (Updated: 08/07/2013)

    Meet Preston O'Brian, his mom, Margaret O'Brian, and Keith Hundser, his brothers Drew and John, and his parents Jim and Jennifer.

  5. A Place To Live

    By northie, in Fall - Good Intentions. 11/29/2018 (Updated: 11/29/2018)

    Mukisa Okello, a refugee from Uganda meets Jack Hollingsworth, who's recently widowed, in an retirement complex. The encounters between the two men change their lives.

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    And Outside It's Dark

    By RobV, in Summer - Choices. 06/08/2012 (Updated: 06/08/2012)

    A few defining moments and choices in the life of a successful pop star.

  7. As The Music Plays...

    By K.C., in Spring - A Night To Remember. 02/14/2013 (Updated: 02/14/2013)

    Jade lives and breathes music, it’s her entire universe. What will she do when she finds the girl of her dreams, but can’t share the most important thing in her life with one person she loves the most?

  8. Blu Dream

    By lilansui, in Fiction. 06/20/2013 (Updated: 06/27/2013)

    Liron Shaw falls in love with Milo Kai, they have a wonderful four days together, then Milo asks him to follow him on tour.

  9. Broken Tears

    By Andy Lake, in Fiction. 07/24/2011 (Updated: 07/24/2011)

    A heartfelt story about a teenager boy who goes through a lot in life and tries to remain strong.

  10. Called To The Gates

    By Mikiesboy, in Fiction. 11/22/2017 (Updated: 11/22/2017)

    We all make mistakes, and lie to ourselves. If you had another chance would you change?

  11. Changing Lanes 2. Let the Music Play

    By C James, in Fiction. 02/24/2014 (Updated: 03/21/2014)

    A sequel to 'Let the Music Play', Changing Lanes focuses on Eric, and deals with some portentous personal issues facing the group, with a lot of fun along the way.

  12. Cold December

    By layla, in Fiction. 11/21/2018 (Updated: 02/14/2019)

    Jesse went up into the mountain to retreat from everything, which is why the last thing he was expecting was to see his best friends cousin show up at the door, needing a safe haven too. Will he be able to conquer the fears that sent him running, or will his attempt to leave the mountain cost him his life?

  13. Cyclic Poems, Set B, "Pulsar" 2. Cyclic Poems Tests

    By JoejoeGreene, in Poetry. 03/26/2011 (Updated: 04/12/2011)

    I am showing the product and no longer the process

  14. Dance Lessons

    By joann414, in Fiction. 07/19/2013 (Updated: 08/30/2014)

    Response to Prompt 246 First Line "What now?"

  15. Dancing

    By hayven, in Fiction. 01/13/2011 (Updated: 01/13/2011)

    Kameron is about to start the last dance in his Contemporary Dance class. How will he deal with his dance partner, Michael?

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