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    The Dancer

    By comicfan, in Poetry. 04/01/2011 (Updated: 04/01/2011)

    Dance is one of those beautiful artist talents that you are not always able to capture, especially in words. However sometimes the sheer beauty of it makes you wish to attempt it. The grace of form, the story telling, the art, attempted here in poetry. Enjoy.

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    Deaf Audience and the Like

    By sebastian001, in Poetry. 02/19/2013 (Updated: 02/19/2013)

    a salad of various poems which are the concretized expressions of my other self's emotions.

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    Wiki Games - The Music Business

    By Dolores Esteban, in Summer - Wicked Games. 06/09/2016 (Updated: 06/09/2016)

    Three Poems - Found Poetry - Récapitul
    Playing with random Wikipedia Articles

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    Poetry Saga FA2016

    By Emi GS, in Fall - Blindsided / The Forgotten. 11/10/2016 (Updated: 11/10/2016)

    Collection of poems of Nature, Love and Despair...

  5. Songs of the Mongoose Tribe

    By Cynus, in Poetry. 05/26/2016 (Updated: 05/29/2016)

    Each of my non-fantasy stories are all set in my own version of the real world. They all play out in their own corners, but they're still connected in a way. One of these ways is music. This is a collection of songs I've written for different musical artists in my literary world. Each chapter will be one song, title first and artist second. Enjoy!

  6. Unspoken

    By maw062007, in Fiction. 12/11/2011 (Updated: 12/11/2011)

    Sage figures out that Marc has feelings for him and has to find his way down a new path that his new discovery has forged for him.

  7. Lyrics for Tony - a collection of poems 1. Verse

    By AC Benus, in Poetry. 05/23/2015 (Updated: 12/06/2015)

    verse for Tony

  8. David and Jonathan

    By AC Benus, in Fiction. 05/10/2019 (Updated: 05/10/2019)

    Only 884 words, but all of them are from the bible itself.

  9. Re-Verse

    By northie, in Poetry. 12/30/2016 (Updated: 08/18/2019)

    My occasional forays into verse

  10. Dancing

    By hayven, in Fiction. 01/13/2011 (Updated: 01/13/2011)

    Kameron is about to start the last dance in his Contemporary Dance class. How will he deal with his dance partner, Michael?

  11. Pop ate my heart

    By tyssonalves, in Fiction. 07/19/2012 (Updated: 07/20/2012)

    This is the story of a gay teenager whose dream is to become a famous pop singer. This is his story from the bottom to the top, maybe.

  12. Oh My!

    By Bill W, in Winter - Chain Reaction. 12/10/2014 (Updated: 12/10/2014)

    Donovan Estes is a freshman in college and pledging to a fraternity. One of the first things he is asked to do is to represent Phi Alpha Gamma in the Greek Talent Show. Donovan has no idea what he's going to do, since he doesn't feel he has any significant talent, but he eventually comes up with something that brings him considerable attention.

  13. Rant and Rave 2. Vega-5

    By Lugh, in Spring - Oops. 01/09/2011 (Updated: 01/09/2011)

    After alternative musician, Graves Emmuel arrives on Vega-5 for a much needed vacation, he discovers the universally popular party planet doesn't always live up to its slogan-- what happens on Vega-5 stays on Vega-5.

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