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  1. Hubris

    Side-pieces to the Nemesis books, about minor and supporting characters.

  2. Let the Music Play

    Brandon's dreams had been crushed far too often for him to ever believe, especially in himself. Follow along as he experiences some massive changes in his life, along with a few bumps in the road, and a few high-pressure situations.

  3. Stephen and Lewis

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    My Uni-Verse

    Assorted Poetry

  4. Poetry by Mikiesboy

    A collection of the poems from the annual NaPoWriMo i've written and other books of poetry.

  5. Changes

    Sometimes changes are chosen, and sometimes they are thrust upon you. These stories are about married couple, Don and Louis. Follow them through their life and times, through the events that change their lives forever.

  6. Newsletter Prompts by BHopper2

    The stories I've written for the GA newsletter and other forum games.

  7. Escaria

  8. My Brother's Keeper

    When Stuart finally gets to know his co-worker Cyril, he is not prepared for the ugly truth. As he finds himself in the middle of a bad situation, Stuart tries his best to help. He soon learns just how frustrating and emotionally draining it is to save someone who maybe doesn't even want to be saved. But he has to try.

  9. All WET

    William Elijah Thomas, WET, callsign Jammer, is one of the foremost pilots in the entire Terran Confederation.  He is an empath, but more importantly a Jumper.  Jumpers are the extremely rare humans that can plot a path through jump space and program shipboard A.I.'s to be able to do jumps without the need for a jumper.

  10. Never Too Late

    One day, an older, lonely man decides to change his life for the better ...  

  11. The Grand Adventure of Thymestrys

    A magical world where fantastic creatures, gods, angels, and demons exist. A force is eating away at the lifeforce of Thymestrys. Will it be stopped? or will everyone just fade away?

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    Rich Boy

    A series focusing on the rich son of a family of dark magic practitioners.  He cuts his own path through life not as dark as his father wanted, but certainly not of the light.

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    New York Holidays

    Nothing is more romantic than New York City during the holiday season. From Halloween to New Years Day, it seems everyone is out and about, enjoying the festivities. For two lonely boys living in Lower Manhattan, this year’s holiday season will bring special joy as they meet, fall in love and realize their dreams, and help others in need to realize their dreams too.

  12. KADA

  13. The Chosen

  14. Mark's Revenge

  15. Star Crossed

  16. Bye, Brother

  17. The Trial


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