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  1. RichEisbrouch
    • Author
    • 29 Stories
    • 18 Reviews
    • 1,282,469 Words

    I was born in New York just after WWII when, because of the Depression and the war, the city seemed very little changed from the 1920s. I spent a lot of time listening to my grandparents, hearing what the area was like from when they were born in the 1880s, so it was like living in multiple time periods. I grew up in the suburbs, spent the next 20 years freelancing a design career in the Midwest and Northeast then followed that career to Los Angeles.
  2. James Matthews
    • Author
    • 16 Stories
    • 44 Reviews
    • 1,278,769 Words

    James Matthews is a British amateur writer specialising in Romance and Drama. James writes gritty, mature novels with a Technicolor view of working-class to middle-class world-building. Although written in modern times, most of James' work features coming of age themes or young adults, taken from his experiences as a young lad growing up in the late 90s. His stories are praised for reflecting real-life scenarios of good and bad times, and he never flinches from dealing with tough topics that occur in everyday life. James' writing is fast-paced, true to life and above all, very British! - Mark Baker
  3. Krista
    • Signature Author
    • 24 Stories
    • 28 Reviews
    • 1,257,220 Words

    Author of, The Best Year, Standing in Shadows, Are You Christian, Roommates, Finding Alex, Force of Nature, and others. Mostly a Romance Author that dabbles in Poetry and Modern Fantasy.
  4. Kyle Aarons
    • Classic Author
    • 4 Stories
    • 1 Reviews
    • 1,192,366 Words

    Kyle Aarons was one of the founding members of Gay Authors and he offers a very gritty and dark fantasy world in Kandric Saga. It breaks every taboo and is not for the weak.
  5. Doug Spencer
    • Author
    • 4 Stories
    • 0 Reviews
    • 1,182,626 Words

    I enjoy writing, partially because I like it, and hopefully to bring smiles, and sometimes tears, to my readers. Most of my stories center around younger gay males, and I tend to write more from the heart than I do the genitals. I do describe some hot sex scenes, but some chapters are sexless. I'm a Romantic at heart.
  6. Aceinthehole
    • Promising Author
    • 6 Stories
    • 18 Reviews
    • 1,178,866 Words

    Ace’s stories explore the harsh realities of coming of age. They include tragic tales and heartbreaking moments. Yet, if you stay with it you’ll find characters that fight through the darkness and find their way into the light.
  7. Headstall
    • Signature Author
    • 40 Stories
    • 264 Reviews
    • 1,163,549 Words

    A proud father of four, Headstall's personal journey has been a series of twists and turns, and his stories often reflect his experiences. He is an unapologetic romantic who writes from the heart. You will find this in his fiction and his poetry. They are both emotionally driven, and men who aren’t afraid of their feelings often populate his work. If you’re looking for happily ever after, you will likely find it here.
  8. Dodger
    • Signature Author
    • 10 Stories
    • 25 Reviews
    • 1,157,099 Words

    Dodger was born in Canada, started school in the UK, attended elementary school in Canada, secondary school in the UK, and high school in Canada, before returning to the UK to serve an apprenticeship. It’s no wonder he’s confused! After moving country eight times in thirty years, Dodger prides himself on his diversity, and this is reflected in his stories with a growing collection from both sides of the Atlantic.
  9. Jack Scribe
    • Classic Author
    • 19 Stories
    • 14 Reviews
    • 1,130,500 Words

    Romance and life's daily experiences can be exciting, passe, rewarding and just a pain in the ass - depending on the situation and time of the day. They have been since Adam did his "apple thing" with Eve. Or was it Steve? Jack Scribe's stories involve contemporary gay males in a variety of situations that test the mettle of the characters in his novels and short stories. "Boy gets boy" is the end result.
  10. Don H
    • Classic Author
    • 5 Stories
    • 15 Reviews
    • 1,114,763 Words

    The two stories I've authored thus far, WORKING IT OUT and BELOVED, can be classified as "growing up gay" works, I think. The protagonist(s) are outed or come out to family and friends, sometimes moving from questionable support or lack of support for their orientation among significant others into strong commitments which permit them to mentor others. Religious affiliations of the heroes and their real or adoptive families are portrayed as supportive of gays, who often seek formal recognition .
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