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Angel's Trumpets - Prologue. Prologue

The Protagonists


Leandro Fermi-- Young archaeologist from Volterra/Italy. Coming to Rome to work for the Etruscan Museum at Villa Giulia. Friend of Sebastian von Scheffel. [see "A promise and a curse"]


Andrea Cassini-- One of Sebastian's ex-lovers. Got involved with the robbery of Daniel von Falkenstein's altar. Jumping between a relationship with Roberto and George Rosenstock. [see "A promise and a curse"]


Roberto Pinotti-- Friend and lover of Andrea. Together with Andrea he robbed Daniel's altar. [see "A promise and a curse"]


Vincenzo Nandini-- Leandro's ex-lover


Sebastian von Scheffel-- Marcus Weidenbruch's best and eldest friend. They used to be lovers. Cocky, funny and witty, after every pant in town. Works in Rome for Marcus and is one of the leader of the excavations of ancient Rome. His constant lover is Kay Langenburg, living with him in Rome.


Daniel von Falkenstein-- Sebastian's cousin. Owner of a castle in Italy's South-Tyrol. Taciturn, thoughtfully, loner.


Kay Kristian Langenburg-- Young former sales clerk. Brother of Simon and Sebastian's lover. Cheeky, funny, carefree. Lives now with Sebastian in Rome.


Simon Langenburg-- Former hustler and dealer. Old lover of Marcus. HIV-infected. Lover of Ben. [see "A promise and a curse"]


Benedikt Schaefer-- Young student at the Academy of Arts. Strong minded and a bit out of control sometimes. Fell in love with Simon. [see "A promise and a curse"]


Marcus Weidenbruch-- Very rich and famous promoter of Art, collector of works and antiques. He and Nicholas Zeller went through hard times [see "The knife that twists within"].


Nicholas Zellner-- Young, very talented painter, student friend of Benedikt. Had a one night stand with Sebastian [see "The knife that twists within"]


George Rosenstock-- Inheritor of London's optical glass factory. Had an encounter with Marcus [See "The knife that twists within"]. Involved in the robbery of Daniel's altar. Alternating living in London and Rome


Cardinal Gianluca Borghese-Caffarelli-- Cardinal at Rome's Curia


Tomasz Kotomy-- Grandmaster of the order of the knights of Malta [see "A promise and a curse"]


Tasso-- Old friend of Sebastian, sells man at Cerruti's dependance in Rome. In his spare time he performs as drag queen at Luigi's Bar


Luigi -- Owner of "Luigi's Bar" and Tasso's partner


Sascha-- Visitor at Luigi's Bar


Nando, Paolo, Claudio-- Stripper at Luigi's Bar


Copyright © 2011 Stefan; All Rights Reserved.

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