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Tales of the Underground: Blinded 3. Tales of the Underground

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Sub-genres: Suspense, Adventure

In his 15 years of life Cy Walker has seen it all. From being on his own to working his way up the ladder of his Chicago Gang...there's nothing he can't do. However when he's arrested during a police raid, and fostered by a wealthy family he finds his greatest challenge has just begun. (Note: even though this is book 3, no prior knowledge is required)

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· Edited by jarquafelmu


Ace is one of those rare authors that can tell you a story and make you believe that you are in it, watching it all unfold.

Blinded is no different. Be prepared to laugh and to cry as you learn about Riley "Cy" Walker and the struggles that he has to overcome in order to find what he was always yearning for.

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Loved the whole series.

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The best of the trilogy!!!

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Billy Martin

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I've read five of the six stories Ace has posted here on GA. I highly recommend all of the completed stories. Each is fast-paced and filled with passion, love, and a look at life from a different prospective. Ace has the talent to be a famous author one day. He is certainly an Ace in the hole.

Response from the author:

I apologize for not replying to this review a lot earlier, because it is without a doubt the biggest compliment I have received since I started writing. Balancing work/school and writing has been challenging, but seeing reviews like this remind me that it's worth it.  Thank you for your positivity, it's a review that always makes me smile when I see it!

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Ace takes  you on a rollercoaster of emotions in this one. Cy Walker is a gang member from the Southside, and adopted into a family of wealth and privilege. He is presented as a hood rat banger with a one way ticket to juvenile hall, or 6 feet under. 

While journey isn’t easy, we see his upbringing. More importantly, we see what love and encouragement provide the human soul. Well written and told. Everyone deserves a chance of redemption. A must read!!

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Easily a favorite to read. I went through so many emotions reading this story. 

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