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Love Of Family - 15. The Strength Of Family

The family bond continues getting stronger.

At The Ranch

Greg went to brush his teeth, with the brush Jaycen gave him. Brandon, sat on the love seat, and looked over at his new brother. “Come here, KB.”

Levie giggled, and joined Brandon. “KB?” The younger red head smiled, when Brandon gently pulled him onto his lap, and wrapped his arms around the slightly smaller teen. Levie started giggling, as Brandon’s fingers explored his neck and ears.

The blonde kissed Levie’s forehead, and held him. “KB, Kid Brother.” The two teens chuckled, and Levie laid his head back, against Brandon’s chest. “You’re not the only one who can come up with a cool nickname.”

Neither of them noticed Greg, standing just inside the bathroom doorway, smiling happily.

“Hey Bran, you mind if I ask you something? It’s really personal.”

“Sure, Lev. What’s on your mind?”

The teen paused. He was trying to phrase the question, so it wouldn’t be offensive. “What gender do you prefer?

“Wow! Not even Greg and I have discussed this.” Brandon ran his fingers through his hair.

“If it’s too personal, or you’re not comfortable, we can forget I asked.”

“Is it okay, if I join in on this? I’ve been curious about the same thing bro.” Greg’s appearance startled the two other teens. Greg sat beside Levie. He smiled, when his mate got comfortable between him, and Brandon. Then, he and Brandon, placed their arms on the younger teen’s shoulder. “You’ve never talked about any guy, or girl you’ve been interested in.”

“Well, the truth is, I have no idea.” Brandon paused, and thought for a moment. “I find the beauty in both men and women. However, I’ve yet to find one of either sex that really turns me on. Take you, and Lev, for an example. I think you’re both extremely hot, adorable, and cute. However, I don’t have any desire to have sex, or a romantic relationship with either one. That’s probably, because you’re my brothers, and best friends. Hell, Troypop, and Jaycepop are sexy, and hot as anything, but they’re the Bropops.” The nineteen year old looked at his two brothers, and held their hands.

“That’s really interesting, and makes perfect sense. I guess, you just have to find the right person, then you’ll know.”

“Lev, what’s your thoughts on sex. Are you a top or bottom?” Greg grinned, and placed a kiss on his mate’s forehead.

“Should I leave for this question? Since, it’s dealing with your sexual positions.” Brandon shifted a little nervously.

“Not unless you’re uncomfortable Bro.” Levie giggled, and playfully tickled Brandon’s side. The blonde yelped, and giggled. “I don’t know what my preference is. I do know, I’m never gonna fuck, or just have sex.”

Both Greg and Brandon looked at the younger teen in shock. “Are you saying, we’ll never have sex?”

“Nope, I didn’t say that.”

A light bulb lit up, in Brandon’s head. “I think I get what you’re saying.” He looked at his confused brother, and decided to use Levie’s teaching tactic. “Greg, I want you to put aside the words we use for sex.” As soon as Greg nodded, Brandon continued. “Now, focus, only on what your mate just said.”

“He said, he’ll never fuck or…...” The raven haired teen paused, as his light bulb lit up. “Just have sex. You’ll make love, but you won’t have casual sex, or fuck anyone, just for the hell of it.”

Levie enthusiastically nodded, and leapt into Greg’s lap peppering him with kisses. He giggled, and tickled Greg’s stomach, and ribs. The pinned teen instantly, started laughing and squirming. He kissed his tickler, and wrapped his arms around Levie.

“Jaycen, and Troy never use the word fuck, when talking about the sexual part of their relationship. They believe the shared intimacy, is too magical, and special to be cheapened by vulgarity. The Bropops taught me about the mechanics of gay sex. We discussed how some people prefer to have casual sex. Which, they said was fine, and they didn’t judge people for wanting that. However, they hoped I’d find a special person, who loved, and respected me before I made love to them.” Levie paused, then looked straight into his mate’s eyes. “I know you’re that person Gregory Allman. I can feel it in here.” The teen pointed to his heart. “We’ll both know when the time is right for us to explore that part of ourselves. I promise, I’ll never rush, or take advantage of you, in any way. Personally, I love our level of intimacy, and how it’s growing. I want our bond to be stronger, before we give up our virginity.”

“Holy shit, that’s freakin’ deep, and so powerful. Levie Michael, you’re an amazing, and gifted man.” Brandon said, as he wiped his tears. “Damn, I thought I loved, and respected the Bropops before. They’re on the same role model level, as our parents.”

“The Bropops, are incredible role models. Not just as strong men, but as a committed couple, and loving parents. I loved, and respected them before, but hearing that, my love and respect just skyrocketed.” Greg paused, and sighed.

Levie’s head cocked to the side, his heart was telling him Greg was apprehensive about something. “Babe, I can feel something’s really troubling you. Do you wanna talk about it? I promise, I won’t judge you for anything.” Levie and Brandon both kissed Greg’s cheek.

“I want to tell you two something, but first, I need to talk to the Dad’s.” Giving his mate, and brother a kiss Greg got up, and left the room. The raven haired teen stood outside Levie’s bedroom door. After working up the courage to do what he had to, Greg knocked.

“Babe, remind me again, why I missed having a kid in the house?” Troy said, as the couple scrambled, to get their underwear on.

“Hey, somethings never change. The season’s, the sun setting in the west, and kids will interrupt love making.” Jaycen chuckled, and dodged his husband’s attempt at smacking him.

Troy shook his head, and giggled. “Come in.”

Greg surveyed the room. “Dad’s I…” The teen stopped, as the scent of sex hit his nose. “I’m really sorry, I’ve disturbed your time together, I’ll be fine till the morning.” Greg yelped, as he was grabbed by Jaycen, just before he turned the doorknob. The teen began giggling, and squirming when Jaycen’s fingers kneaded his side.

“That never worked with Lev, and it won’t work with you.” Jaycen chuckled, gave Greg a playful smack on his ass, then gently tossed him on the bed. Troy was prepared for the teen’s landing. The giggling young man, was instantly wrapped in a bear hug, and kissed on the cheek.

“What’s on your mind baby boy?” Troy asked, as Jaycen joined his husband in cuddling Greg.

“Umm, well…” Greg paused “It started with Lev asking Bran what his gender preference was. Then I asked what position Lev preferred. The more we talked, the more terrible I felt. See, last night, I told Lev I was a virgin.”

“You’re not, are you?” Troy asked as he and Jaycen held the emotional teen tighter between them.

“I am, in terms of gay sex.” Greg’s emotions were starting to get the best of him.

“So, you’ve been intimate with a woman. Do you have any real attraction for women?” Jaycen asked as he gently smoothed Greg’s hair.

“No, I know for sure I’m gay. It’s just last month, I was hanging out with the girl across the hall from me. She wanted to try ecstasy, but not alone. I’d never done any drugs before. We both got high as hell. I didn’t know it, but she’d also slipped me a Viagra. We…. we had unprotected sex.” By this point, Greg was completely lost in his emotions, and sobbing on Troy’s shoulder.

Jaycen and Troy gave each other a look, and cradled their new kid. “Shh, it’s okay baby boy. We’re here, and we love you.” Jaycen whispered.

“Y….You don’t hate me, or want me to leave the house?” Greg tried, but couldn’t bring himself to look the couple in the eyes.

“Greg, I want you to look at us.” Troy lifted the teen’s chin.

“We could never hate you, or want you to leave. You’re our kid, that means we’re here to love and support you, no matter what you’ve done or what’s happened. The fact you tried e with a stranger, is a bit unsettling, but not because we’re afraid of you doing it again. It’s unsettling, because we love you, and don’t want you harmed. Drugs like that, can sometimes have future health consequences. Look at what Meth has done to Milo. Let’s set Lev’s feelings aside, for the moment. Did you get tested right after?” Jaycen asked after kissing Greg’s forehead.

Greg shook his head no. He was still too emotional to speak.

“Tomorrow morning, one of us will go with you, to get tested. It’s the only responsible thing to do.” Troy rubbed his new son’s back. “Does Brandon know?”

“No, I’ve been too ashamed to even tell him.” Greg continued to cry, but was starting to feel better, knowing he was still loved.

Jaycen picked up his phone, then sent a text to Levie. It simply said “Brohuddle, your room. Bring Bran.”

A couple minutes later, the door opened. Levie, and Brandon rushed to the bed. “Babe/Bro what’s wrong?” The teens asked in unison.

“Do you need us to tell them?” Jaycen gently offered, while still holding the distraught boy in his arms. He slightly smiled, then kissed Greg’s forehead, when the teen nodded. “Sit down guys. You need to listen to everything, before saying, or doing anything.”

Levie patiently listened to the story. He got behind Greg, kissed his cheek, and tightly hugged him. “Do you love me? Do you feel, in your heart, and soul that we’re meant to be?”

“Yes, my sweet prince, I do. I’m sorry, for letting you down, and I didn’t mean to deceive you. I’ll understand, if you don’t want to be with me anymore.”

“Well, I wouldn’t understand. I wouldn’t understand that at all Gregory Allman.” Levie paused. “I love saying that name.” His comment brought some needed chuckles into the room. Levie moved in front of Greg, and looked into his eyes. “What happened, was before we met. I have no doubt, that it was an experiment. I’ve seen, and still see the love for me in your eyes. That’s something that can’t be faked. I wish you’d said something last night, but I understand why you didn’t. Not to mention, there hasn’t been much time to talk.” Levie paused, he passionately kissed his mate, and gently wiped the tears away. “You’re mine, Gregory Allman Wilmont. I’m not letting you go, not over something so trivial, and I’m going with you tomorrow. I know I’m clean, but I want us to share this, together. My Dad’s told me, it’s something that can help strengthen a couple’s relationship.”

“You could’ve told me, brother. Don’t you know I’m never gonna look down on you, or judge you? I love you, with all my heart.” Brandon’s tears fell, as he got both his brothers in a hug, and kissed them.

“Okay, are all the crises over? If so, would everyone under twenty-one be so kind, as to leave the room. I really need some intimate time with Troypop.” Jaycen’s boisterous cackles echoed off the walls. He was suddenly tickled attacked, by three playful teens, and one mischievous husband. Despite his best efforts, the twenty-eight year old was completely helpless, and trapped. Troy, and Levie were experts, at destroying the man’s bare soles, and toes. Greg pinned Jaycen’s hands under his knees, to expose the dampening arm pits. Squeals and high pitched laughter flowed form the plump lips, when the teen’s fingers wiggled, and danced in the deep hollows. Desperately, Jaycen tried squeezing Greg’s lower knee caps.

“Nice try, Jaycepop. That’s one of the few spots I’m not ticklish.” Greg chuckled, and kissed Jaycen’s forehead.

The red head’s laughter became silent, with the addition of Brandon’s raspberries, his fingers kneading along the very ticklish sides, and finally, the blonde’s index finger began lightly scratching Jaycen’s navel crevice. “Okay, You guys win. Uncle!!!”

Troy got his sweat soaked husband a damp cloth, and the boys gave Jaycen hugs. Levie giggled, and threw in a really good noogie, since Jaycen was still pinned under the other two teens.

“Goodnight Bropops. We love you.” The teens said, just before leaving the couple. Troy’s tickle tortured laughs, were the last thing the boys heard, before closing their door.

Levie brushed his teeth, then got into bed. He was again, sandwiched between Brandon, and Greg. “You guys know the Bropops let us win, after they woke us with tickles. Don’t you?”

“Are you serious?” Greg, and Brandon looked at Levie with a shocked expression.

“Think about it. It took four football players, to get Jaycepop off Carol. Jaycen played football throughout middle, and high school. Both of them have stayed in shape, and gotten stronger over the years. You really think the three of us were able to take them down?”

The other two teens started thinking. “Why would they do that Babe?” Greg asked as he and Brandon cuddled against Levie, and kissed his cheek.

“So we could continue playing together, and to give us a sense of satisfaction. Besides, they both love being playfully tickled.”

“What about in your room just now? Did he let us win that time?” Brandon asked.

Levie giggled. “Nope, that time, he was actually defeated by us, and Troypop. Even though tickling weakens Jaycen some, we needed Troypop’s help.” He gave Brandon and Greg a kiss.

“I love you.” The teens said at once, just before falling asleep.

The next morning, Levie woke up, before his companions. The teen kept seeing that horrible note in his dreams. He visibly shivered, as he saw it again. Levie shook the memory away, then carefully, worked his way from under the covers, and went to the bathroom. When he got back in the room, Levie heard sounds of someone in the kitchen. With the note, so fresh in his mind, the teen opened Jaycen’s side table, and withdrew the Smith&Wesson. He made sure the safety was on, loaded bullets in the chamber, and keeping it pointed downwards headed downstairs.

Knowing the house like he did, Levie was careful to avoid the squeaky areas of the steps. Flattening his body against the wall, slowly the teen crept closer to the lit kitchen. Finally, he reached the doorway, and pressed himself against the left side. “Whoever you are, I’ve got a loaded gun. Come out slowly, with your hands up.”

“Boy, if you don’t put that fuckin’ toy away, I’m gonna beat your ass with this wooden spoon.”

Levie breathed a sigh of relief. He smiled angelically, when he saw his Mam-Mah looking at him, and smacking the spoon against her open palm. “I wuv you Mam-Mah. Is that a new apron? It looks amazing on you.” Levie giggled, and dodged Ev’lynn’s attempt at swatting him. He made sure the safety was on, placed the gun in the credenza by the window, and eagerly launched himself at his Grandma.

“I love you, so much Lev.” Ev’lynn’s tears welled in her eyes, as she hugged and kissed her grandson. “I’m sorry I wasn’t here yesterday to greet you, and my other new grandson, but we all felt you boys needed the time alone.”

“It’s okay Mam-Mah, Bran told us.”

“Good morning, I hope we’re not interrupting anything. Ev told us yesterday, to come on in, if the front door was open.” Linda’s and Tom’s smiling faces appeared in the doorway.

“Mama! Tompop.” Levie smiled, and jumped into Tom’s arms, placing his head against the man’s chest. He smiled, and kissed Tom’s cheek. “Bran was right. Last night, he said your heartbeat made him feel the same sense of love, and security that Jaycen’s did.”

Tom’s heart overflowed, hearing about Brandon’s comments, and from the love pouring from the teen he was hugging. “I’m glad my boy still feels like that. Well, I guess I should say all my boys.”

Levie nodded, and then gave Linda the same energetic, and loving welcome. “Ya know, I could get used to this kind of welcome.” She smiled, and kissed Levie’s forehead.

“He does have that affect on people. Coffee?” Ev’lynn’s offer was readily accepted by the three other family members. “Lev, I’ve talked with Bill this morning, he knows you boys had to rush the horses after care. He’s gonna personally, give Tri, Dusty, and Neptune extra care, and work on them first.”

“Thanks Mam-Mah. You didn’t have to cook again. I was actually coming down to start coffee, and breakfast.”

“Bullshit, it’s the least I can do for my growing family.” Ev’lynn smiled, and kissed Linda, and Tom’s cheeks.

“Tompop huh?” Tom asked as he pulled Linda’s chair out for her, then sat between her, and Levie.

“Umm I may be overstepping, but we all bonded last night. Greg, and Brandon asked if Jayce and Troy would also be their parents, along with you guys. They even called them Jaycepop, and Troypop.”

“We are honored, and accepted. I hope that’s okay with our new brother, and sister.” Jaycen’s voice made everyone turn and face the happy red head.

“We’re thrilled, and honored to share the boys with you, I assume, that means Levie’s shared with us also?” Linda asked, and took a sip of coffee.

“Do you really need an answer to that, Sis?” Jaycen giggled, as he was wrapped up in a Levie hug. “Good morning Mom. Thank you for all the food.” The twenty-eight year old gave his second Mom a hug and kiss.

“Of course, I love feeding everyone. Lev, go get that toy gun from the credenza, and put it back in your Bropop’s bedside table. That way he won’t have to go searching for it.” Ev’lynn chuckled, and kissed her other son.

“What toy gun are you talking about Ma?” Jaycen’s confused expression made everyone start laughing.

“Umm the S&W. When I got up, I had Jordan’s note fresh in my memory, and heard noises down here. So, I grabbed the pistol, loaded it, and came to see what was going on.” Levie blushed, and hung his head.

“What note?” The other three adults asked at the same time.

“It was left in my room, last night during, or after the fire. It said. You’ll pay, for humiliating me, you fucking bitch. I’ll hunt you down, hogtie your fucking ass, and place you in that white beast’s stall. Then, I’ll scare him so much, you’ll be trampled by his jumping, and thrashing around. Finally, I’m gonna make sure your precious horse’s death is slow, and painful as possible. The best part is, I’ll make a film of it, and send it to your family.” Everyone in the room gasped, even Jaycen.

“Baby boy, y...you remember what it said? You only read it a minute, that kinda concern’s me.” Jaycen wiped his tears, and wrapped his arms around Levie’s quivering body.

“I...I couldn’t get it out of my mind, but last night helped some. Dad, I’m not scared for me, I’m scared for Tri, and the rest of you. This kid’s a total psycho, who knows what he’ll do.”

“Whatever he does, we’ll face it together, as a family.” Troy’s voice drew everyone’s attention. Before he could say, or do anything the brunette was in Levie’s bear hug.

“I love you Troypop.” Levie, as usual had no problem letting people see him cry, especially his family.

“I love you too, baby. And, hey don’t be scared. We’re gonna be fine, we’ll just be extra careful, and have guys patrolling the property.” Troy paused, and greeted his Mom with a kiss and hug.

“Troy, it’s nice to finally meet you, in person.” Linda and Tom got up, and hugged Troy, while his Mom got him some coffee.

“Thanks, for everything you’ve done. Not just for Levie, but for Greg. That took a lot of heart, to take in a gay teen who’d been rejected.

“We’d adopted him as our kid, a long time before he was fourteen. And, we didn’t do much of anything for Levie.” Tom said as everyone sat down.

“Bro, how can you say that? You, Linda, and Brandon all came down to the hospital to support a family you didn’t know, with the exception of Greg. Then, you’ve accepted all of us as your family, and claimed Levie as your third son. That’s doing a hell of a lot, at least in my opinion.”

Linda, and Tom were drying their eyes, listening to Troy’s praise. “We’re very concerned, with this kid on the loose, but feel our original two boys are safe, and loved here.”

“We’re glad to hear you say that Mama, because I’ve talked with Brandon upstairs, and we’re both gonna move here, and live with Levie in Oakridge.” Greg, and Brandon were instantly tackled, and being tickled and kissed by Levie.

The adults all shook their heads, and chuckled at the trio of overgrown boys. “I forgot, you can hear everything through the vent.” Troy lightly slapped his forehead, which made Jaycen kiss the place he’d slapped.

“Lyle explained everything that’s been gifted to the boys, as well as Levie’s generous offer of having us live at Oakridge. And, we did respectfully decline the offer.” Linda said, then faced the three boys. “The Mama bear in me is going crazy. However, the logical side, knows from looking at the three of you, that this decision wasn’t made lightly, or is in anyway changeable.”

“Linda’s right, we’d be fools to try and stop you. We know the barn’s been renovated into a loft apartment, we’d need to check it out, along with the main house, and look at Lev’s findings.”

“I never got a chance to look at the barn, but we can do all that when we get back from town. By the way, Bropops. Greg, Bran, and I are gonna go to town. You two can stay here. I’m gonna get with Uncle Stu, and see about the things we talked about last night.” Levie made sure to maintain eye contact with his Bropops.

“That’s fine with us, but why does Brandon need to go?” Troy asked, as he took a bite of eggs.

“I want his opinion on a couple things I want to look at in town today. We’re gonna walk over, get the jeep, and drive that.” Levie took his, and the other family members plates, rinsed them, and loaded them in the dishwasher. He then opened the credenza, and took the Smith&Wesson back upstairs.

“Hey, Lev, go ahead and take the .45 from the wall safe. I think you’re experienced enough to have that.” Jaycen hollered up into the vent.

“You sure, I’m ok if you want to get me another .38.”

Even after yesterday, Greg still had that expression of disbelief. “I swear, this house is like visiting a spread out army supply store. Where’s the AK-47's?” No one could stop laughing at Greg’s comment, and question.

“Troypop, and I discussed it last night. You’re old enough now. The 47’s are on order, supposed to arrive next week.” Jaycen, and the other’s were laughing like crazy over Greg’s open mouth expression. “Just kiddin’ Greg. Don’t ever change, baby bro.” Jaycen said, giving the teen a kiss on his cheek.

The three teens said goodbye to everyone, and left to retrieve Levie’s jeep. Inside, Jaycen, and Troy turned on the morning news. What came on, shocked them. “Everyone, get in here quick.”

“What’s up boys?” Ev’lynn, and the other two adults came rushing in.

“Bob, we’re outside the Blankenship house, where there’s been a double homicide, and one suicide. From what we’ve learned, Jordan Blankenship shot, and killed his father, Mac Blankenship. This was after a disagreement between the two, involving a physical altercation Jordan had with Stillman Ranch owner, Levie Stillman. Mona Blankenship, heard the fight, then gunshot. With gun in hand, she went to investigate. Mona saw her son, standing over his father, repeatedly shooting rounds into the lifeless body. She then took her son’s life. Mona, recorded a confession, downed half a bottle of bourbon, then took her own life. We’ll have more on this tragedy, as it develops.”

The boys finally got some time to really talk, and explore their feelings. Jaycen, and Troy, has truly gotten themselves two more kids to love, and help guide.

Hope you guys enjoy.

Thanks for reading. Please, continue reacting, and commenting.

Love y'all

Copyright © 2021 Ajbt2001; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

Awesome chapter. Great to see the family bonding so well. Levie has a great family and support network.

They know longer have to worry about Jordan, a sad state of affairs that happened.

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12 minutes ago, chris191070 said:

Awesome chapter. Great to see the family bonding so well. Levie has a great family and support network.

They know longer have to worry about Jordan, a sad state of affairs that happened.

Nope, I'll have to come up with another challenge to overcome. :whistle:

There's a lot of planning on the horizon, and the ranch's and Bropop's tenth anniversary to prepare for. Levie, and the boys have been helping me come up with some great ideas for the Bropops. 

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Loving, caring and cooking grandma with a salty tongue, Ev is a great character.  It is so sad that Jordan's instability led to not just his death, but also his parents.  Looking forward to some moves and a tenth anniversary celebration.

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Great chapter, love the growing family bonding and the hard honest conversations.  The ending with the news of the bad boy and his family dead puts an end to that issue.

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10 hours ago, VBlew said:

Great chapter, love the growing family bonding and the hard honest conversations.  The ending with the news of the bad boy and his family dead puts an end to that issue.

Jordan, was more a product of uninformed parents, who didn't understand the severity of his deteriorating, mental health. There might be some ideas for a cause for Linda, and Ev'lynn to champion, because of the tragedy. 

We'll see what the family tells me they want. 

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A tragic ending to Jordan and his family, but fortunate event for the Stillmans, in that his threat - which alone could have landed him in court and possible jail time - will never come to fruition, thankfully.

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