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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

A New Family Unit - 2. Starting To Bond

The family starts bonding and establishing their dynamic

Devon, Cillian, Sam, & Taylor

The teens ran up the stairs to Devon's room. Devon opened the door and motioned for the redhead to enter. As he passed by, the playful brunet lightly tickled the back of his new friend's neck. Devon giggled as Cillian squeaked and jumped. The slightly taller teen did his best to look innocent when he saw the mock menacing expression on the other teen's face. However, neither one could keep from giggling very long.

"I love your room, Devie," Cillian exclaimed as he took in the surrounding. Seeing the giant Snoopy sitting against the pillows on the made-up bed made the redhead stop and smile.

Devon thought he'd put everything that might be embarrassing away but forgot his Snoopy. He lowered his head and turned away from Cillian. "You...You're not gonna make fun of my Snoopy, are ya?" He asked as he wiped his tears and sat on the bed, hugging his animal tightly.

In a flash, Cillian wrapped Devon and Snoopy in a bear hug. "Of course, I'm not gonna make fun of you. You didn't make fun of me for blurting out what I thought was an internal observation."

"You...you mean it?"

Cillian giggled and lifted Devon's chin. "I think you and Snoopy are adorable. Holding him like that makes you even cuter." Cillian smiled as he gently kissed Devon's cheek and wiped away the tears. "I think I know someone who needs to smile." A mischievous smirk formed on the redhead's lips as he started lightly tickling Devon's sides just above his hips.

The room filled with the sounds of boisterous teenage boyish laughter and squeals. "No fair, Cillie." The brunet protested between his laughter. "I wasn't ready." The teen squirmed and writhed as he tried blocking the playful attack.

"Neither was I when you tickled me outside." Cillian giggled and moved his tickles to Devon's deep armpit hollows. The new location made the boy's laughter rise in pitch and volume. "Oooh, this is an awesome spot." Cillian chuckled and maintained his tickle attack.

The brunet fourteen-year-old's hands hit the mattress, and his legs kicked as he fell facedown on the bed with his tickler on top of him. "Okay, I give, you win for now." Devon panted and continued giggling as he hugged and kissed Cillian. "Wow! you're almost as good as Daddy is with tickling." The teen stared into the redhead’s eyes and kissed Snoopy's nose. "I've been trying to teach Snoopy to attack when Daddy pulls the covers off me and wakes me with tickles in the morning, but so far, he's not been very good at obeying that command. Daddy told me this morning Snoopy's and Devon's are known for their ticklishness." The brunet got up and ran when he heard his Dad and Taylor outside. "Hey, come here and listen."

The two boys sat at the window, listening and watching the two men. They giggled when Sam hollered the same thing Devon just did when Taylor tickled him.

"They're cute together. You think our dads are gonna date?" Cillian asked.

Devon was about to answer when they saw the kiss. "Eeeww, Daddy kissing Daddy." He giggled along with Cillian. "They might. Would you be okay with that?" He paused. "We're gonna have to tell them, Daddies aren't supposed to kiss, it's okay for us to, but not them. They're old." He giggled as Cillian added his giggles and nodded.

"Yeah, Dad's been lonely, and I have too," Cillian responded as he wiped his tears

"Us too, but now that you're here with us, we don't hafta be lonely." Devon smiled and smirked. "I think there's an adorable Cillian who needs to laugh." He giggled and wiggled his fingers in the air at the giggly redhead who backed up and fell on the bed.

"Devie, don't you..." That was all the boy could say because his words were replaced with high-pitched squeals and cackles. Cillian's legs tried getting free of Devon's grip on his ankle as the brunet's fingers lightly strummed up and down the redhead's pink and green striped sock-clad feet. "That tickles, Dev. Not my feet." Cillian squealed.

"Awesome, your feet are just as ticklish as my feet." Devon giggled and let Cillian's leg go. He hugged the giggling redhead. "Umm, are you gay?" He blushed.

"Yeah, you?"

Devon smiled and eagerly nodded. He gently brushed his fingers through Cillian's bright red locks and kissed his nose. "Umm, c...can we m...maybe try dating when we're ready?"

Cillian gasped. He never thought this perfect angelic boy would be interested in dating him. "I...I'd love that, Devie. How about we work on being friends, and as we get closer, and get to know each other, let nature take over. I really just don't want to rush anything or ruin any relationship we might have."

"I like that, but we can still kiss, tickle, cuddle, and be close with each other, right?" Devon asked while gently tickling Cillian's back.

"Hey, you're hitting my major tickly spots before I can get to yours, you cheater." The redhead giggled. Yes, Devie, we can still do all that. I love how loving you are.

"I love how loving you are too, my sweet angel boy." Devon giggled and squirmed when he felt Cillian's fingers stroke up and down his tan and green palm tree sock-clad toes. "Cillie, not the toes." He squealed and tried scrunching them.

"I had to do a test. You did say my feet were just as ticklish as yours." The redhead giggled.

Sam stood in the doorway, smiling as he watched the teens laying beside each other with their bare feet kicking back and forth, engrossed in a movie. The man silently crept up to the unsuspecting boys. He quickly caught one of Devon's ankles and one of Cillian's. The brunet chuckled when the duo jumped and squeaked as his fingers lightly danced and tickled across the soft bare soles and toes.

"Eeekkk!!! Daaadddddyyyy." Devon squealed as he broke down in hysterical giggles. His toes scrunched, and his foot wiggled in his dad's grip.

"He's as bad as my Daddddyyyy," Cillian stated between his boyish giggling and laughter.

"I was coming to tell you two adorable imps, I'm going to lie down and that Papa Taylor's in charge." Sam giggled and leaned over to kiss the boy's heads. He gasped when they turned around and wrapped him in a double team bear hug.

"Have a good rest, Daddy Sam," Cillian said, then quickly covered his mouth.

"That's cute, Cillie. May I call Papa Taylor Daddy too?" Devon giggled when both Cillian and Sam nodded.

"You two are adorable. I love you, boys." Sam's tears filled his eyes as he was kissed on both cheeks.

"Hey, Devie, I think there's a Daddy Sam who needs to smile." Cillian giggled and started tickling Sam's side.

"Yep! Yep, I think so too." The brunet giggled and joined in tickling Sam's other side.

The room exploded with Sam's wild cackles and laughter. The older man wriggled and squirmed, trying to dodge the tickle assault. "You two are sooo dead." Sam's threat fell flat because of the boyish laughter and squeals.

"Umm, I thought I told you to get to bed, young man." Taylor giggled when the trio stopped, raised their heads, and looked at him.

"Babe, they just attacked me out of nowhere. I innocently came in to tell them you're in charge, and I was lying down. They ambushed me." Sam wildly laughed as Devon and Cillian yelled liar and resumed tickling the man into oblivion.

"He tickled our feet, Daddy Tay." Devon said as he blew a raspberry at his dad."

"Ooohh, you're such a traitor. Sleep with one eye open, kiddo." A very high-pitched squeal escaped Sam's lips when Cillian lifted his shirt a little and blew a raspberry on his stomach while squeezing his knee caps at the same time.

"Don't worry, Devie, I got your back." Cillian squealed when Sam tickled his feet.

"You're gonna get it too, Cillie." Sam threatened, then jumped and laughed like a hyena when his bare feet got tickled by his son.

"I got your back too, Cillie." Devon giggled and squealed when Sam tickled his foot.

Taylor couldn't stop laughing at the antics. He loved seeing Sam playing with and treating his son as if he was his own. "Is that true, Sammy?" He giggled as Sam glared at him.

"Would you...I don't know, maybe help me?" The brunet asked as he continuously struggled against the overpowering teens.

"I guess so." Taylor chuckled and sat on the bed. He grabbed hold of the other man's kicking legs and started tickling and skittering his nails lightly up and down Sam's soft bare pinkish soles.

Sam's eyes widened, and his shrieks and laughter increased. "Shit, Tay, not my bare feet. It's not helping me." He got out before falling prey to the tickles.

"Well, I never did say who I'd help." Taylor giggled and let his victim go.

Sam panted and rubbed his feet together, then he jumped into Taylor's lap and kissed him passionately on his warm lips. Devon and Cillian covered their eyes and protested the "Daddy kissing," as they called it. The two men shared a look then pounced on the teens tickling them into a hysterical fit.

"Okay, enough fun. I've got to get some sleep." Sam giggled and gave Taylor another kiss, then he hugged and kissed Devon and Cillian. After telling the trio he loved them, Sam headed into his room.

"Okay, boys, get your socks and shoes on and come over to the other half. Daddy Taylor can use some help setting things up."

"Okay, Daddy/Daddy Taylor." Devon and Cillian answered in unison.

"After we do this..." Devon said as he and Cillian jumped on Taylor and tickled his sides and ribs.

The room filled with the sound of boisterous adult laughter and teenage giggles. In his bedroom, Sam sighed happily and giggled as he fell asleep to the sound of joyful laughter.

On the other side of the house, Taylor and the teens started sorting through boxes. The thirty-five-year-old was amazed at how helpful and efficient Devon was. He took the boxes into the designated rooms and started unpacking. Working together, it didn't take the three of them long to unpack and set up the kitchen, dining room, living room, and downstairs bathroom. Devon broke down the boxes and took them to the trashcan on the other side of the fence.

"Daddy, can we get burgers for lunch from McDonald's?" Cillian smiled and gave his dad his best puppy eyes.

"Wait, Daddy Taylor, we have subs in the fridge. Daddy and I made the bread ourselves." Devon led the other two to the kitchen. He washed his hands and pulled the bread, meat, cheeses, and condiments out.

Taylor and Cillian watched in amazement as the teen whizzed around the kitchen, and within ten minutes, they were sitting on the deck eating lunch and watching the ocean.

"Thank you for working so hard, and helping us, Devie. And, thanks for the subs." Taylor smiled and kissed the teen's forehead.

"Yeah, thanks, Devie. Will you help me with my room after lunch?" Cillian asked after swallowing a bite of his steak and cheese sub.

"Definitely, Daddy told me I needed to help today. Besides, I'm happy to do it." He giggled and wiped the dab of mayo off Cillian's mouth. Then he blushed when Cillian returned the favor. The brunet teen took on a serious demeanor. "Daddy Tay, are you and daddy gonna be dating?"

Taylor almost choked on his soda. "Wow! you don't pull punches, do ya, kiddo?"

Devon giggled and shook his head no.

"Yes, is that okay with you boys?"

Devon and Cillian pretended to be in a conference for a minute. Suddenly, they jumped up and launched themselves into Taylor's lap, peppering his cheek with kisses. "As long as you promise to love me, and Daddy, promise never to hurt him on purpose, I'm okay. But, you old guys gotta cut back on the kissing. That's for young guys, like Cillie and me." The brunet jumped and wriggled when Taylor tickled his sides and blew raspberries on his neck. "Daddddyyyy Tayyyyy, not the neck raspberries and side tickles." He squealed. "Thank you, Daddy Taylor. I love you and Cill already." Devon's tears fell on the redhead's shoulder as he and Cillian hugged him.

"I love you, both of you too." Taylor wiped his tears and kissed both Devon and Cillian's cheeks.

I love how this chapter turned out. The playfulness and love in these guys is awesome.

Copyright © 2022 Ajbt2001; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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It's great to see the two families bonding together so quickly. Playfulness and Seriousness when needed.

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Posted (edited)

1 hour ago, chris191070 said:

It's great to see the two families bonding together so quickly. Playfulness and Seriousness when needed.

They are fun, and I love how Taylor easily fell into the role of older brother/parent/boyfriend and is totally playful about it. His calling Sam, Sammy was just too cute when I saw it in my head. So was the look Sam gave him. LOL And, Sam saying he was attacked out of nowhere, and that he was innocently telling them about Taylor being in charge and he was going to lie down, was epic.

I thought the way Devon and Cillian handled the boyfriend topic was a nice showing of their growing maturity, and it's a nice offset to their youthful playfulness. Just when you think these teens act younger than their physical age, they throw you a curve ball and show they're mentally and emotionally a bit older than their physical age, so it's a really nice balance. I think it comes from being raised by young and youthful minded Dads. They get the love and physical affection they need to completely be themselves, while watching their parent make sacrifices to keep and raise them. And, yes, the comment about the dad's shouldn't kiss but the kids can is probably gonna be a running bit throughout the story. LOL It's just too cute to die. LOL

Edited by Ajbt2001
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