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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

A New Family Unit - 4. A Month Later

The family continues to bond and get closer.

Taylor, Sam, Devon, & Cillian

Over the next couple of weeks, the four males that made up the newly formed family unit grew closer and more bonded. Taylor and Sam were in a great place emotionally, professionally, and mentally. Sam now owned the security firm he'd worked for. His first act was taking over the security for the gym/spa his soulmate owned.

Taylor's gym/spa was very successful. So successful that there were even talks of expansion. In addition, Taylor built a small office beside the house where he saw clients privately for massage therapy. He and Sam were enjoying their growing relationship. Sam was a breath of fresh air for the older one of the couple. Taylor loved how playful and energetic his biggest boy was. He'd often shake his head and joke that he was Dad to two teens and one overgrown boy. The redhead took to Devon's addition like a feather to a bare foot.

Sam found Taylor's life experience and stability very comforting and needed. The brunet spent so many years being a grownup, and single father, that he indulged his inner child as much as possible now that he had Taylor in his life. In his eyes, Cillian and Dev were the most adorable boys alive. Sam always slept better, or if he worked overnight, he was at peace, knowing Devon wasn't by himself and that someone was there to cuddle and comfort him if he got scared.

Another exciting upcoming development was the duplex's planned reno. Within a month, Sam and Tayler were co-owners of the home. They joined their finances and bought the property on either side of them. The ownership decision was a no-brainer for the couple neither one planned on leaving or ending the relationship. Also, owning a house established Taylor's residency. The men planned on expanding the house and fencing it in so the kids would have more than enough space. Also, there'd be room to build a home on the empty lot if the guys wanted to stay there as adults.

"Sam, time to get up, baby boy," Taylor whispered. He giggled when his bedmate's response was a grunt, and the covers pulled over the brunet's head. "Sammy, you're just as bad as Devie sometimes."

"Does not compute. Need a reboot," Sam mumbled and boyishly giggled as he buried himself in the bedsheets. The brunet's sparkling youthful eyes peeked out from under the edge of the linen.

"Hmm, a reboot, huh?" Taylor giggled and pulled back the first two layers of covers, then trapped his younger man under the thin sheet.

Sam continuously giggled and squirmed under the weight of his lover. The brunet loved their fun playtime together. Taylor was the perfect mate as thoughts of marriage danced in his head.

Taylor licked his fingertips and lightly stroked them along his child-like lover's ears, and gently pressed along the younger man's neck. He almost squealed when the sounds of his mate's surprisingly boyish squeaks and giggling filled his ears.

"Ddddaaadddddyyyy-Taaaayyyyyy!" Sam squealed as he wriggled and pushed his bare feet into the mattress.

Taylor smiled. "They make these computers so realistic nowadays." He paused and giggled. "They become so squirmy when you're trying to find the reset button."

The redhead smirked and grabbed Sam's wrists in one hand, pinning his struggling mate's arms over his head. Sam squealed and tried his best to get free, but Taylor was too strong. Even though they both worked out at the gym, Sam was still not as built or physically strong as his redhaired lover.

"Oh shit." Sam managed to get out before he dissolved into hysterics as his deep and exposed pit hollows were being gently poked and prodded by his playful tickler mate. The twenty-nine-year-old man's lower body wriggled over the sheets as his upper body pumped up and down, trying to break the hold Taylor had on him. His boyish giggling echoed off the walls.

Taylor chuckled, and leaning down, he kissed Sam's nose. "Stop squirming. I'm trying to find your reset button."

The devious fingers made their way down and explored the quivering body's ribs and sides. Sam shrieked, and his legs kicked as he renewed his attempt to get free or block the tickles. However, Taylor's strength was outlasting Sam's.

"I think I know where the button is." Taylor licked his lips and glared down at his lover.

"Fuck, you wouldn't dare..." The next thing out of Sam's mouth were squeals and pleas as Taylor's index finger drilled and twisted in and out of his deep cavernous belly button. The brunet's body jumped and thrashed like it was being electrocuted. "Okay...okay, you found the reset button." He squealed and screeched as his breathing returned to normal. He looked up into Taylor's sparkling eyes.

"Daddy wins again." He stuck his tongue out at his mate. "Just wait, Daddy-Tay, I'm gonna drink my milk and get big and strong like you." Sam pouted but couldn't keep it up because of his constant giggles.

Taylor released Sam's wrists and wrapped the younger man in his muscled arms. "You, my sweet boy, are the sexiest guy I've ever met." He paused and kissed Sam's soft lips. "You're mine, Sam Miller." He giggled and squirmed when his mate's fingers lightly tickled his back. "Careful, baby boy. I can still tickle you into oblivion."

Sam giggled and smirked. "If you get the chance."

The brunet grinned and moved before the other man was ready. Sam tackled his more muscular lover and launched a tickle attack on Taylor's ribs and sides. At the same time, he leaned over and blew raspberries on the chiseled eight-pack abs. Taylor's screeches and cackling reverberated off the walls. His muscles were no match for Sam's retaliation. His powerfully muscular legs kicked and pushed against the bed. Sam licked his lips, and he grabbed one of his lover's flailing feet and nibbled his olive-like toes as his fingers skittered along the soft creamy arches.

"Shit not the feeeetttttt Sammmyyyy." Taylor squealed.

"Ya give up, big guy?" Sam smirked.

"I give. You win, for now, baby boy."

Sam yelped. He jumped off the bed and ran to the bathroom. Taylor shook his head and laughed like crazy.

"Umm, are you okay, Sammy?" Taylor asked through his giggling.

Sam's face appeared around the door with a sheepish expression after the toilet flushed. "Umm, I almost peed the bed." He giggled.

Taylor's head flew back, and his boisterous laughter filled the room. "Do you need depends already, sweet boy?" The redhead doubled over his arm, covering his stomach as he wildly laughed when his mate flipped him the bird.

After starting breakfast and a cup of coffee, Taylor and Sam quietly opened Devon's bedroom door. It had been a week since the boys asked their Dads if they could share Devon's bedroom. They looked at each other and smiled. Sam pulled his phone out and snapped a picture of Devon and Cillian sleeping peacefully in one another's arms.

"They look like a miniature version of us, don't they?" Taylor asked as he wiped his tears and kissed his slightly shorter lover.

"Tay, I love these boys more than living. I hope we can give them everything they need to be happy and successful." Sam leaned into his mate and wrapped the man's arms around him.

Taylor leaned his head down and kissed Sam's hair. "Baby boy, we already do that for them. They're more loving and accepting of others than most people older than us."

Sam smirked as he looked up at Taylor. "Older than you, they must be senior citizens." He giggled and covered his mouth as his ass was smacked.

"You're going down when you least expect it, funny boy," Taylor growled.

The couple crept into the room, and Sam walked over to the windows. He opened the curtains and the sliding panes, letting the warm ocean breeze into the boy's room. He chuckled when he saw Taylor holding the boy's socks away from his nose, putting them in the hamper in the closet.

"I'm always reminded how smelly teen boys are, even gay teen boys," Taylor whispered as he fanned in front of his nose.

Sam fought like crazy to not break out laughing as he nodded his agreement. The brunet leaned down and kissed Devon's and Cillian's heads. "Good morning sweet boys." He softly whispered.

Devon and Cillian both started crawling further into the covers. Suddenly, a stuffed Snoopy and Woodstock popped out from under the covers and their noses started pecking at Sam's hand. This was followed by soft teenage giggles.

"Hmm, looks like I'll have to go through the guard dog and bird."

Sam chuckled as he tickled Devon and Cillian through the blankets. The teen's high-pitched laughter and squeals were music to their Dad's ears. The lumps under the blankets were alive and wriggling left and right.

Taylor gasped in mock surprise. "What's this sticking out over the edge?" The redhead giggled and grabbed hold of Devon's foot. He lightly scribbled his fingers along the soft wrinkled sole.

"Eeeekkkk not the foot, Daaaaadddddyyyyy-TTTTaaaayyyy." Devon's shrieks floated along with the morning breeze.

Sam giggled and found Cillian's foot and matched his mate's tickles. Soon, both boys were squealing their surrenders and announcing they were awake. The two Dads ceased the morning tickle ritual. The teens playfully growled and the covers flew back as they pounced on the older men, tickling them wherever they could reach before getting overpowered and tickled into surrender a second time. Once the tickle wake-up was finished, the two boys jumped up, kissed their Dads, and ran to the bathroom. Leaving Sam and Taylor chuckling and shaking their heads. The door opened and two smiling teen boys ran at and pounced on their two Dads. The boys giggled and tickled the older men as they all cuddled together. Finally, the four of them fell back on the bed, catching their breath.

"I love you, Daddy's" Devon said as he cuddled hard into Taylor's chest. The brunet teen smiled and kissed the redhead's cheek.

"I love you both, too," Cillian said as he kissed Sam's cheek.

"We love you, boys, too." Sam and Taylor responded in unison as they wiped their tears and shared a group hug with the boys.

"C'mon guys, let's go eat," Sam said.

The brunet giggled and hefted Cillian over his shoulder. Taylor did the same with Devon and they carried the giggling boys downstairs into the kitchen. They sat the teens on the floor and worked together to serve the food. Devon and Cillian got the glasses, and silverware on the table. Sam, plated the food and placed it in front of the teens and then Taylor's and his chairs, and Taylor got the juice, milk, and poured coffee.

"Umm, who's moving in next door?" Cillian asked as he sipped his grape juice.

Taylor and Sam looked at one another and shrugged their shoulders.

Devon narrowed his eyes and looked at the two men. "Daddy's you guys know something, don't you?"

The men chuckled and started finding their plates very interesting.

"We can tickle you two until you tell us." Cillian giggled when Sam and Taylor growled at him.

"Try it kiddo, and you'll regret it," Sam said trying to be menacing.

Taylor, Devon, and Cillian looked at each other then burst into wild laughter. Their laughter increased when they saw Sam's pout.

Taylor shook his head and leaned over to kiss his mate. "Babe, you're a great businessman, exceptionally loving partner, and father, but you're just too adorably cute to ever be menacing to anyone who really knows you."

"Yeah, Daddy, if we were strangers, you'd be able to pull off the menacing thing, but you're just too much of a big kid for us to be scared of you." Devon said, wearing his most angelic facial expression.

"You're all sooo not getting any chocolate cake." Sam pouted.

"We love you, Daddy/Daddy Sam." Devon and Cillian smiled like angels as they got on both sides of Sam. They gave him a double hug and kiss then giggled as they tickled his sides. The kitchen filled with the sound of happy laughter from the family unit as everyone went back to eating.

"I hope the new neighbors are gonna be cool people. We've really lucked out in that department. People around here have been pretty nice and accepting of us." Sam commented.

"I hope the kids are nice if they've got 'em," Cillian said after swallowing his last bite of sausage.
The family cleared the table. Taylor and Sam cleaned up the kitchen as the boys went to get ready to go play outside. Cillian happened to be looking out of the window when he saw the moving van drive up to the house across the street. His eyes widened when a familiar car parked on the street in front of the house. The redhead squealed and jumped up as he ran to the kitchen. "Dad's, you'll never guess who's moving in."

Taylor and Sam giggled at the boy's excitement. "Get Devie, and be careful crossing the street, baby boy," Sam said as he and Taylor kissed the teen.

"DEVIE, c'mon, ya gotta meet the neighbors. You're gonna love 'em and get a new brother and two new uncles." Cillian hollered.

Taylor and Sam flinched every time the pounding of fourteen-year-old feet sounded on the floor and steps.

"Babe, We should just hire the boys to do the reno. The way they run around the house will cave in." Sam giggled as his neck was nuzzled by Taylor's nose.

"We've got a growing family. I loved the excitement in Cillie's eyes." Taylor paused. "Ya know, you're gonna be Uncle Sam." Taylor giggled boyishly.

"What's so funny?" Sam asked.

"Uncle Sam." Taylor paused. "We'll have to get you the American flag-colored hat, jacket, and glasses."

The two men cackled as they finished cleaning up the kitchen.

This family is just too adorable. I love their dynamics. Taylor and Sam are the perfect doting and playful Dads. 

Copyright © 2022 Ajbt2001; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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Awesome chapter. It's great that the two families bonded so well. Both couples love there tickle times. They make zero great family unit.

Look forward to meeting the new neighbours.

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40 minutes ago, chris191070 said:

Awesome chapter. It's great that the two families bonded so well. Both couples love there tickle times. They make zero great family unit.

Look forward to meeting the new neighbours.

Taylor and Sam's dynamic is awesome. I love the joking and playfulness between them. I loved the image of Snoopy and Woodstock popping up from under the covers. LOL

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Beautiful chapter! I too love the playfulness of all of them. Can't wait to meet the new family either. By the way I too have Snoopy and Woodstock. Love the Charlie Brown characters.

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11 minutes ago, BoyLove said:

Beautiful chapter! I too love the playfulness of all of them. Can't wait to meet the new family either. By the way I too have Snoopy and Woodstock. Love the Charlie Brown characters.

*Hugging @BoyLove and @chris191070* I'm about to start the next chapter sometime today. :) 

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