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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

A New Family Unit - 5. Wrinkles To Iron

Sam and Taylor face their first upset.

***Two Weeks Earlier***


Chris, Zach, & Justin

"Daddy, Uncle Tee's on the phone."

Zach Winters-Love giggled and shook his head when he heard his thirteen-year-old son, Justin, yell down the stairs. The thirty-one-year-old and his husband, thirty-four-year-old Chris, constantly told the boy not to holler. "I guess it'll sink in before he moves out." The redhead muttered to himself. "Thank you, Justy," Zach said after picking up the phone in his office. He smiled when he heard his older brother chuckling. "Hey, big bro. How's it going?"

"It's good, Zee. Cillie and I miss you guys."

"How's the new place working out?" Zach asked as he clicked on a couple of options on his laptop screen. He worked freelance, gathering information for different organizations running background checks.

"Bro, it's more than amazing."

Zach got up and got comfortable on the couch when he heard his older brother sniffling. "Alright, Tay, spill." He said as he stretched out across the soft leather cushions. Zach's size ten and a half sock-clad feet rested on the arm of the furniture. His toes slightly wiggled in the white and grey ankle socks.

"I'm pretty sure I've found "The One."

Zach's eyes popped open, and he almost coughed himself to death.

"Bro, are you okay?"

"I'm...fine, Tay." Zach composed himself just as someone knocked on the door. "Come in."

"Dad, can I go to the library?" Justin asked as he walked into the office and jumped on Zach's lap. He giggled and lightly tickled his Dad's sock-clad soles.

"Hey, kiiiidddddddoooo not the ffffffeeeeettttt." Zach squealed as he wriggled and pumped his legs, trying to avoid his teen's ticklish onslaught.

"Don't forget the toes, Justy."

"I'm sooo gonna hurt you, Tay." Zach threatened between his giggling.

"I'll get them next time, Uncle Tee." Justin jumped and squealed as his Dad's fingers latched onto his sides and squeezed. The brunet youth fell back against Zach's chest and was wrapped in the man's toned arms. He squirmed and boyishly giggled as into yelling out his submission.

Zach giggled and cuddled his giggly teenager. "And, Daddy wins another tickle fight." The redhead kissed his fourteen-year-old and hugged him tightly. "Go on, baby boy. Have fun, and make sure you don't cross the street without a green light."

Justin giggled and kissed his Dad's cheek. "Love ya, Uncle Tee. I love ya too, Daddy. I'll be real careful." The teen squealed when his butt was playfully smacked as he left the room.

"Alright, Tay, now tell me everything." Zach relaxed as his brother told him about the last two weeks. The redhead stayed silent, listening carefully. "He's younger than me? Isn't that like robbing the cradle or something? You're like what, fifty?" Zach giggled as Taylor threatened him with a massive tickle attack.

The younger man calmed down until the next outburst a few minutes later when he learned Sam's last name. "D...Did you say, Sam Miller?" The color drained from Zach's face. He got up, opened a locked cabinet above his desk, and pulled out a bourbon glass and a seventy-five percent full bottle of Jim Beam. The redhead poured himself a double shot and started sipping. "Bro, I need to tell you something that I hope won't screw up your family, and I hope you'll still love me afterward." Zach sighed heavily and explained everything from a couple of years ago. By the time the call ended, both Taylor and Zach were sobbing and unsure of what was gonna happen with the newly formed family and budding relationship.

Sam & Taylor

Taylor was still distraught when Sam got home. He was just thankful the boys were at a sleepover for the entire weekend.

As soon as he laid eyes on Taylor, Sam wrapped his arms around his emotional boyfriend. "Tay, what's wrong?" He paused and gazed into his man's eyes. "It's not the boys, is it?"

"No, they're at a sleepover for the weekend," Taylor said as he melted into Sam's embrace and sighed. "I talked to Zach today."

"Is their family okay? They're still moving across the street, aren't they?"

Taylor nodded and slowly hung his head. "You know my brother's names are Zach and Chris. I never told you their last name.

Sam sat at Taylor's feet. He put them in his lap and gently massaged the meaty soles and toes. Taylor started softly giggling and moaning as his feet and toes flexed and curled.

"Why is their last name important, babe?" Sam asked, then leaned his head down and kissed every one of Taylor's plump toes.

"Because you met them before, and it wasn't a good meeting." Taylor paused. "Damn, I hope we're still a family after this." He sobbed. "My brothers are Zach and Chris Love."

Sam jumped up and started pacing the floor. "I don't freakin' believe it. I almost lost my reputation and Devie because of those bastards and that Godamned so-called "gut feeling" they got."

Taylor gasped. "What are you talking about? Zach told me I needed to ask you, that he and Chris couldn't talk about it."

"Of course, they can't. They'd face jail time if they did. I had to sue them for damages to my reputation and then made them sign a nondisclosure agreement after they fuckin' retracted every damned lie they told."

Sam was fuming and hollering. His face was so red that Taylor thought he was gonna stroke out.
"Please, calm down, babe. Tell me what happened."

Sam sighed and did as requested. "It was close to four years ago. I was dating this guy, and I'd just started working at a security firm. It turned out my boyfriend was into selling kids into prostitution, and unfortunately, I was unknowingly guarding the building they worked and filmed at. The night the cops conducted a raid, I was on duty. That's when I found out my boyfriend was there and that he was the head honcho. He threw me under the bus as a scapegoat, and I got arrested and charged with all kinds of things from child porn to indecent liberties with minors."

Sam had to pause and wipe his tears. Taylor sat with his mouth hanging open.

"Well, finally, I was released after the police verified my employment and that I had no personal connection with the ring, except for making the bad decision of dating the leader."

Sam's eyes darkened so did his mood. Taylor was getting nervous. He hadn't seen Sam when he was pissed off.

"What did my brothers have to do with all of this?"

"Oh, your...no offense. Your fuckin' brother Chris worked for social services and had that fuckin' bitch of his Zach look into my background. They found the sealed court case that involved Davie's birth. They couldn't get it unsealed, and Chris launched a fucking witch hunt determined to get Devon taken from me. I had to move after he told the neighbors I was selling my kid into prostitution, and he was gathering evidence to take Devon."

Taylor was torn. He was livid at Sam for talking about his family in those terms, but he had no idea his brothers acted so unprofessionally. "Please, continue."

"It wasn't until I gathered concrete evidence and cleared my name that those incompetent overzealous bastards backed off. However, by then, the damage was done. The house I rented was vandalized. I got shot at by the neighbors, and my landlords threw Devie and me out on the street. I also had to find a new job. So, I sued Zach and Chris for personal damages. Unfortunately, the fuckin' cowards hid behind the guise of just doing their job. So I was only awarded the nondisclosure agreement. They even had the nerve to come here and apologize, which I would've accepted if they hadn't been such bitch asses and said that mistakes were made. I punched Chris in the jaw and told them never to come here again, or I'd have them arrested for harassment and trespassing."

Taylor got up, kissed Sam, and stared into his eyes. "I'm not saying I don't believe you, but I need to call my brothers." He paused. "Sam, I need to ask this…"

Sam put his hand up. "I love you, Taylor. I'm pretty sure we're gonna get married, and I'll be related to Zach and Chris. I promise I'll be civil toward them and maybe give them a chance. I may just need some time. I'm not gonna dissuade Devon from getting to know his Uncles, Chris and Zach. Just don't expect me to be as cuddly with them."

Taylor was shocked. He didn't think he could be as gracious as his mate if he'd gone through what Sam had. "That's all I can ask, love. I'll be back."

"I need to get some air. I'm going for a run on the beach." Sam got up and kissed Taylor. "I'm sorry for dampening the mood. I love you."

"I love you too, baby boy. Don't forget your phone."

Taylor walked into the bedroom and called his brothers. He told them what Sam said about the bad blood between them. His brothers didn't deny or try to defend their actions. They both profusely apologized for the way they handled the situation. After cussing them out left and right, Taylor told them he still loved them and that he'd try to get Sam to come around to possibly forging a brotherly relationship with them.

***One Week Earlier***

Sam, Chris, & Zach

Sam had just gotten out of the shower. The brunet didn't really know what to do. He actually had the day to himself. He went and gathered the laundry, sorted it, and started a load of wash. Then Sam got the vacuum and cleaned the entire house. After he'd folded the first load, the phone rang.


"Hi! May I speak with Sam Miller?"


"Sam, please don't hang up right away."

"I make no promises, but I'll be open-minded. What can I do for you?"

"This is Zach Love."

When he heard the name, Sam's first instinct was to slam the phone down. However, the brunet shook his head and sighed. "Go on."

"Chris and I are still haunted by what we did in the past. We wondered if you'd agree to meet us for coffee later today."

Sam was about to tell Zach to go to hell, but he thought better of it. He felt like it'd make him a hypocrite since he's always telling Devie and Cillie the importance of forgiveness and how people can make mistakes and change. "When and where?" He got his GPS and typed in the address. "I'll see you guys in twenty minutes." Sam did slam the phone down. He knew it was childish, but it gave him personal satisfaction.

Chris and Zach arrived first and were nervous as hell. They knew Taylor asked them not to step in, but the couple truly wanted to try and at least explain their frame of mind at the time. Sam walked into the coffee shop. He went up to the counter and ordered a mocha cappuccino and a couple of pumpkin bread muffins.

The brunet looked around and immediately recognized Zach and Chris. They hadn't noticed his presence yet. Part of him wanted to go up, slap the fuck outta them and walk off, another part wanted to throw the drink in their faces and smash the muffins against their noses, and a final part just wanted to leave. However, he knew that wouldn't solve anything and only make things worse.

Sam walked up to the table and pulled out a chair after setting his food and cappuccino on the wooden surface. The silence between the three men was deafening. Finally, Sam broke the heaviness hanging over them. "So, are we just gonna sit here? I could do that at home and not have spent money." Despite his feelings, he couldn't help boyishly giggling. "I wish you two could see your faces right now." He was so amused by the expressions he doubled over, giggling and tearing up.

Zach and Chris looked at each other, and the next thing they knew, they were giggling just as bad as their tablemate. "You sure know how to break the ice, Sam," Zach said between his giggles.

"Well, someone had to. Otherwise, we'd be here till hell freezes over, and I've got laundry to fold." Sam genuinely smiled and shook his head. "Seriously, we need to talk and attempt to clear the air. If not for ourselves, then for our boys and Taylor. I can tell he's been torn apart by our past, and I can't do that to him. I love that man too much to watch him suffer." Sam tried to turn away before the other two men saw his tears, but he wasn't fast enough.

Zach and Chris were wiping their tears and nodding their agreement. "Sam, we can't tell you how bad we've felt. It's no excuse, but there was a reason we didn't want to believe that you were completely innocent and unattached to the entire situation." Chris said.

"Go on."

Zach sighed. "We'd just lost Justin to his birth family. The judge wanted to give the bastards who'd beaten their kid for being gay a second chance."

Sam's eyes widened, and he gasped.

Chris wiped his eyes. "The judge's decision almost cost Justin his life. His parents went right back to abusing him. One night he called us from the hospital. He'd been thrown out of a second-story window, and luckily he didn't break his phone and called nine-one-one."

Sam started openly crying. "That poor boy. He's okay now, right?"

"Yes, luckily, he just sustained a broken arm and scratches. A bush broke his fall." Zach said as he held Chris's hand, and they gestured to Sam.

He looked at the extended arms and grasped the open hands. "I'm so sorry to hear that about your son." He paused. "Not to sound inconsiderate or rude, but what did that have to do with me? I wasn't his parent."

Zach and Chris looked at one another. "We were jaded against anyone charged with child abuse, neglect, or molestation of a minor. We took our frustrations out on you, and you didn't deserve it. You're one of the good guys, and we didn't see it. That's why we came and gave you that half-assed apology. We were forced to by social services and resented that we had to do it."

Sam closed his eyes. "Did you guys ever get the case involving Devie's birth unsealed?"

The couple looked at one another in shock. "No!" They answered in unison.

"I was fifteen, and my parents did everything they could do to turn me straight. I was beaten in the head with a shoe. They made me have sex with the preacher's wife. She got pregnant, and they were gonna give the baby up for adoption. I didn't want my son raised by strangers, no matter the circumstances behind his birth. So, I made a deal with them and my parents."

Zach and Chris wiped their tears. "What was the deal?"

"That I got to keep my son. Raising him without their interference. I was to be given full custody, allowed to stay at home till I could support my family, and in return, I wouldn't turn them in for rape." Sam had to stop. He was getting choked up.

Zach and Chris got up out of their seats and approached the younger man. "Can we hug you?"

Without hesitation, Sam nodded. He gasped as the couple wrapped him in their arms, filling him with love and support. "Ya know, you guys give amazing hugs." He giggled and returned the affection.

"It may be too soon, but we'd love to be your big brothers and the best Uncles in the world to Devon."

"I know Devie would love that." Sam smiled as he wiped his tears.

"What about you?" Chris asked with his hand on Sam's shoulder.

"I'm always preaching to Devie about being able to forgive and love those who have hurt you. I've never been the "do as I say, not as I do" kind of parent, and I'm not about to start." He paused. "I guess I've got two new older brothers to get to know." Sam got up and hugged his new brothers. "I've got to get back home." He paused and kissed both Chris and Zach on the cheek, then hugged them again. "You're welcome in our home anytime."

Zach and Chris smiled and returned Sam's affection.

"Hey, babe. Where ya been?" Taylor asked when Sam walked in the door.

Sam smiled and hugged his mate. "I was at a coffee shop, meeting my new brothers." He giggled and ran to the bedroom with Taylor hot on his heels.

"I'm sooo tickling this story outta you, baby boy."

Wow! Talk about an emotional experience. I'm glad Sam found it in himself to forgive Zach and Chris, and that they were able to explain themselves and try to make things right for the sake of the family. 

Thanks for reading, reacting, and commenting.

Love y'all

Copyright © 2022 Ajbt2001; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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Posted (edited)

Great chapter. Love the new family, Zach, Chris and Justin. It's great that they already know Taylor as he's family.

The  circumstances of how they knew Sam were unfortunate, but at least they have been able to clear the air.

I think the two families are going to be great for each other.

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9 minutes ago, chris191070 said:

Great chapter. Love the new family, Zach, Chris and Justin. It's great that they already know Taylor as he's family.

The  circumstances of how they knew Sam were unfortunate, but at least they have been able to clear the air.

I think the two families are going to be great for each other.

Sam may find a way to get some ticklish retribution at some point. :P 

I was going crazy trying to figure out how to explain the bad blood between Sam and the Love's. 

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Wow! This chapter kind of brought out several emotions. Anger, sadness, and happiness. You are an excellent writer, who can say so much with just a few words. At least the anger is a part of the past now, and they can grow into a wonderful family.

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2 hours ago, BoyLove said:

Wow! This chapter kind of brought out several emotions. Anger, sadness, and happiness. You are an excellent writer, who can say so much with just a few words. At least the anger is a part of the past now, and they can grow into a wonderful family.


I do appreciate your words, @BoyLove I try to get a good balance of fun, playfulness, and emotional scenes to mirror real life, even if the situations don't. :) 

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