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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

A New Family Unit - 6. The Family Grows

The family gets to enjoy some playful time together and have some serious discussions. :) 

The Family

Justin looked around the neighborhood as he got out of the car. The teen pulled his backpack from the seat and walked towards the front door. He was completely unaware of the redheaded teen running across the street, straight at him. Zach and Chris stood by the truck and giggled as they watched the unfolding scene.

The brunet heard something behind him and turned around just in time to be tackled to the ground.

"Justy!" Cillian squealed and giggled as he kissed his brother/cousin. "I missed ya, Brocuz."

Justin giggled as he hugged and kissed the adorable red-haired teen. "I love ya and missed ya too, Cillie."

Devon finally caught up to Cillian. He stood to the side, watching the joyful and cute reunion. Zach and Chris chuckled and kissed each other. The pair calmed down, helped one another to their feet, and shared another hug and kiss.

"Uncle Chris, Uncle Zach!" Cillian giggled and jumped on Zach.

The redhead grunted and had to catch himself and his nephew from falling. The two smiled and shared a loving embrace and kiss before he passed Cillian to Chris.

Once he was back on his feet, the teen dragged his Uncles over to Devon. "Devie, this is your new Brocuz, Justin." Cillian pointed to the slightly shy teen. Then he pointed out his Uncles.

"So, you're my new Uncles, huh?" Devon asked as he walked around the two men. His index finger and thumb rested on his chin as if he was examining them and in deep thought. "Hmm, yes! Yes, good muscle tone on both of you. You're good-looking and appear youthful enough to keep up with a Devie." He paused and stood behind the chuckling older men. The teen smirked. "There's just one last thing to find out." He reached out and tickled both men on their sides.

Chris and Zach instantly started giggling and doubling over as they squirmed and finally got free from the teen's sneak attack. The men composed themselves and playfully growled at the fourteen-year-old. They surrounded the giggling youth and launched a united tickle attack on both sides, causing Devon's squeals and boisterous laughter. Cillian and Justin giggled and jumped on the adults trying to give the ticklish brunet a fighting chance.

"I don't know who's worse, the boys or the bigger boys." Taylor chuckled as he and Sam approached the pile of arms and legs fighting for victory.

Sam giggled. "I don't know either, but I'm having some fun."

Taylor cackled as the giddy brunet jumped into the fray. The sounds of teenage and grown male laughter filled the afternoon air. Finally, everyone started tiring out and was sweaty and panting heavily.

"I see I'm the only mature and clean one of all you kids." The group of six on the ground looked at each other, then glared at him. "Oh shit!" Taylor said as he took off running.

"Get 'em!" Sam shouted.

The group got to their feet and chased after the only clean adult of the bunch. After a minute or two, they caught up with Taylor. Sam made a flying leap and caught the retreating man's legs, taking him down so the other could pounce and tickle him. Soon the seven newly formed family members were covered in dirt and grass stains.

"How'd this pile start anyway?" Sam asked as he helped his mate to his feet. He yelped and boyishly squealed as Taylor hefted him over his shoulder and tickled his sides. "Soooo not fair, TTTTaaaaaaaayyyyyy." The wriggling brunet screeched.

The other six were having a great laugh, watching the new couple's playful antics. Taylor chuckled and set his giggling man on his feet. He turned to walk back but was suddenly lifted off the ground and found himself in the same position over Sam's shoulder. Zach and Chris gasped cause they'd never seen someone able to lift Taylor that easily. The slightly shorter man tickled his trapped mate into hysterics. After a minute, Taylor was back on his feet and giving Sam a piggyback ride. They both wore huge smiles.

"Umm, I kinda started the pile, Daddy." Devon giggled and jumped onto Zach's back.

"Yeah, our adorable new nephew decided to tickle his Uncles." Zach giggled and tickled the back of Devon's knees, causing the teen to squeal and kick his legs.

Chris was loving life with Cillian on his back.

Sam jumped down from Taylor's back and ran up behind Justin. He giggled when the teen yelped as he was lifted off the ground and placed on the brunet's shoulders. "So, you're my new nephew, huh?"

Justin squirmed and giggled as he rode on the group's second tallest man's shoulders. "Yep, and you're my Uncle Sam?" As soon as he said Uncle Sam, the teen started giggling.

Sam giggled along with the youth. "What's so funny, baby boy?"

"You're Uncle Sam, like the old guy on the posters."

"Told ya, babe." Taylor chuckled.

Sam stopped and lowered the still giggly teen to the ground. Sam knelt down and stared into Justin's eyes. "I want you to know I love you, Justin. You've got your amazing Dads and an incredible Uncle Taylor looking out for you and protecting you, but you can come to me too. No matter the reason, I'll never turn you away or not love you." Sam paused and wiped his eyes as the teen smiled and gave him a loving hug and kiss.

The others wiped their eyes as they watched the touching scene. Zach and Chris took the time to tell Devon the same thing. Sam looked at the other adults and smirked.

"Justin, did you know there's an Uncle handbook?"

The teen shook his head. "Nope."

"Well, there is, and ya wanna know what the first rule is?" Sam giggled boyishly as his nephew eagerly nodded his head. "The first rule is, make sure there are lots and lots of love, hugs, and kisses, no matter how old your nephew or niece gets."

Justin smiled and giggled as he was pulled into a loving embrace and kissed by the older man. "What's the second rule, Uncle Sam." Just like before, the brunet started giggling.

Sam shook his head and smiled. "You're gonna giggle every time you say, Uncle Sam, aren't you?" This time, both Uncle and nephew were giggling.

"Yup!" Justin managed to say between his giggles.

"The second rule of the Uncle handbook is knowing where the tickle spots are." Sam grabbed Justin's waist and threw the teen over his shoulder. He lightly smacked the boy's ass and then tickled him into hysterics.

"Sooooo not fair, Uuunnnnccccllleeeee Ssssaaaaammmm" Justin's high-pitched squeals made everyone chuckle as they enjoyed the company and playtime.

As soon as Zach set Devon back on the ground, He was tackled by his older brother, and given the massive tickle attack, Taylor threatened him with a couple of weeks prior. Of course, this sparked another fun and laughter-filled family tickle fight pileup.

The four adults and three teens made quick work of unpacking the moving van and car. They got the boxes and furniture moved in and worked together to set up the new family member's rental house. The teens got everything set up in Justin's room, and the adults worked downstairs. Zach, Chris, and Taylor flopped down on the couch while Sam went upstairs to tell the boys he was going on a pizza run. He came back downstairs with the trio of teens wanting to go for a ride. The adults shook their heads and doubled over, laughing as Sam acted like the Pied Piper. The silly brunet played an invisible flute as he leaped, skipped, and danced in front of the line of giggly teens, leading them out of the house.

"Sam's freakin' amazing with the kids. I'm still in awe of how he immediately took to Justin." Zach smiled and sipped his beer.

"You're just as amazing, baby bro." Taylor gushed. "I loved seeing you and Chris playing with and treating Devie like he was your own kid."

Zach and Chris smiled. "That boy's just like his Dad. How are you enjoying having two kids?" Chris asked.

"I've got two teens and a big overgrown boy, who just played an invisible flute and danced out of this house with three teens following in a straight line." Taylor chuckled. "Devie's an amazing son. I love seeing him and Cillie growing closer."

"Umm, have you and Sam talked to them about sex with each other?" Zach asked.

"In general terms, yes. Both are still virgins and have said they plan to stay that way until they're ready to advance to the more physical aspect of the relationship."

Zach and Chris stared open-mouthed at their brother. "Seriously?" They asked in unison, which caused Taylor to crack up laughing as he nodded his head.

Zach was about to say something else when he squeaked and jumped. The thirty-one-year-old redhead giggled and scrunched his sock-clad toes. "Babe."

Chris chuckled and leaned his head down. He kissed Zach's toes through his socks. The younger man's socks were thin, tan, and decorated with green palm trees. Zach smirked as he ran his fingernail up and down the older man's white ankle sock-clad soles. Chris instantly jerked his foot back, giggled, and rubbed his ticklish sole.

Taylor loved seeing his best friend, turned brother-in-law, and his baby brother playing together. "You two are just as cute and playful as Sam and me."

Zach closed his eyes and sighed. "Umm, I don't wanna bring the mood down, but Mom and Dad are back from their three-month stay in Europe. They've said they want to have their twice a year visit with us."

"Fuck! I totally forgot about them." Taylor closed his eyes and sighed. "What the fuck am I gonna do about Sam and Devie, and how am I gonna explain them?"

"I don't know, bro. We were thinking the same thing about Justin. I just wish they weren't so draconian in their beliefs about kids." Zach wiped his tears and leaned his head on Chris's shoulder. "We were lucky to have each other. Me more than you, Tay. You always took the brunt of their discipline so I wouldn't get it as bad."

Taylor shook his head, trying to dislodge the memory. "Yeah, and we were always able to find a place for the boys to go so they wouldn't have to be around them that much." He paused. "I know one thing, Sam's not gonna be like us and hide the kids away or send them to a friend's house."

"Well, we've got a week to figure out something. Maybe Sam can take the boys down to the water or to a park or something, just till the visit and dinner is over?" Chris offered.

"I don't want it to seem like I'm ashamed of my soulmate, Chris." Taylor sighed. "We'll just have to deal with whatever happens and hope for the best. I'm not afraid of Mom and Dad anymore, and I'm not hiding my family from them. Frankly, I don't need them in my life."

Zach got up and sat in his older brother's lap, cuddling against him as he did as a little boy. "As long as I've got you, my husband, new younger brother, Justin, Devie, and Cillie, I've got all I need."

"I agree with Zach, Bro. This is all the family I need." Chris sat beside Taylor, hugging and cuddling his friend and brother.

Sam & Taylor

Taylor and Sam lay beside one another, coming down and reviving from a particularly rousing and satisfying love-making session. Sam turned his head and kissed his mate. Taylor grinned and lightly tickled the underside of the brunet's arms. Sam's high-pitched boyish squeals filled the room and floated out the windows with the ocean breeze. The younger man's body wriggled, and he tried to bring his arm down, but Taylor had them pinned and immobile. After letting go of the boyishly giggly man, the redhead wrapped his lover in his strong embrace.

He didn't want to break their loving and fun mood, but Taylor couldn't hold off on telling Sam about the predicament. "Sammer, we need to discuss something."

Sam changed positions and wrapped his man's arms around him. He laid his head on Taylor's chest and kissed his nipples. Sam softly giggled when his mate sharply inhaled, and his body shivered. Taylor's nipples were very sensitive, and Sam loved exploiting them. "What's on your mind, love?"

Taylor took a deep breath. "Mom and Dad have returned from their vacation in Europe. My brothers and I don't see them except twice a year, and we do our best to keep the boys from having to spend much time around them." He paused, and when Sam bolted up and stared at him, he placed his hand on his lover's shoulder. "Zach, Chris, and I had a brief discussion while you were on the pizza run. Chris suggested that maybe you could take the three boys to the beachfront or a park or something until the visit and dinner are over."

Sam's tears dripped down his cheeks. "Are you guys ashamed of Dev and me?" The brunet started to get out of bed, but Taylor's hand on his arm stopped him.

"Baby boy, please, don't leave. No, we're very proud to have you and Devie as our family. I'm more than proud of you. It's just Mom and Dad are very old-fashioned about kids. They believe kids are to be seen and not heard, and they're very strict in discipline. That's not our way of parenting, and we never liked the way Mom and Dad talked down to or about the boys. So, we worked to have them elsewhere to keep the peace. However, I told Chris and Zach, I'm not keeping you or Dev a secret and that maybe it's time to just deal with whatever happens and hope for the best." He paused and wiped Sam's tears. "Babe, Zach, and Chris agreed with me as long as the three of us have you and our boys in our lives, we don't give a damn about whether our parents approve or are involved." He wiped his tears and passionately kissed his mate. "I love you, Sam Miller."

"I love you too, Taylor Winters."


I loved seeing this family mold together and share their playtime. The Dads are just as fun as their boys and don't mind getting down in the dirt with them, especially Sam. Hehe He and Zach are the biggest kids of the adults, especially since they're the youngest. LOL

Thanks for reading, reacting, and commenting

Love, y'all

Copyright © 2022 Ajbt2001; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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Great chapter. Great to see the families bonding and enjoying time together.

The parents of Zach and Taylor, sound a right bundle of fun. Should be interesting when they meet there grandchildren.

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Just now, chris191070 said:

Great chapter. Great to see the families bonding and enjoying time together.

The parents of Zach and Taylor, sound a right bundle of fun. Should be interesting when they meet there grandchildren.

It's up in the air. :P I loved seeing Sam acting like the Pied Piper, it solidified his place as a big kid. LOL And Devie performing his Uncle assessment and acting scientific. LOL

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I guess there is going to be some serious drama when grandparents meet the grandkids! Hope grandparents get put in there place.😂 Love seeing the way all of those present are able to interact with each other and know that they can talk about anything and everything without fear of rejection.

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6 hours ago, BoyLove said:

I guess there is going to be some serious drama when grandparents meet the grandkids! Hope grandparents get put in there place.😂 Love seeing the way all of those present are able to interact with each other and know that they can talk about anything and everything without fear of rejection.


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