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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

A Ticklish Thriller (Revised) - 15. Housewarming & Release Party

The calendars are finished, and ready for release. So is the work on Mikey's house. Mikey and Dakota throw a combined housewarming/release party at the newly renovated home.

Mikey & Dakota

A few days before the photoshoot, Mikey and Dakota went to the court and had Dakota's name added to the deed. Then a week after the shoot, the house was ready to occupy. They bought new furniture, including a king-sized bed for their renovated and enlarged bedroom. Now that Dakota was living with him, The men changed the home's layout. The pair enlarged their bedroom, closet, and bathroom. They had a concave, with a window built into the living room on the wall facing East. This was where the altar for Dakota's parent's urns was placed. The couple chose a pair of comfortable chairs to sit in when talking to the spirits of his late parents or meditating.

They were in the middle of taking a break when Dakota noticed some boxes that looked like they had artwork in them. "Hey, angel boy."

"What's up, sexy Warrior?" Mikey asked as he pulled Dakota's muscular arms over his shoulders, then kissed and sucked the man's long fingers.

Dakota softly giggled because Mikey's tongue and suckling on his fingers tickled like crazy. "What's in the boxes? I don't remember getting any artwork." The half Indian smirked and launched his own playful attack of sensual tickles. The brunet leaned his head down and to the side. He lightly blew on Mikey's neck, and then he very gently nibbled on the younger man's earlobes.

Mikey's back arched as he sucked in air between his teeth as his soft boyish giggles floated their way up to his mate's ears. "Kooootttttaaaa." The brunet squealed as he slightly wriggled side to side and tried to scrunch his neck, only to get the same treatment on the other side. "It's a surprise for you and our brothers."

Dakota narrowed his eyes and stared into his boy's eyes. "A secret? You couldn't even tell me?" Dakota licked his lips. "Pale face angel boy must reveal great secret. Cherokee warrior knows ways to make little boy talk." Dakota smirked and started lightly wiggling his fingers between Mikey's ribs.

Instantly, the less muscular brunet's squeals filled the newly furnished living space. His attempts to escape proved ineffective as he squirmed and kicked. Mikey’s head thrust back and forth as he bent forward, then side to side. "You're cheating." He managed to screech.

"Tickly pale face adorably cute boy must give in to superior Warrior." Dakota giggled and moved his ticklish assault to the damp armpit hollows.

Mikey's eyes squeezed shut as he clamped his arms down to his sides. Unfortunately, as always happens, he'd now trapped his tickler's devious fingers in his tickled hollows. "Yes! I Give. Uncle! Uncle!" Mikey squealed.

Dakota worked his fingers out of the giggling man's pits and wrapped his arms around Mikey's waist, kissing his boy's head. "So, what's in the boxes."

Mikey continued giggling and panting. "I'm sooo paying you back, Indian boy." He smiled and melted into the loving embrace. "I love you, Dakota Buckingham." He paused. "You're the perfect man for me."

Dakota beamed with pride as he turned the shorter man to the side. He lowered his head and kissed his boy's soft lips. "You're my dream, Mikey Dante." The half Indian chuckled, wrapped his arm around the younger man's neck, and slightly squeezed. He smirked and poised his other hand close enough to Mikey's side to make his mate squirm and nervously giggle. "Cute angel boy trickster, try to confuse wise brave Indian."

Mikey boyishly giggled and buried his face in the muscular warm chest of his soulmate. "I really can't tell you, babe. See then, the bros can't tickle any info outta you."

Dakota released his hold on Mikey and kissed his boy's neck. "And, how is it they don't do the same thing to you?"

Mikey smiled like the angelic being he was. "They know better. The last time they did that, it didn't end well. I lost a friend when Lance accidentally blurted the secret out to the person it was about." He paused. "I sparred with all three brothers that night and beat their asses. That's when we made a pact to not actually tickle anything important outta each other." He giggled. "You don't have that pact with them, so you'd be fair game."

Dakota threw his head back and laughed heartily. "Damn, I love this family."

Mikey nodded and was about to stand up when his phone rang. "Hey, Dunker. What's up?"

"Hey, bro. The calendars are finished, and I'd like to throw a launch party this weekend."

"That's awesome, and we can have it here. The work's finished on our house, and Kota and I will have everything set up and decorated. We'll be ready for a housewarming and release party by, I'd say, Saturday night."

"That's perfect." I'll have the calendars printed and ready by then. I'll also be launching the sale on my blog." Duncan paused. "I'm planning to donate the proceeds to charity, with a portion going to the charities you guys support."

Mikey shot up like a rocket. "Are you serious? That's amazing." He squealed. His reaction had Dakota doubled over laughing. Mikey and Duncan worked out the final details and ended the call. The brunet was about to get back to work when his and Dakota's stomachs started growling.

"I'll go order us some dinner." Dakota smiled and kissed Mikey's warm, soft lips. "I love you, my sweet angel boy." He hugged the shorter man and lifted him off the floor.

"I love you too, my gorgeous Cherokee." Mikey giggled as he wrapped his arms and legs around the muscular man's waist and neck. "Be safe, my warrior," Mikey said when he was back on his feet.

"I will, love. Don't forget to lock up, just in case." Dakota smiled, grabbed his keys off the hook by the garage door, and locked the door on his way out.

Mikey walked to the front door, locked it, and went back to set things up. While working, the brunet sent out a mass text to the family, including Sean, and Will, informing them about the combined release and housewarming party. After getting everyone's response saying they were excited and would be there, the brunet returned to unpacking boxes.

Mikey sat in front of the altar and lit a votive candle. He sighed and wiped his eyes. Even though he'd never, to his knowledge, met his soulmate's parents, the brunet felt like they were family and watching over him, just as they did with Dakota. "Hey, Mr. and Mrs. Buckingham. I'm sorry for not introducing myself beforehand. However, if you're watching over us like I believe you are, then you know there hasn't been time for that. It's been really hectic between crazy people trying to kill us." He paused and chuckled. "I promise to do better in the future at not getting your baby Kota shot." Mikey had to stop and wipe his tears.

Dakota returned with Chinese. He was about to announce his presence but stopped when he heard Mikey talking. The half Irishman set the food on the counter, and he silently stood by the doorway and watched his boyfriend chatting with his parents.

"I hope it's okay if I call you Mama and Papa. I feel like that brings us closer and that I've got another set of parents to turn to with my problems or if I just need comforting. I truly hope that you both feel welcome and loved in this house. I will always do my best to make my future husband's parents feel at home. It doesn't matter to me that you're spirits. You still have the right to feel respected and loved."

Dakota had to lean against the wall. If he didn't, he'd be on the floor, crying. This beautiful man was sitting down and talking to his dead parents. Tears streamed down his face as he heard Mikey call him his future husband.

"Please know I'll always be glad and comforted to feel your presence in our loving home. I love you and am grateful that you gave birth to and raised my soulmate as well as you did. My only regret is that I never got to meet your flesh vessels. However, I look forward to getting to know you through Kota's memory and pictures." Mikey paused and chuckled. "Just try not to visit when we're sharing intimate time in bed together. I'm not sure if Kota could handle his parents spying on him." Mikey paused and smirked as he raised his voice. "Like he's been doing." The giggling brunet blew out the candle and turned to face his flabbergasted lover.

Dakota rushed over to his mate and wrapped his arms around Mikey. "I wasn't really eavesdropping or spying on you, love. I couldn't disrupt your time with Mom and Dad." Dakota had to stop and wipe his tears as he sobbed on Mikey's shoulder.

Mikey gasped at the complete vulnerability Dakota was displaying. "Shh! It's okay, my strong warrior." He lovingly stroked the taller man's hair and led them to the chair in front of his parent's urns. "Did something happen, babe?"

Dakota smiled and nodded. "When I came home, you were talking with Mom and Dad. I was so moved by your words to them, and I know they were from your heart and soul. Mikey, no one's ever done that. You've invited the love my parents possessed into this home and embraced it." Dakota softly chuckled. "You even joked with them. While you were talking with Mom and Dad, their spirits spoke to me."

Mikey's thoughts raced, wondering how they reacted. "And?"

The half Cherokee smiled and lovingly placed his hand on his mate's shoulder. "They wanted me to tell you..." Dakota sighed. "Pale face boy make parent spirits proud to call him son." He giggled. "Mom said that we haven't got or are doing anything she hasn't seen or done. Also, she'd avert her eyes if they visit during our lovemaking." The pair's snickers gave way to boisterous cackles and laughter. Dakota passionately kissed Mikey. "I know, in my soul, you'll always be the light and living love in my entire being."

Mikey couldn't speak as he listened to Dakota's words that came from the very depth of his entire being. The only thing he could do was wrap his arms around the man and join his hands with his mates. The brunet gasped because he could feel the love and energy flowing back and forth between them.

Dakota smiled. "By the way, how'd you know I was there?"

Mikey giggled and pointed to his nose. "Great Cherokee Warrior should never hunt with Chinese food."

Dakota opened his mouth to say something. All that came out were wild cackles.

Saturday Before The Party

Saturday morning, the sky was a brilliant canvas displaying the dawn's expert painting techniques. Soft pinks and oranges blended with the gentle golden rays of the rising sun. The grass sparkled and shimmered, covered by the morning dew. Mikey and Dakota stood side by side, stretching and getting ready for an invigorating morning run. The couple smiled at one another and took off along one of Mikey's favorite trails. The brunets were pleasantly surprised when they were joined by Sean and Duncan, who were out for a morning jog. It soon turned into a race to see who was fastest. Mikey ended up the winner, with Dakota a close second. The boyfriends giggled as they waited for their running mates to catch up... about three minutes later. The four young men shared a sweaty group hug, followed by a quick tickle fight. Well, Mikey and Sean enjoyed being tickled. While their mates had fun tickling them.

The rest of the day was spent making sure everything was ready for the combined party that evening. Dakota was given a list of things needed from a couple of stores. While his mate was gone, Mikey unboxed the artwork and hung them in the three bedrooms, then closed the door. The brunet gigged as he placed a sign on his brother's bedroom doors that said, "Do Not Open Till It's Time." He hung a sheet over the painting in the bedroom he and Dakota shared. Mikey made sure the caterers were on track for the evening's party, and after ending the call, he flopped facedown on the bed. The brunet's eyes closed as he relaxed.

Dakota walked into the room and gasped as he saw his angel dressed in only his adorable Smurfs briefs, bathed in a shaft of sunlight. The taller brunet licked his lips and gently caressed Mikey's soft creamy skin. He softly giggled as his mate sighed and sunk further into the mattress. Straddling Mikey's waist, Dakota smiled and laid down on his boy's legs.

Mikey's face brightened when he saw his love's bare feet on either side of his head. Gently his fingers caressed and lightly tickled the half Indian's toes as he kissed and licked along the side of each foot. He squirmed and giggled when Dakota's warm moist tongue slid along the base of his toes and the ball of his quivering feet. His toes slightly scrunched and flexed as his mate's lips wrapped around each plump digit.

Dakota slowly licked up and down the length of Mikey's bare soles. He turned around and rolled the toned boy on his back. He lovingly caressed the soft cheeks as he leaned down and shared a long, passionate kiss with the man who'd captured the half Cherokee's heart and soul. Their tongues danced together as the men's fingers massaged and pressed into warmed skin. Mikey's slender feet caressed and lightly grazed Dakota's size twelve velvet-like soles, causing both men to softly moan and writhe in pleasured ecstasy. The couple smiled and giggled boyishly as they sensually tickled and caressed themselves to a synched climax. Soft whispered I love you's and deeply felt feelings were conveyed between their giggling as they recovered.

Housewarming/Release Party

Mikey and Dakota were busy with preparations and barely got dressed in time for everyone's arrival. Mikey wore a light button-down mint green long-sleeved shirt with a silvery light green necktie and skin-tight black slacks. Dakota's long-sleeved white silk shirt was almost see-through. His turquoise beaded choker had a silver feather hanging from the center. A pair of ass-hugging black jeans completed the outfit.

Duncan and Sean were the first to arrive. The young men shared a loving embrace with the homeowners. The house came alive as the family and most of the staff from Barefoot arrived. Mikey and Dakota were on hand to greet them with a hug and a glass of White Zinfandel. Bryan looked classically handsome in the tailored black button-down shirt and black pants with a white necktie. Max was as handsomely dressed as Bryan in his white shirt and white pants with a black necktie. The proud couple smiled brightly and gave their sons bear hugs and kisses on the cheek. Mikey giggled when both his dads lifted him off the floor while hugging him.

Pam and Tony entered immediately after the other two parents. Tony wore a white shirt with black pants and a white and black checkered necktie. He called Max and Bryan so the dads could have coordinating outfits. The Knight matriarch turned heads in her strapless sapphire dress, accentuated by matching teardrop earrings and silver chain necklace. She was beaming with pride and wrapped her arms around the two young men. "You two men look like models, just like all my boys."

"Us, look at you, Mama Pam." Dakota gushed and let the love from his second Mom fill his entire being.

Tony bear-hugged Mikey. Like Max and Bryan, he lifted the younger man off the floor. He chuckled when the second youngest of his kids laid his head on his shoulder. "I love you and Kota very much, Kiddo." He set the brunet down and hugged Dakota.

"We love you and Mama Pam too, Dad." Mikey smiled and handed his second set of parents each a glass of wine.

Adam, Jai, and Lance came in together. Adam and Jai lifted their younger brother off his feet, hugging him. Dakota chuckled as Adam tried lifting him. The farthest the younger brunet got was getting his brother's heels off the floor. Adam almost glowed in his golden shirt and silver pants. Jai shimmered in his silver shirt and golden pants. Lance was handsomely dressed in his burgundy shirt and black slim-fit pants.

Mikey took his brothers and future husband aside. "I'd like to show you guys somethings I had created for four of the most important men in my life." The brunet led the others upstairs and stopped in front of Lance's room door. He joined their giggles when his brothers saw the signs on the doors. Mikey held up his hand and opened the door. "Lance, this is your room."

Lance turned the light on and gasped as his hand flew to his mouth. His brothers were in a similar state of awe. Mikey turned a switch above the headboard, and the painting was illuminated by small spotlights over it. It showed Lance in just his blue jeans and barefoot. He stood by the window in Duncan's living room, looking out at the lake. The winter sunlight bathed him in a brilliant light. Tears streamed down his cheeks as he wrapped his arms around his brother. "I...I can't even describe how I'm feeling about this amazing gift. Mikey, you're..." Lance couldn't continue because his emotions got the best of him.

"I love you, little brother." Mikey smiled and kissed Lance's head. Then he led the men to the next room. "Jai, Adam, this is your room."

The couple opened the door and had the same speechlessness as their brother. Above their bed was a painting of them sitting, looking at the fireplace. Their arms were around each other's waist, and their heads leaned on their shoulders. The couple hugged Mikey from both sides. "It's gorgeous, baby bro."

Mikey smiled and kissed both his brother's cheeks. "There's one more to see." He paused and looked at Dakota. "You ready, big Warrior?"

Mikey chuckled when Dakota eagerly nodded and smiled. The shorter brunet squealed and giggled when he was hefted over his boyfriend's shoulder and carried off to their room. Dakota opened the door and eagerly waited to see what his boy had done. Mikey smiled and turned on the spotlight over the painting.

"Dakota, my brave Cherokee warrior, I hope you love this as much as I loved having it created." Mikey pulled the sheet off and held his breath.

The four men's jaws dropped when they saw the splendorous piece of artwork. Dakota dressed in his Indian costume. His arms crossed over his chest, standing back to back, with Mikey, in his costume, holding his bow and the arrow against the forest background. Mikey gasped when he was lifted off the ground in an almost bone-crushing hug. Tears streamed down the men's cheeks as they shared an emotional group hug. Suddenly, a scream from downstairs grabbed their attention, and the five of them went running to the source of the commotion. Janice, wearing a caterer's uniform, had a sharp knife pressed against Will's throat.

"Janice, what the fuck are you doing? Please, put the knife down." Lance pleaded, hoping to get through to her.

"Back off, all of you. I'll end this pathetic bitch's life right here and get blood on your nice, new flooring." Janice sneered.

The deranged woman had a clear path behind her and started backing up towards the door, dragging her hostage along. Will reached up, pulled Janice's arm away from his neck and slammed his foot down on hers. The blonde screeched, she dropped the knife, and started to lunge at Will. Pam got close enough to the socialite and quickly grabbed the girl's arm, swung her around, then let go. Janice stumbled into the wall. Will took the opportunity and ran into Mikey's arms.

Janice faced Pam. "You fucking whore." She pulled back and aimed her fist at the older woman's face, but Pam stopped the punch and landed hers on Janice's jaw, knocking the woman to the floor. The socialite tried to get up but was restrained by Max and Bryan and was cuffed with Dakota's handcuffs.

Pam walked up to the shrieking girl and slapped her so hard that Janice's head was flung to the side. "Don't ever touch one of my boys again. You're lucky I don't have my Glock, or I'd put a bullet in your skank ass." The matriarch walked away without a hair out of place, a broken nail, or her makeup smudged.

"Way to go, Will and Mom." Mikey giggled as he hugged his Mom and newest brother.

Tony called one of his men patrolling the property and had them cart Janice off to jail. "Pam, you know I'm not supposed to let that happen."

"Sweetie, just pretend you didn't see a thing. I'm sure that no one in this room will say any different." Pam giggled.

"How much sex will you withhold if I don't?" Tony smirked.

"Tony, darling, it'd be Mother's Day before you'd even see this sexy naked ass of mine. With all the rooms empty in our house, we'd have separate beds." The matriarch sighed, walked over, and mingled with the guests as her boys watched with their mouths open.

Duncan got everyone's attention. He announced the official release of the calendar and handed out free copies to everyone there. Mikey and Lance gasped. The cover photo was of them lying on their backs on Duncan's bed. The two of them had their heads leaning against each other's shoulders. Their bare feet were entwined, and each one had a lollipop stick hanging from his lips. Mikey wore Scooby-Doo underwear. Lance, Superman emblem decorated underwear with a giant "S" emblem on the clothing's opening.

February, had a picture of Mikey dressed as cupid. July's photo was of Mikey, Dakota, Adam, Jai, and Lance in Duncan's indoor pool. Dakota had Mikey on his shoulders as he tickled the shorter brunet's bare feet. Adam, Jai, and Lance were also in the shot, engaged in a splash war. June showed Will and Sean against the beach backdrop, tossing a beach ball back and forth. August's scene was the seven models having a volleyball game in the pool. The back cover was the seven guys with arms over one another's shoulders. However, the most endearing and adorable photo was December's picture. It showed all the guys dressed in matching green pajamas decorated with candy canes. They were sitting in front of the fireplace with stockings hung on the mantle. A decorated and lit tree was in the corner. Duncan was reading to the models. Finally, everyone was ready to leave. A little while later, the only ones left in the house were Adam, Jai, Lance, Mikey, and Dakota.

Adam got his brother's attention and raised his glass. "Here's to one hell of a successful party." He paused and joined in the celebratory cheers, then continued. "Also, I'd like to toast my brothers and mate. We've been through hell and came out mostly unscathed and closer to each other than ever. We're a brotherhood of love and fellowship. I love every one of you more than I could ever express with words. Also, here's to Mikey and Dakota. May this home be filled with your undying love, lots of family gatherings, and eventually some kids."

This is a very involved chapter for me. It challenged my imagination as far as getting timing right, the costumes, what the main family members were wearing, and the action. I had a blast writing this one. Some of the scenes are just too adorable. 

Thanks for reading, reacting, and commenting

Love y'all

Copyright © 2022 Ajbt2001; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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Awesome chapter. So many beautiful moments in this chapter. The demise of Janice was perfect, loved how Pam brought her down. Those pictures and Calendar were amazing, with such beautiful descriptions of each picture.

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6 minutes ago, chris191070 said:

Awesome chapter. So many beautiful moments in this chapter. The demise of Janice was perfect, loved how Pam brought her down. Those pictures and Calendar were amazing, with such beautiful descriptions of each picture.

Pam's my bitch. I love her, and I was proud of Will for finally fighting back against Janice. I told you guys that I might be able to get the diabetic coma inducing pic of Lance and Mikey in. LOL Just remember, I'm not responsible for medical bills that might be incurred. LOL 


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Really great chapter! You commented about Lance blurting out a secret that was about someone that Mikey ended up losing as a friend. What was that about? Don't remember reading that in an earlier chapter. 

Love the description of the paintings and the party too. Glad Janice finally got what she had coming. Could almost visualize Pam knocking her on her ass!😂😂

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7 hours ago, BoyLove said:

Really great chapter! You commented about Lance blurting out a secret that was about someone that Mikey ended up losing as a friend. What was that about? Don't remember reading that in an earlier chapter. 

Love the description of the paintings and the party too. Glad Janice finally got what she had coming. Could almost visualize Pam knocking her on her ass!😂😂

I hadn't planned on creating an actual in depth scenario about the blurted out secret. It was just an even in Mikey's past and a way to explain why his brothers wouldn't tickle the surprise out of him. :) 

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