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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

A Ticklish Thriller (Revised) - 9. The Family Gathering

The family gathers at the hospital to retrieve their two wounded guys. 

The Family

When Mikey and Dakota were discharged, it was like a zoo. The entire blended family gathered to retrieve their wounded family members.

"I think Mikey needs to stay with us," Adam said.

The brunet wrapped his arm around his fiancee's waist and held his hand. With everything that's happened, Adam was constantly worried about Mikey and his other two brothers. He was so used to being the protector of the younger guys that he felt powerless and helpless as he watched things happen to his family.

"Son, I think you should wait and discuss it with your brothers before making plans for him," Bryan said.

"I agree with your Dad, Adam. Mikey is more than capable of taking care of himself. We now know the anorexia diagnosis was a mistake, that his balance and energy issues were due to stress, and overexertion makes me feel better about our boy's wellbeing. Not to mention, he's got Dakota looking out for him." Max smiled and kissed his husband.

Adam sighed. "But, even Dakota couldn't protect Mikey."

"What the fuck, is Dakota supposed to protect me from?"

Mikey's sudden appearance with Lance made everyone jump. Adam's head whipped around so fast that he grunted from the shooting pain and rubbed the sore spot. As soon as the brunet saw the look in his brother's eyes and the expression on his face, Adam cringed and slowly backed away.

"Mikey, we've been so worried about..." Bryan started to say, but Mikey's hand flying up brought his statement to an abrupt halt.

"Sorry, Dad, but I'd like to hear where my damned fuckin' asshole of a brother is going with his screwed up idea that he's trying to pass off as a relevant or coherent thought," Mikey growled.

Jai smacked the back of Adam's head. "Adam, I could freakin' kill you right now."

Lance stood by the door, trying not to get in the middle of his brothers.

"Please, calm down, Son. You've just gotten discharged and been through a traumatic ordeal. The whole family's been frantic watching everything happening to you boys." Pam did her best to try and appeal to Mikey's sense of family cohesion.

Mikey hobbled on his crutches and stared daggers at his older brother. "The next time I hear you say anything negative and Goddamned fucking untrue about my chosen soulmate, you're gonna be on the ground faster than you can blink."

Adam gulped and lowered his eyes as tears streamed down his cheeks. "Mikey, I'm sorry, and you're right. I was way out of line with that comment. I'm happy you've got Dakota to lean on, and I know you don't need to be protected, but I'm worried about you." Adam held his hand out to his younger brother.

Mikey sighed, then he wiped his eyes as he took hold of Adam's hand and let himself be led to the chairs. Adam smiled and sat down, then gently guided Mikey's lighter body onto his lap. He laid his head gently on the smaller brunet's neck, kissed his cheek, and wrapped his arms around Mikey's waist.

"I love you so much, baby bro. I don't know if you've heard, but Barefoot Books got torched."
Mikey gasped and turned his head to look at his brother. "W...was anyone hurt?"

Adam smiled and gently cuddled Mikey. "There's my loving brother. No, no one was hurt. Holy fuck, you're scary when you're mad."

Mikey giggled and placed his head on his brother's shoulder. "That's a relief. I'm sorry for going off on you and insulting you, Ad. You've always been my protector and big brother, but I'm a big boy, and Kota's more than capable of protecting me when I need it. I love you for caring about me."

Adam looked into Mikey's eyes. "Baby Bro, do you love Dakota?"

Mikey's tears dripped down his cheeks. "Unless something untoward happens, or his personality changes, and he becomes Mr. Hyde, I'm ninety-five percent sure Kota's gonna be my husband."

Adam gasped. "Has he seen your scars?"

Mikey nodded. "And, I've seen his we discussed our experiences and bonded over it."

The brothers looked up when they heard the doors open. Mikey's eyes lit up as a big smile brightened his face when he saw his boyfriend hobble into the room. Mikey got up off his brother's lap and made his way to his two dads.

"I'm sorry for being rude, Dad." Mikey wrapped his arms around both of his dad's waists and cried on their shoulders.

Max and Bryan wiped their tears and gently rubbed their son's back. "It's okay, baby boy. We love you so much."

Mikey kissed both their cheeks, then headed for Pam. "Thank you, Mama, for trying to bring me back to my senses. You're an amazing Mom."

"I love you, my sweet Mikey." Pam wrapped her arms around the emotional young man.

Mikey sighed and melted into Dakota's warm embrace when he finally got to him. Dakota softly giggled and kissed Mikey's nose, causing the brunet's boyish giggles.

"Dakota, we consider ourselves these four guys' collective parents. We'd love it if you'd let us be your parents also. Welcome to the family, son." Tony wiped his tears, then he, Pam, Max, and Bryan embraced the newest edition to their growing family.

Dakota had to sit down before he fell to the floor. His heart filled with the love pouring from the people in the room. He closed his eyes and heard the voice of his late parents whisper their blessing. "I love all of you and am proud to be a part of this family."

Adam made his way over to Dakota and gave him a gentle hug and kiss. "Kota. We all love you and know we're always gonna be here for you." He paused. "Please take care of my brother. You've got something no one outside of the family has, his heart."

Dakota wiped his eyes and returned the affection he was shown. "I'll do my best to love, honor, and protect my sweet angel boy. I was an only child, so to have younger brothers is still new to me."
Adam looked at Dakota. "Younger brothers? How old are you?"

Dakota giggled. "Twenty-seven."

"Hmm, I'll have to see how that works out. I'm used to being the oldest." Adam said as he rubbed his chin. "Ya know, Kota, if I don't like you being the oldest, you might just have to break it off with Mi..." Suddenly the twenty-five-year-old started laughing and fell to his knees as Jai and Lance tickled his ribs and pits from behind. "Soooo not fair." Adam squealed his protest between his cackling.

"Bro, we're just making sure you don't get yourself into more trouble. You know both Kota and Mikey can kick all our asses. Together and separately.' Lance stated as he and his older brother continued their tickle assault.

Adam lay face down on the ground, overcome by his future husband's and little brother's tickle attack. His legs kicked the floor as he tried getting away while the rest of the family watched in amusement. "Fine, I give. Kota doesn't ever have to break up with Mikey." Adam screeched. He smirked, pulled both Jai and Lance to the floor, and launched a tickle attack of his own.

Mikey and Dakota shook their head and approached the trio giggling and being careful not to get hurt in the playful antics. When Adam, Lance, and Jai were standing, they were all given hugs and kisses from their brothers.

"Nice to know my brothers are as ticklish as I am. It'll at least give me a fighting chance." Dakota chuckled and kissed Mikey. "I know I dropped the ball and couldn't protect Mikey from…"

Adam stepped up to Dakota, placed his hands on both sides of his face, and stared into the older man's eyes. "Listen to me, Bro. You couldn't have done anything to stop what happened." He paused. "I said the same thing earlier and got put back in my place by Mikey, who defended you without hesitation or backing down." Adam wiped his tears. "I'm telling you, my brother's scary as fuck when he wants to be." His statement received a good round of chuckles from the family, head nods, and Mikey's blush. "I know you'll always do everything you can to keep my brother safe, and he'll damn sure do the same for you."

Dakota smiled and kissed Mikey's head. "Don't I know it? I saw the look in his eyes when he had the knife in the guard's throat. I'm not sure if he'd actually do it, but I know he felt like killing the bastard."

"Mikey, have you decided where you're staying until your house is fixed? Max asked.

Mikey smiled and nodded. "Umm, I'm gonna stay with Kota. That's if he's willing to have me." The brunet quickly placed his index finger on Dakota's lips to keep him from answering. "Then, after my house is fixed, I'd love for my brave warrior and his late parent's spirits to move in with me." Mikey giggled and removed his finger.

Dakota whooped and hollered until the pain in his throat reminded him of his being choked. The raven-haired man's tears dripped down his cheeks as he nodded. Dakota wrapped Mikey in his arms and passionately kissed him. "I love you, angel boy."

Mikey giggled and sighed happily. "Love ya too, my strong Cherokee warrior."

The parents looked at each other and nodded. Pam walked over to their coupled kids. "Guys, we all put in for a surprise we wanted to give the four of you." She paused and stepped back.

Tony was next up. "Mikey, Kota, Adam, and Jai, in light of everything over the last couple of days, we thought you four would need to have some downtime together to strengthen your bond as couples and brothers."

"So, we booked you a two-bedroom suite at the Hamilton Resort and Spa." Bryan stepped back.

"Here are dinner vouchers and tickets to whatever activities you want to do. There's also enough for your food and travel expenses." Max finished.

The four young men were shocked and speechless. They stared between the packet Mikey was handed and the parents. Lance was doubled over in hysterical laughter, as were the collective parents because of the guy's reaction.

"Holy shit!" Mikey eloquently said when his powers of speech returned. His exclamation caused even more raucous laughter from the gathered family. "What about Lancer? He's been through as much as we have." Mikey asked as he wrapped the youngest family member in a loving embrace.

"I have bonding time planned with Will and Sean." Lance smiled innocently. "Besides, you old guys need to have this time together before you're even older and married." Lance squeaked and tried to run, but Mikey and Dakota trapped his arms, keeping them over his head. "Bros, we're all kinda adults here..." The brunet's laughter flowed from his lips as Adam and Jai launched a unified tickle attack on their brother. After a couple raspberries were blown on his stomach and neck, Lance was set free and in the middle of a four-way group hug. "I love my big brothers," He said through his boyish giggling.

Mikey looked at his parents. "Guys, we're extremely grateful, and this is an amazing surprise, but we can't leave right now. My house, and Barefoot…"

"Are all taken care of," Pam said, cutting Mikey's protest off.

"Ty's heading the clean-up and restoration at Barefoot." Tony paused. "You guys have made a very positive impact and have a lot of friends and patrons willing to help you guys get their favorite place back up and running in record time."

"Mikey, we're taking care of getting your house restored, and hopefully, it'll be close to finished when you return," Bryan said as he hugged his husband.

The four young men looked at each other, and in seconds, the family was sharing a group hug. When they separated, the parents went to their homes, and Lance went back to his apartment, leaving Mikey, Dakota, Adam, and Jai to decide who was driving them up to the resort and who's SUV they were taking. After a rousing game of rock paper scissors, it was determined they'd take Dakota's SUV, and either Adam or Jai would drive.

The brothers decided to spend the remainder of the time as a group. They stopped at the clothing store, and they all got some new outfits for the week away. Mikey and Dakota had fun being playful and took advantage of the opportunity to tickle Adam and Jai when they were in the middle of undressing. Of course, their playful tickles were eagerly returned. They stopped at Dakota's for lunch and some relaxing cuddling time on the sofa before they packed their new outfits and anything else they might need. After one more check-in with everyone, they hit the road. Along the way, they stopped at Mikey's house. Luckily, the back of his house and his panic room weren't affected by the dynamite. Mikey and Dakota made a quick trip inside and retrieved a couple of firearms and knives just in case. Once they returned to the car, Adam left the driveway and headed for the interstate for a needed relaxing week off for some brother's bonding time.

After having so much happen to them, the family needed this time together and support each other. This was a fun chapter to create. I'm always amazed at the amount of love and acceptance this family shows each other, especially when their faced with adversity and trouble. 

As always thank you for reading, reacting, and commenting. 

Love y'all

Copyright © 2022 Ajbt2001; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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What a beautiful easy going chapter to give these guys some down time to relax and get to know each other better. We know this is definitely not the end of problems for them, but if gives them time to heal and recharge. Pretty soon I guess we will be hearing wedding 🔔's!😂

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Posted (edited)

Well, a date has to be verified first. LOL Jai and Adam aren't in any rush, especially with everything that's going on. But, I see a wedding for them in the second book. :) 

I was glad both Mikey and Adam worked out their dispute. It was hairy for a minute. :P 

Edited by Ajbt2001
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Awesome chapter. Beautiful easy going chapter, without much drama. The guys have a great week away to look forward to.

Wedding Bells in the future for the various couples.

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Glad everyone is healing and out of the hospital.  Sounds like it should be a relaxing time away.  Hopefully we’re sone with Janet. But there will probably be some more drama in the future.

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5 hours ago, VBlew said:

Glad everyone is healing and out of the hospital.  Sounds like it should be a relaxing time away.  Hopefully we’re sone with Janet. But there will probably be some more drama in the future.

Working on the next chapter now. Of course there's always some drama, but all will be well. I'm not sure if Janet's done yet or not we'll see. :) This book is coming to an end in the next couple of chapters. I'm already thinking towards Ideas for the next book. 

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