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Event Horizon - 1. Scarlett Delacroix

Scarlett struggles with the guilt of being unable to rescue her little brother and lashes out family and friends.

*Dialogue spoken in French is written in italics.

"Aren't they the most handsome pair of boys you've ever seen?" Odette whispered to her, brimming with pride as she sipped from her fourth glass of Louis Roederer. Scarlett couldn't help but smile as she watched her identical twin brothers laughing and chatting together. It was remarkable, she thought, how they could be in a world all their own when they were together, zoning out everything and everyone around them. They were eighteen today, grown men - at least by law. In many ways, they were still the best friends they'd been when they were three.

"They're gorgeous," she agreed, sipping from her glass of soda. She wanted some of the champagne, but she was driving in a few minutes. "They look so much like Papa."

"You're right. My Jérôme looked just like that when he was their age," her grandmother sighed. "It's a very happy day, but it is still hard for me. I miss him terribly. I'm blessed to have his legacy live on through five wonderful children, but he would be so happy to see his sons today."

"Not all of his sons," Scarlett murmured guiltily, and Odette squeezed her shoulder with a warm hand. It did little to ease the pain she was feeling, the regret burning in her stomach.

"We all wish Kylian was with us, but you must understand that you can't help him right now. There was nothing you could do. He is very sick, no?" Odette spoke the same words Scarlett had been hearing from the whole family for the last three days.

They didn't help, not one bit. Day and night she was haunted by the memory of Kylian crying in terror, shame and pain, his wrists restrained to the bed rails to prevent him from absconding or hurting himself as they wheeled him from Emergency to the Angelside Psychiatric Ward. It made her feel sick. It was a horrible day, she thought. The blood, the tears, the screams, and worst of all, the familiarity. That was his fourth attempt. She'd failed her baby brother four times. How could he ever forgive her for that? How could she ever forgive herself? He needed someone. He needed her.

Sensing melancholy creeping into the discussion, Odette left her side. Scarlett's eyes dropped and she sighed.

"Do either of you want to come and visit Smurf with me before we get to L'Atelier?" Scarlett asked Félix and Rémy, speaking in English rather than their native language. It was for Félix's benefit - he wasn't fluent in French like everyone else. Whether it was laziness or spite had never been established, but it was inconvenient. Her hopes fell when she saw the looks of uncertainty on their faces.

"Not tonight," Félix said, taking another swig of his beer. He dressed in a plain white shirt with a silk jade tie secured in an elaborate trinity knot. Rémy had tied it himself, often dressing his brother for formal occasions. "It's my eighteenth and I don't want to get all depressed with his misery guts routine."

"Oh that's lovely, that is," Scarlett hissed, irritated by his selfishness. "No surprise there, Fox. How about you, Rém?"

"Now before you jump down my throat, I'd like to point out that he will, in fact, survive until tomorrow," Rémy tapped his freshly manicured nails on the table in front of him. He looked stunning, as he always did, in a beautiful wine-coloured three-piece suit tailored to his petite frame, an expensive gift from their wealthy grandmother. "I have guests to entertain, Scarlett. I have to be there from beginning to end. You know that. Tell Kylian I'm sorry I couldn't make it, but I'll come tomorrow if you can work it around my schedule. Just remember before give me a lecture, I'm busy, but Fox is only lazy. Lecture him."

"Shut up," Félix objected, hitting his brother's shoulder. Rémy had a rare smile on his usually stoic face. He was having a good day today, and Scarlett would never try to take that away from him. Scarlett nodded and squeezed Rémy's shoulder, feeling him flinch underneath the silk coat.

"Thanks, Rém. Thanks for nothing, Fox," Scarlett said glumly. She past her mother, angry when she looked at her. Elaine was enormously pregnant, a little over eight months along, and had managed to squeeze her belly into an elegant eggplant coloured gown. Scarlett remembered the way her mother watched with cold disinterest as they took Kylian to Angelside, not even uttering a word of comfort to him as he begged her not to let them take him away. I'll never forgive her for that, Scarlett thought, her jaw clenched. Elaine was laughing and chatting away with her sister and brother-in-law, Ava and Aydin, while her son was alone and afraid in that horrible place.

"You're looking pretty mad about something, Scarlett," Adlai observed. She hadn't noticed her stepbrother sitting alone on the couch, but she wasn't surprised to see him there. "Nobody wants to visit the freak in the nuthouse, hey?" Scarlett pursed her lips. He'd stuck the knife in several times in the last three days, the heartless, malicious little bastard.

"Don't talk to me," she snapped at him angrily, and he giggled and repeated her words to her in an obnoxious voice, making fun of her French-Canadian accent. She didn't mind that. He'd been doing it since his family had moved in. People had been doing it since the family emigrated.

"That's gotta suck for you though," Adlai continued, his thin lips pursed in a malicious smirk. "I'm coming down for a free feed, even if it is that weird French shit, and Kyl's locked up in the loony bin where he belongs. Maybe this time it'll be for good and I'll get to feed his fishies again... if there are any left, that is."

"Enjoy it while you can," Scarlett was nearly shaking with fury at his cruel words. What she wouldn't give to throw him face first through one of her brother's prized fish tanks. "Because by the end of the year, he's going to be here with us and you're going to be in jail."

"You're wrong, though," he said as she turned around, quiet enough so that the room full of people didn't hear him. "He's going to be dead."

She didn't even realise that she'd slapped him hard across the face until he was laying back, holding his face and whimpering. She turned around to see everybody looking at her, and she saw nine stunned pairs of eyes staring back at her. The only person who didn't seem to gawk was little Benjamin, playing with his blocks, but he didn't count. He wouldn't notice if the apocalypse were happening five paces away from him. Humiliated, charged with emotion, she shook her head and screwed her eyes shut, begging herself not to cry. She'd put far too much time and effort into her makeup to ruin it now. She walked to the end of the massive room and began her way up the blue-stone staircase.

All the Delacroix children inhabited the three bedrooms on the top floor of the house - at least, they did until Scarlett moved out of home earlier in the year. Kylian's room was always special to her. It was so cold and empty without him there. There were no light bulbs. Kylian decorated his bed and the ceiling with a dozen ropes of Christmas lights, giving the room a gorgeous glow of a dozen different colours. The five aquariums, three large and two small, lived against all four walls. A week ago, they had all been full of fish. A hundred fish and he knew every one of them by name. She sighed, trying to hold it together as she sat on his bed. Years ago he would always drag her inside and talk to her all about them. He loved them so much. He was so much happier back then.

"Scarlett?" Naomi's timid voice disturbed her from the doorway. Scarlett looked up to see her poking her head in. "Are you alright?"

"No," she clasped her hands together. "I should never have done that. I'm so sorry. I know he's your brother, but he... he upsets me so much."

"I know what he's like," she mumbled uncomfortably, wiggling her way over and sitting next to her on the bed.

"What's wrong with him, Naomi?" She asked sadly. "Has Adlai always been such a... hmm, you know."

"A fuckhead?" Naomi asked. Scarlett, in spite of the feelings inside her, let out a loud laugh of surprise. Her stepsister never used that kind of language. "Yeah, he has," Naomi added, a smile on her pretty plump face. "I'm glad you hit him. Daddy should have done it a long time ago."

"I don't believe in hitting people," Scarlett looked down at her hands. Her nails were gorgeous tonight, a shiny sheen of jade. It matched her dress, her earrings and her emerald eyes. "I just wish it didn't feel so good, you know?"

"He was crying," Naomi giggled, and Scarlett rolled her eyes.

"It was all for show!" She exclaimed, angry that he let her bait her into striking him in front of the entire family. "He's seventeen acting like a five-year-old!"

"Nobody's mad at you," Naomi told her, brushing her curls to the side. "They all know you're sad about Kylian. They just want you to tell Adlai you're sorry."

"That will not happen," Scarlett stood up. "I don't like what I did, but I'm not sorry about it. Nobody talks about my Smurf like that."

"That's just what they're saying downstairs," Naomi followed her lead. Scarlett took a look at the one remaining tank with healthy, living fish. All the ones in the other tanks had died. Every single one of them, all on the same day. Four days ago.

"Can you make sure these fish are kept fed?" Scarlett asked her suddenly. She didn't know who was on fish duty, but Naomi was possibly the only person who could be trusted. "I want all of them still alive when Kylian comes home."

"I have been," Naomi said proudly. "Day and night. I haven't seen any dead fish yet!"

"Good. Make sure Adlai doesn't come near them ever again," Scarlett's voice threatened to crack. "If he's up here, for whatever reason, throw him down the stairs."

"Hey, Scarlett..." Naomi paused after she closed the door behind them, leaving Kylian's sanctuary the way he left it. "Do I look okay? You know, for tonight?" Scarlett took an extended look at Naomi. She was a very overweight young girl, newly twelve and beginning her journey into womanhood. Her peach coloured sleeveless dress fit awkwardly, she struggled to walk in her pumps, and her curly hair was an unflattering length and cut.

"You look beautiful," she smiled warmly, and Naomi's black eyes lit up with joy, and she gave a happy chirp. "Rémy is proud to have you with us tonight, and so am I."

Poor girl, Scarlett thought sadly as the two descended the staircase together. She was an unfortunate looking girl. The unique washed out brown skin, bushy eyebrows and curly black hair that made Adlai handsome didn't work as well for her, and she had low self-esteem. The nasty way Cerise, Adlai and Félix treated her certainly didn't help, nor did the cruel things they did.

"Do you want to come and see Kylian?" Scarlett asked suddenly.

"I don't think I can," Naomi said shyly, trailing behind Scarlett rather than walking beside her. "I want to, but... I don't think I'm ready. Every time I go in the bathroom... I see him there."

"I understand. Kylian will too. I'll give him your love," Scarlett turned and gave Naomi a sincere kiss of affection on the cheek. The look in her eyes confirmed her story. Naomi was the one who found her stepbrother in the bathtub full of red water and raised the alarm. She was the one who cried all the way to the hospital and all the way home. There was no way Scarlett could expect her to be ready to visit a place like Angelside after what she'd seen. She'd been traumatised.

"There you are!" Elaine always spoke in English when in the company of people who did not speak French. "We need to have a talk, baby girl." She was with Noah at the foot of the stairway, who had his arm around her. Noah was a handsome and friendly man, tall and slender. His blond hair was beginning to show some grey around the sides. Naomi quickly realised she wasn't wanted and ducked away.

"Why did you hit your brother?" Elaine asked her bluntly, a frown on her still pretty face. She was nearly forty and her age was starting to show, but she retained the symmetrical, oval face that made her so beautiful once.

"I didn't realise that's what I was doing until it was too late," she replied, being as honest as she could. "He made some nasty remarks about Kylian, and I lost control."

"I know Adlai can be a handful," Noah explained. He was still smiling. He was always smiling, and it was strange for her. "He says a lot of stuff, but you'll be twenty soon. You need to set an example for him, not smacking him in the face if he steps out of line. I'd appreciate it if you apologised to him."

"No!" Scarlett took a step closer. On the stairs, she was now the same height as Noah and refused to let him look down at her. "I'm not putting up with him. He's cruel, he's hateful and he's been torturing Benjamin, Kylian and Cerise ever since he got here. He poisoned Kylian's fish! He's the reason my brother's locked away right now. Perhaps I was out of order, but I will not apologise to him. No way."

"Scarlett, I know you're upset about your brother," Elaine said gently. Good, she thought bitterly. At least one of us is. "Noah knows as well. It's been hard on everyone, not just you. You know, you hurt Adlai's feelings earlier. Please make this easy and do the right thing. He will forgive you if you ask."

"And what happens if I don't?" She asked, knowing that Noah would not understand her. Elaine raised an eyebrow at her.

"In English, please. If you choose not to, that's up to you. You're a grown woman now; you can make these decisions for yourself. I just expected better of you, that's all. Go and see Kylian now, while you have time." Elaine shook her head and lumbered off. Noah remained, his brown eyes fixed on her.

"Look, Noah, I am sorry I hit your kid," Scarlett sighed and stood down on the wooden floor next to him. "You do know why I did though, don't you?"

"I know what you think Adlai did," Noah told her gently, furrowing his brow. "So I get where the anger's coming from. I just don't think you're right about this, and I don't see where an apology would hurt."

"Why do let him get away with everything? You're so... impotent!" Scarlett snapped, leaving the conversation behind. She was sick of the Kelly family. Her own family too.

"Nice shot, Scarl," Cerise giggled on her way past. She looked dazzling tonight. She was fourteen, the youngest of the Delacroix children, and she was wearing a conservative sleeveless fuschia gown with her long, beautiful black curls swinging by her hips. "I'm just sad you didn't knock his teeth out. You did the right thing."

"I'll see you later," Scarlett smiled down at her before turning to leave.

"You're not going to invite me to see Kyl?" Cerise asked, and Scarlett looked back, confused.

"You've never wanted to visit him in the hospital before," she replied, narrowing her eyes. This was just Cerise making it about her, wasn't it?

"Yeah, but it's nice to be asked," Cerise shrugged, confirming Scarlett's suspicions. She didn't reply to her sister, she just left. She had nothing more to say to anyone in that house.

Kazimierz Kaczmarek lived in a small apartment building on the way to Angelside, and Scarlett had planned to pick him up before visiting Kylian, not on the road to L'Atelier. This way he'd be forced to get ready earlier and not keep her family waiting. In the three and a half years she'd known the Polish heartthrob, Scarlett wasn't sure he'd ever actually been on time for anything. Well, not today. She wasn't in the mood.

"Oh hey," Justin greeted her with his soft, deep voice, welcoming her inside. Scarlett was impressed that Justin spoke today. He was the shyest person she'd ever met, which made his position as Kazi's very best friend a difficult one to understand.

"How are you, Justin?" She was polite but screwed up her nose at the state of the small room she found herself in. It functioned as living room, dining room and kitchen all in one, and it was tiny and claustrophobic. Clutter, dishes and rubbish covered most of the surfaces and the floor. If only Rémy could see this, Scarlett thought with a smile. He'd have a heart attack. Everything at home was neat, tidy and organised all the time, without exception, because Rémy needed it that way to function.

"Good. You?" Justin replied, averting his gaze and stepping over a stray laundry basket en route back to his room. "He's in the bathroom."

"Kazi, you know the party is tonight, don't you?" She asked, banging on the door. She heard him laugh inside.

"I'm just fixing my hair," he shouted back at her through the door. She was satisfied with that answer and opened threw the door open.

"Oh!" She squealed and turned her back. He was completely naked, brushing his long fair hair in the mirror. He began laughing hard at her expense, utterly unfazed by the fact that the door was still open.

"You fucker! What is wrong with you, Kazimierz?" Her freckled cheeks were burning crimson with embarrassment.

"You come into my bathroom with no invitation, and you are angry at me?" He teased her, continuing to tame and style his mane.

"Kazi, I am not in the mood for your bullshit today!" She shouted, turning to look at his eyes in his reflection. "That was a lot more of you than I wanted to see."

"Calm down, piękny," he cooed, smiling at her. "I did nothing wrong. I told you I was doing my hair, didn't I? Did I lie?"

"No games, please," she sighed, annoyed. "Let me be clear to you. I haven't seen my brother since he was admitted. It's been three days. I'm not missing out on seeing him just because you feel like being a brat. He's more important than you. Get your clothes on and meet me in the car in three minutes, or don't bother coming at all."

"Can you please just relax? You are always so stressed. It's bad for you," Kazi's deep azure eyes returned to his reflection. "Your Smurf is not going anywhere. If you are a little late to this family dinner, then they will all see you arriving with me, yes?" Kazi's Polish accent was very thick and his English was still a work in progress, but the two had been close friends for long enough that she had little trouble understanding him - usually.

"Three minutes," she repeated, putting up three of her fingers. "Be there or I'm leaving you behind, and I won't be picking you up for dinner either. No, I'm not kidding." She shoved him hard with his left palm. The smile fell from his face and he looked at her quizzically, as though he didn't understand her. He muttered something in Polish and reached for the lavender shirt he'd hung up on the towel rack. Did he call her a bitch? Did he say something sweet? She didn't care. She stormed out, back down the stairs and it wasn't until she was back in the car before she began to calm down.

He loved to provoke her. Why did she put up with him? He was a charming man, no doubt about it. Handsome, funny and charismatic, but he couldn't act like an adult, and she was beginning to get very tired. She had started up the car and was seconds away from following up on her threat to leave him behind when the door opened and he swung himself into the passenger seat.

"You know, worrying yourself so much will give you wrinkles," he teased her. It was odd to see him looking so formal, she thought. With his wild hair sensibly tied back and in clothes that weren't dirty or had holes in them, he brushed up very well. He'd even put on some nice cologne. Why didn't he do all this from the start rather than messing around with her?

"I'm starting to think this is the worst idea I've ever had," she rolled her eyes and began to accelerate out of the car park.

"Why? Have I been disappointed you before?" He asked, poking Naomi through the back of the car seat, much to her discomfort.

"You drive me insane, Kazi," Scarlett growled, pushing her foot on the pedal, causing the car to accelerate with great volume.

"Then why don't you ask Justin or Liam to be your fake boyfriend?" He asked, frowning at her. "Do you think I have fun doing this to impress your family? I hate this."

"Get a grip. The free dinner you're getting tonight will have cost you more than you've spent on food in the last six weeks. Please don't humiliate me. Not tonight." she didn't like the way the words came out of her mouth. They sounded like Odette's words, words she was trying to erase from her vocabulary. That wasn't the person she wanted to be.

"Sounds stupid," he said glumly. "All these people who go hungry so that we can feast on expensive food."

"Look, I agree with you," she admitted, tossing her bangs out of her eyes. "I think the whole thing is a waste of money too, but it means the world to both Rémy and my mémé. Please be good tonight. Don't forget to kiss me a few times, but don't get carried away."

"This sounds stupid too!" Kazi was still sulking. "I can kiss you, but only when we are pretending. You will not be my girlfriend, but to impress your Odette, you want me to act. This is the last time I do this, Scarlett. If I can't have you, then I want to stop doing this. It hurts too much."

"Kazi, I don't want to have this conversation again," she groaned, keeping her eyes on the road. Kazi sighed and sat back deep in his seat.

Angelside Psychiatric Ward was in the same building lot as the rest of Angelside General Hospital, but it was its own three-floor building painted a pretty robin's egg blue a short stroll away down a lovely garden path. The ground floor housed the administration and visitor's centre. The first floor was for stable, trusted and recovering patients who were given extra freedoms and privileges. The second floor was the Blackberry Ward. The Black Hole, it had been called by a few different sources. The ward dedicated to treating disturbed, unstable and potentially dangerous people. That was where Kylian was right now. Fuck, he was only a kid. He wasn't psychotic. He was depressed and alone. And terrified. Kazi surprised her by opting to join her in the visit, a pleasant surprise to be sure. Kylian would be grateful to see him as well.

"Hello," Scarlett stood up to the front desk. A meek little woman, perhaps in her early forties, was there alone, her spectacles hanging from a little silver chain around her neck and her already grey hair cut close to her head like a helmet. Grace, her nametag said. "I want to see my brother Kylian."

"Kylian Della-croyx?" Grace asked, pronouncing their surname phonetically. It always managed to make Scarlett's skin crawl.

"Delacroix, yes," Scarlett patiently corrected her.

"He's in the Blackberry Ward right now, so I'll phone up and see what's happening," Grace told her with a forced smile, picking up the phone.

"This place creeps me out," Kazi whined, close enough to her that he felt his breath on her neck. "What can it do for Kylian that can't be done at home or at least in a happier place?"

"I don't know," Scarlett whispered back to him. "It's not up to me. I'd take him home right now if I could. Maybe we'll get lucky." Not a chance, Scarlett knew. Kylian would have to graduate to the low-security ward and prove that he can be trusted to live responsibly before he'd be released into her custody. If she were Elaine it would be a different story, but their mother was determined that he'd be in the hospital this time for as long as it took to break this cycle.

"Miss Delacroix, I'm so sorry to have to tell you this, but Kylian isn't in a fit state to be in the visitor's centre today," Grace said sadly.

"You can't be serious?" Scarlett blinked stupidly. "This is the fourth day in a row. What's going on with him?"

"I don't know, I'm afraid. I'm just the messenger," Grace said awkwardly. "I don't see patients from the Blackberry ward unless they're down for a visit."

"Well, tough," Scarlett was livid. "I want to see him!"

"Please don't yell at me," Grace begged, nervously running her hand through her hair. "I know this isn't easy for you, but his psychiatrist believes that visitation right now isn't an option."

"So get a second opinion," Kazi cut in before Scarlett could get carried away. "Or can you please let us talk to this psychiatrist?"

"Um," Grace looked between them. "I'll see if she's available. We're understaffed, so please don't get your hopes up."

"I don't get it!" Scarlett nearly shouted, smacking the counter with her fist. "They can't just stop me from seeing him. This is the fourth time! What's going on with him? Why can't I see him?"

"It's okay," Kazi put his arms around her and hugged her close to him. He was warm and comforting. "Please try to calm down, piękny. They're only doing their jobs, alright? You cannot help your Smurf by getting angry."

"I'm so worried," she wept into his ear. "I just need to know he's fine."

"Doctor Kirby is coming down to see you personally," Grace interrupted their embrace. "I believe she's the one who treats your brother." She paused for a moment. "I really am sorry. I wish I could help, but I don't have any authority. Off the record, I don't think you two should be kept apart."

"Thank you," Scarlett wiped a tear, hoping it didn't smudge anything. It took her a long time to apply all this bothersome face paint. "I'm sorry, I'm... I'm just at my wit's end. I haven't been allowed to see him since they took from Emergency. I just don't see why he can't be down here for a couple of minutes."

Grace didn't know how to reply, so she only nodded and returned to her work. Doctor Kirby wasn't what Scarlett had pictured. A tall, middle-aged woman with dark brown skin and darker brown eyes behind square spectacles. She was in a chic polyester blouse, red with black trim, and long, flowing black pants with sensible black moccasins.

"You're definitely Miss Delacroix - I'm sorry if I didn't say that right," she greeted her with a smile, extending a hand which Scarlett hesitantly shook. "Kylian certainly takes after you. He's a handsome boy! I'm Doctor Reese Kirby."

"How is he?" Scarlett did away with the formalities and didn't even bother to introduce Kazi. None of that was necessary. Only her baby brother.

"Well," Doctor Kirby's eyes flickered and she sat down in the waiting chair next to Scarlett. "Doctor-patient confidentiality restricts the things I can tell you, I'm afraid."

"Why?" Scarlett asked, clasping her hands together until her knuckles were white. "Why can't you just answer my question?"

"You're his sister, not his guardian," she said simply. "It's a whole lot of legal red tape that seems utterly ridiculous, but it does bind me and I apologise for that."

"Why can't I see him?" Scarlett asked, thoughts racing through her mind. "Can't he have a supervised visit? Can't I come up and see that he's okay?"

"Look, I'm not going to beat around the bush, because my decision to keep the two of you apart says a lot. I can't disclose too much, but he is having a lot of difficulty processing and adjusting to what's happened," the older woman explained. "As you're probably already aware, I am Kylian's psychiatrist and I am spending a lot of time with him. I assure you that he's going to be absolutely fine. While he adapts, he has a dedicated nurse giving him one-on-one support."

"But why can't I see him?" Scarlett only wanted a direct answer. Kazi put his hand on hers and squeezed it tight. "How can that be a bad thing?"

"I'm wary that it might do more harm than good until he settles down," Doctor Kirby's voice never seemed to change. It was always so measured, so flat, so... fucking smug. If she spoke with a modicum of emotion, Scarlett might be more inclined to listen to her, but it was like being on hold with an automated speaker. "Kylian's been through some traumatic events recently and is under a lot of stress. I don't want anything to trigger him. Do you understand me? I don't want to keep you from him, but given the circumstances, I believe it's in his best interest for now. I will contact you myself the moment things turn around, okay?"

Doctor Kirby smiled. She was kind of pretty, with her subtle and modest makeup and kind face. Scarlett didn't care much for how pretty she was or how smooth her words were.

"Can you please tell him how much I love him, then?" Scarlett reached behind her into the small bag she brought. "And if he's allowed, can you please give him these comic books? They're his favourites, and they're new issues. I thought they might help cheer him up."

"That sounds like a terrific idea," Doctor Kirby's smile widened and she took them in her hand. "He'll be thrilled to see these, I'm sure."

"So when do you think we can come back?" Kazi interjected. He must be getting bored of being ignored. He liked to have all eyes on him.

"I'll be in tomorrow at eleven o'clock," Doctor Kirby stood up, reading to move on. "If Miss Delacroix gives her number to Grace at the front desk, I'll make sure to let you know when he's ready to see you."

"Please look after him," Scarlett pleaded. "He's just a kid."

"I want to see him stable and happy as much as you do, Miss Delacroix," Doctor Kirby said a little coldly, as though Scarlett had implied that she wouldn't. "It's not just my job - I care deeply for my patients and I want the best for them, and that goes double for your brother. Good day. I hope to be in touch with you by tomorrow." And just like that, she disappeared around the corner.

"Does this mean Kylian's totally flipped his lid?" Scarlett asked Kazi, who shrugged.

"I only know as much as you do," he reminded her, before being the one to walk to the counter to give Grace the number to ring Scarlett on. She felt terrible about the way she treated Kazi earlier. The way she would be treating him tonight. He really does care, she thought. He loves me. The way he'd been there for her just now really struck a chord in her heart. Perhaps she was wrong about him. Still, what was she going to do about her brother? He needed her. She knew he did.

Thank you to anyone who read this. You guys rock!

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I feel so bad for Scarlett! There's something up with this hospital, I'm telling you 👀

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9 minutes ago, AmosLee1023 said:

I feel so bad for Scarlett! There's something up with this hospital, I'm telling you 👀

You're such a cynic ;)

Haha thanks for reading! 

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I can imagine the type of story @AmosLee1023 would turn this into! Lol. 

Can't wait to meet the others...Although for some reason, I'm really wanting to get to know Justin. 

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11 minutes ago, tinytoes said:

I can imagine the type of story @AmosLee1023 would turn this into! Lol. 

Can't wait to meet the others...Although for some reason, I'm really wanting to get to know Justin. 

Haha @AmosLee1023 and I share a lot of common interests when it comes to fiction, I'm afraid.
Thank you! Félix is next up. You like Justin already? 😮 Awesome! 
Thanks for reading, reacting and reviewing! You keep making my day 😘

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You know those moments where you just want to get up and cheer?  I had one of those when Scarlett (great name, BTW) slapped Adlai across the face.  Kudos for her not apologizing either.  He had it coming.  


Is Scarlett a lesbian using Kazi as a beard, or just using him to get her family off her back?  Scarlett's family feels so bitter and cold, I would hate to be around them all the time.  


I look forward to seeing where this is going!  Thera re a lot of characters to work with!  

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24 minutes ago, CassieQ said:

You know those moments where you just want to get up and cheer?  I had one of those when Scarlett (great name, BTW) slapped Adlai across the face.  Kudos for her not apologizing either.  He had it coming.  


Is Scarlett a lesbian using Kazi as a beard, or just using him to get her family off her back?  Scarlett's family feels so bitter and cold, I would hate to be around them all the time.  


I look forward to seeing where this is going!  Thera re a lot of characters to work with!  

HAHA! I'm glad you approved. I know I did.

She's not a lesbian with a Kazi beard, but oh I wish I thought of that. That's an interesting direction!
I'm happy you liked it! Thank you so much for the R, R & R :)

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