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The House of Aeris 2. Guardian Force

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Before being assigned to the Prometheus Aeris had a semi-normal life. Here are a few snippets of his life prior to his current mission.

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Will Hawkins

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Okay, I am a troll -- I think that is the correct designation or maybe it is 'lurker' -- I read a story, even one like this that I enjoy greatly, and pick it apart! 

This story has great possibilities, Aeris, as a character in fiction shows great promise, but my reaction is that he is heading for a mentor role for John in his career as a, shall I call it space cadet? The introduction of Aeris as a mentor is well done, though I feel that the jumps from one age to the next in John's life are a little sudden. I was pleased, however, to find only one or two grammatical and spelling errors in the paragraphs. When I say I am a troll that's what I do -- I sit under my bridge and pick out the errors. In this case, only a few.

Recommendations: find an Editor that is not afraid to make corrections and suggestions and a Beta Reader that is a snot and will dump all over your storyline (constructively, of course).

Good luck and keep up the good work.



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