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Cosmic Inception 3. Saving Caeorleia Premium

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Sub-genres: Adventure, Soft Sci-Fi

Nicklaus and Fieo are drawn to each other, but so much stands between them and joining in besedad. Nick has some very real fears to work through, but will he have the time and space he needs to overcome his past? Fieo's mission to find the Collectors will take them far from Caeorleia and stress on their already tenuous relationship.

Will their journey tear them apart or finally bring them together?

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I just finished reading the "Saving Caeorleia" trilogy for the second time.  There are a few sagas in the Space-faring, other worlds and other cultures genre that are truly in a class above the thousands of stories that attempt to address these areas of literature.

The factors that make one of these stories rate into the truly wonderful reads is the way the author addresses more than the "get into space" and "find an adversary" aspects of the story.  No, when the author really draws the reader into the different worlds and examines their cultures, even addressing languages and environmental requisites which affect the cultures, is important.  When an author can even make us feel connected to and a part of the lives of even alien species, then that author is writing with magical script.

Cia has done all of that and more with the three installments of this fantastic saga.  The first installment, "The Experiment" introduces us to Ryker and Seral - whose father is the leader of the planet Caeorleia.  We are treated to interesting involvment in the family life of the leader and his offspring, the governing Council of the planet and many of its inhabitants - some engaging and appealing and some who make us seethe in anger.  Another factor in the masterful wordsmithing by Cia is that ability to make characters so real as to be part of the reader during the story.  Seral and Ryker take us on a ride, let me tell you.

During "The Experiment" we meet other characters.  Four of them become the main characters in "Adverse Effects" and "Cosmic Inception".

Cia expresses an amazing imagination as the stories are woven into collections of diverse images of conflict, social interaction, personal interactions among the characters and engaging storylines that are in total, enchanting.

Thank you, Cia for all the hard work you put into this saga.  We appreciate it more than I could possibly express in a review!


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