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A Child's Haven - 16. Chapter 16

As soon as I walked into the door, my mom knew something was wrong. “What’s wrong, Brad?”

“Mom, a kid came into Sanctuary today. He was being chased by a pervert who violated him. The kid is eleven years old. The doctor at the clinic thinks there might be something wrong and will run some tests tomorrow. Mom, eleven years old!! Janine ran a rape kit and found semen. I don’t know if I can continue this. I cried in the office when Janine told me about finding the semen. I held him on my lap while he ate. His bum was so sore. Mom, please tell me I’m doing the right thing. This is so hard. There are kids out there being held as slaves, and I can’t get to them. Mom, help me, please.”

I watched my son as he fell apart before my eyes. What could I do; I don’t know the words to make this right? All I could do is offer a mother’s love. I sat on the floor as he cried into my lap.

“I need to get back in case he wakes up. I don’t want him to feel alone, and I know tomorrow he’s going to be scared, and so am I. Thanks, Mom, for being the mother that you are. Tell Dad I love him.”

I kissed my mother on the cheek and returned to Sanctuary. When I entered, Beth was sitting there waiting for me. “Jeff wants to see you.”

I took the steps two at a time; I rushed to Jeff’s cocoon. “Where is he?”

“He said there were other boys he had to free and bring them here.”

“How soon did he leave?”

“Just a few minutes ago.”

“Get a few of the older boys and meet me at the front.”

I headed uptown, and a group of boys headed downtown. “Jeff, on my phone, you’ll find Officer Murray’s phone number. Call him, tell him who you are, and you want to know the address of the guy he picked up today at Sanctuary. Explain what happened.”

“Pat, keep your eye out for any young boy walking alone.”

Jeff told me the address, and we were only a block away. “There,” Pat yelled. I slowed down; Jeff jumped out and ran to the boy. At the same time, a car was speeding toward the boy. I sped up, “Pat lay down on the floor.” I aimed my car right at the one speeding toward Jeff and the boy. I braced myself for the collision. Evidently, the driver of the other car didn’t see me because when I hit his car, he came flying out the windshield. I heard the police siren behind me and waited. “Pat, are you all right?”

“Yes, what did you hit?”

“A car that was aimed at Jeff and the kid.”

“Are they ok?”

“Yes, but my car isn’t. I think I’m in line for a new car.”

Officer Murray came up to my car and pulled the door open, “What the hell happened?”

“Do you remember that kid today and the guy you arrested? He told Jeff that there were more kids and he needs to get them back to Sanctuary. He left on his own, Jeff told me, and we followed. Pat saw him, Jeff jumped out to get him, and that car raced toward them. I intersected.”

“Jeff, where are those kids?”

And for the first time, I heard a new voice, “They’re in the basement.”

Officer Murray led a squad of three and headed into the house. About 20 minutes later, two of the officers came out with four boys. “How many should be there?”


“You’re missing one. There should be a total of five. Check the whole house.”

We watched as lights were being turned off and on. Then we saw one of the officers pick up a child and carry him into the light from the squad cars.

“Is that all?”

The reply made me sick, “At this house, yes.”

Officer Murray heard the answer. Jeff asked, “Do you know the address of the other house.”

Nodded his head yes, and gave us the address. “Officer Murray, you take the squad car to the other house. I’ll get these boys back to Sanctuary.”

The squad cars took off as the tow truck arrived to take my car away. The coroner arrived to pick up the body, and when he did, it looked like he went into shock. The body was a councilman on the city government.

I hailed a cab and sent Jeff home with three boys. Pat and I followed with the other two boys. When we got home, I asked Jeff to determine if any of the boys had been violated or beaten. If none have been violated, take them to get a shower. I’ll phone Mario and get some food over here.”

I watched as Jeff and the new boy, whose name I didn’t know, question the five new boys. Jeff indicated that they were ok and took them downstairs to shower and get some clean clothes. Beth came down from 2A, I told her what was happening, and she went to get the forms to sign them in.

“Mario, it’s going to be a long night. I need more food, do you still have that soup? I’ll need enough for ten bowls and bread if you have it. They’re showering, so give me about 20 minutes.”

“Beth, I expect more boys tonight. The little one gave us another address, and cops are going there now. I expect it’ll be a long night.”

Pat put his head down on the table, and soon he was sleeping, “Pat go to bed. You did a fantastic job tonight, and I’ll see you in the morning. Do you want me to take you to bed and tuck you in?”

He just looked at me and grinned, “Then scoot.” I heard Jeff coming upstairs, he wasn’t crying, but he was mad.

Mario arrived with the soup, and Beth helped him serve it. Jeff took the boys to the vending machines. I heard him say no, we don’t have colas. You’ll be keeping us all awake burping. They laughed until they saw the soup and bread. One of them whispered to Jeff, and he nodded his head yes. One by one, they came to the table, thanking me, and then they inhaled the soup. They had emptied the pot when Mario came back with a stack of grilled cheese sandwiches. That stack disappeared as fast. “Jeff, did the boys tell you when they ate last?”

“No, just that it has been several days.” I’m not going to cry, but I’m angry.

“Brad, I think they are getting tired.”

“Check with Beth and get their cocoon number, and then you can show them how they work. You might need more sheets.”

Each of the boys came over and thanked me. I gave each a hug and a kiss on the head. One of the boys whispered, “My dad use to do that.” I didn’t want to hear more. I knew if I did, I’d cry.

While I was waiting for the boys from the second house, I heard a pounding on the front door. I rushed to the door, and when I peeped out, I saw a kid that looked very scared. I quickly opened the door. Grabbing the kid, I pulled him inside and locked the door again.

“Thanks. I thought I was too late and then I didn’t know what I’d do. This man was chasing me. I never saw him before, but he said he was going to kill me.”

“You’re safe now. Would you like something to eat?”

“I haven’t eaten for two days,” I called Mario and asked for more food.

Something wasn’t right. This kid looked a lot older than Andy. While he was eating, I dialed Officer Murray’s phone. I heard him answer. I walked to the vending machine, “Do you want something to drink.”

“Yes, I’ll have water.”

Over the noise of the water dropping, I whispered, “Come quick.”

In less than 3 minutes, there was a knock on the door. “Who is that?”

“It’s probably more kids. When they come home late, they knock rather than ring the bell that’ll wake up the other kids. It’s ok, finish, your food at the table.”

I went to the door, “Did you kids have fun at the movies? Where’s your driver?”

The kid at the table kept eating and not paying any attention until Officer Murray said, “On your feet Joey, you’re under arrest.”

Joey looked completely surprised. They had cuffs on him, and Officer O’Shea took him out to the squad car. “Officer Murray, what happened at the second house? I thought there would be more boys.”

“When they got there, the house was empty, but they were stupid. There was enough evidence to convict several high placed people, a judge, an assistant district attorney, a minister, and a few police. Read tomorrow’s paper, and with this guy tonight, we have the whole ring. He was the director, clients would call him, and he would send a boy to their house. There is a big surprise coming, and we believe that’s where the rest of the boys are.”

“Let me have the address and the time, I’ll have my bus there to pick up the boys and bring them here.”

“How about I call you after the bust, that’ll still give you plenty of time to get them. We’ll have to take statements, and that always takes time.”

“You know, I know who you and Officer O’Shea are. I won’t say a word, but I’ll thank my dad.”

“Just remember, we can be here in five minutes”

“See you guys tomorrow for coffee.”

They left; I closed up the dining hall and went to the cook shack. Mario was still up. “Mario, let’s have a cup of good Italian coffee. It’s been a long night, and I really appreciate you hanging around. Why don’t you sleep in a cocoon? I think that’s what I’m going to do.”

Several of my readers are planning on having a glass of wine on Christmas Eve at 6 pm, Easter Standard Time. Join us in companionship. CLJobe

Copyright © 2020 CLJobe; All Rights Reserved.
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5 hours ago, Anton_Cloche said:

It's important to keep in mind the teens who have been in Foster Care, some for most of their life, who 'Age Out' at 18 and have no place to live, no continuation of health care, and  no education funding.

Thank you brykerr for offering a brief respite to this young man on Christmas Day :hug:. Hopefully he has a place to stay, especially during this pandemic. There are 'guardian angels among us' . :heart:

See, this is something I would be interested in doing. I just don't know how to go about it. As a recent widow, I'm poor but also bored out of my gourd. I'm also a bit paranoid since, you know, widow.

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43 minutes ago, empresslovesreading said:

See, this is something I would be interested in doing. I just don't know how to go about it. As a recent widow, I'm poor but also bored out of my gourd. I'm also a bit paranoid since, you know, widow.

Depends on where you live. But here are some suggestions, pack a lunch and give it to a street person, age isn't an issue. Walk through a park in the evening, if you see someone that looks homeless, offer them the lunch. You could volunteer at a soup kitchen. I'm not sure what is available where you live but there are things you can do. Your heart is in the right place and that counts.

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