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The Secret Life Of Billy Chase 8 - 3. Chapter 3


- You know, I almost forgot that I don't have school tomorrow! Hehehe! I mean, it's refreshing to finally be on Summer break and all, but I guess you just get locked into a certain routine for so long that it clings to you for a week or two afterward. I'm going to sleep in like nobody's business for the next few days! Count on it!

I had quite an...interesting evening tonight. Hehehe! It was a little bit unexpected, but...I don't know. I think I liked it. I think I liked it a LOT, in fact. More than I thought I would. Maybe there's more to this than I had originally thought.

But, as always, I'm saving the best for last. So I'll get to that in a minute...

So, I called my dad's house today so I could tell him the good news about the job and stuff. Trace answered the phone, and I could hear Mikey in the background making one hell of a ruckus. Hehehe, I don't know what the heck he had gotten himself into, but it sounded like he was screaming and banging pots and pans together for no other reason than to hear the noise. It must have been driving everybody crazy. Trace tried to hush him up for a moment, then he was like, "Hello?"

I giggled like, "Dude...are you guys ok? Hehehe, what is he doing?"

Trace was like, "I have NO idea, Billy! I swear! He had two Red Bull energy drinks when nobody was looking, and now he's being a freakin' MANIAC!" I heard Mikey get even louder in the background, and Trace shouted, "MIKEY!!! Jesus Christ!!!" Hahaha! He said, "I'd send him outside but I'm afraid he'd run out in front of a truck or something. That kid's not gonna sleep until next week."

I guess Trace went into another room and shut the door, because I heard the noise being muffled, but not by much. He asked me what was up and I told him the awesome news. He was seriously stoked about the whole idea. He even promised to make it a point to come out and visit me from time to time when I was at work, which might be cool now that I think about it. How easy would a work day be if I had a few friends coming by to help me kill some time? I also asked him, "So did you hear anything from Simon, yet? Is he ok?"

Trace was like, "Simon will be alright. I mean, his parents threw a bit of a fit over his finals, but I doubt it was as bad as he was expecting it to be. I mean, if you ask me, Simon's racked up enough 'good boy' points to earn a few get out of trouble free cards. I'm looking after him though. I'm making it my lone mission to loosen that boy up this Summer. You'll see."

I'm like, "I don't know, Trace. You may have met your match with that one. I don't know if Simon's exactly comfortable being...you know...comfortable."

Trace said, "Heh...I might have said the same thing about you a few months ago. And look how you turned out."

I'm like, "Touche." Then I said, "Say, can I talk to my dad real quick? I just want to give him the good news before I head out to the grocery store with my mom."

That's when something...'strange' happened. I guess it just took me by surprise, and it seems like it should be such a little thing...but I couldn't help but to notice. Trace opened the door, Mikey's noise flooding back into the room...and heard Trace call out, "Dad! Telephone! It's Billy!"

Dad? He called my dad...Dad. I felt my breath get caught in my throat for a moment, and it just...it just made me feel weird inside. I think I might have even felt a little bit of that jealousy that I experienced before when he first moved in with him. I guess I'm just overly possessive when it comes to my father. He's mine, you know? And Trace gets to see him more than I do.

Yeah....divorce sucks.

Anyway, I told him that I got the job, and he says, "Hey! That's great, kiddo. When do you start?"

I'm like, "They told me to come in on Thursday afternoon, and they'll show me the ropes and all." He asked me what I'd be doing there, and I was like, "Ummm...to be totally honest, I don't really know. I guess I'll find out when I get there."

My dad told me, "Well, listen, maybe one day after you get your first paycheck we can go out and set up a personal bank account for you. How's that?"

I was like, "Cool. Ok!" That made me feel a little better. Like I said...'MINE'!

He said, "Maybe we can catch a movie, get some lunch, we'll make a day of it. Ok?"

And that was that. The plans were made, and I couldn't help but smile when I hung up the phone. It just felt good. Normal. It almost reminded of a time when I didn't have to talk to my dad on the phone. A time when he was never further than the other room.

It's hard to believe that he's...leaving....

Anyway...I don't want to start thinking about that right now. It's depressing.

Besides, after what I've just seen...I wanna stay smiling. Hehehe!

I was thinking about hanging out with Sam tonight, but as my mom and I were taking the groceries in the house, I noticed Michelle walking down the street. Obviously going to pay her favorite boy toy a visit. Sam's mom was home, but I guess it didn't matter much if they were just hanging out or whatever. I pretended not to see her and just went in the house. Ever since her little homophobic comments at the barbecue, she hasn't been high on my list of people that I want to be around. I kinda wish Sam would feel the same way, but...she's his girlfriend. What can I do, you know? Whatever.


I called Jimmy up. I think I kinda missed him today. Is that weird? I mean, I still haven't really defined this relationship between us yet. Should I say that we're...dating? Are we? Or...? I mean, it sounds so weird for me to think about Jimmy LaPlane as my 'boyfriend'. That just sounds so bizarre to me, even in my head. Even more so, here in writing. But I just had the feeling that I wanted to hear his voice today. So when I called, Jimmy picks up and I asked him what he was doing. He's like, "What I'm always doing every moment of every day. Thinking about you. What could be more fun than that? Hehehe!"

I said, "You certainly know how to flatter a guy, don't ya?"

He's like, "I try. You make it easy." Jimmy has always been a big flirt, but now that we can kinda kiss and roll around and he can back it up...I don't know, it's kinda hot. It used to be really awkward when I had to do everything I could to duck and dodge his advances. I guess those days are over. :)

So we talked for a little while. Nothing special, really. Just friendly conversation. But at one point, Jimmy got kinda quiet for a second, and I said, "What are you doing?"

And Jimmy giggled a little bit, and he's like, "Sorry. It's just, every time I talk to you on the phone, I picture you sitting there totally naked, and then I get all excited. Hehehe!"

I was like, "Please tell me you're kidding..."

Jimmy grinned and said, "I'm not. It's an image that's sort of hard to get out of my head sometimes."

I think I was blushing, because my face felt all hot and flushed. So I smiled and I said, "You know, I still think that's a totally unfair advantage you have over me."

He said, "What do you mean?"

I'm like, "Because...you got to see me naked that day at AJ's house."

And he says, "Yeah. I know. Hehehe!"

So I say, "Well...that's not fair. I never got to see you. You owe me a peep show."

Jimmy's like, "Hehehe, Billy...dude...ANY time you want to see me naked, I will give you the show of a lifetime. I PROMISE you!"

I thought it was cute, you know? So...after a brief pause, I was like, "Mkay...I may just have to take you up on that some time soon. Maybe really soon." Omigod...I felt it. That little quiver in my stomach. That bashful little flutter of butterfly wings in my stomach. There was a time when I thought only Brandon could have that effect on me. Is it possible to have that feeling for someone else, now that Brandon is no longer in the picture? Have I been overlooking Jimmy this whole time? I swear, it was the strangest feeling in the world. But I liked it.

Jimmy and I traded a few more giggles over the next few minutes before he said he had to go. I was a little let down, as I was enjoying our little flirtatious comments back and forth, but he'd be around tomorrow. So it was no big loss, I guess.

BUT...that's not the best part!

About an hour and a half ago, I got an email from Jimmy...and it was titled 'Showtime'. I had no idea what that meant, but I opened it up and there was a video attachment inside. So I clicked on it, and it was recorded from Jimmy's webcam. He was sitting at his desk, and he smiled and waved at me. There wasn't any sound, but...let's just say that it didn't need any. Like...hehehe...yeah...

I can't even imagine the look on my own face as I saw Jimmy reach down and lift his shirt up over his head. My eyes widened, and I covered my mouth with my hand to keep from gasping out loud. I was like, "No way! He's not gonna do it! He's just teasing me, he wouldn't really do it! Crazy Jimmy!" But then, Jimmy stood up from his desk, and he turned his back to the camera. There was some movement in the front as he undid his pants, and then...slowly...he lowered the back of his pants...and the cutest little round butt came into view. I mean, I don't think I really spent a whole lot of time staring at Jimmy's ass, but it was MUCH nicer than I expected. His cheeks were all pale and smooth, and it had these awesome little dimples on both sides.

I instantly got worried that my mom might suddenly come walking in at any moment, so I made sure that my bedroom door was closed all the way, and I turned the computer screen to an angle where she wouldn't be able to see what I was watching. Just in case she surprised me.

Jimmy took his pants all the way off, bending over slightly to give me an even sexier view of his ass, and I felt my heart pounding in my chest as I kept my eyes glued to the screen. That's when Jimmy turned around, and I saw him giving his hard inches a few gentle strokes...taking his hand away to show me what he had. My mouth was watering at the site of it, especially when he turned to the side and let it bounce softly in the air for a few seconds. It was kind of pink at the tip, and he didn't have much hair, but I liked it! I half expected Jimmy to sit back down in his chair and call us even. But he didn't stop there. In fact, Jimmy moved the camera to some place near the foot of his bed...and I saw him lay down on his back, legs splayed wide open, and he smiled at me again as he literally began giving me a show that I am going to remember for the rest of my LIFE! He definitely kept his word on that one!

I was sooooo hard that I had to open my pants and reach inside to hold myself together. I was breathing heavy as I watched Jimmy stroke his erection on camera for me. I mean...something about this just felt so...NAUGHTY! But in a really sexy way! I couldn't believe what I was seeing! Sometimes he'd speed up and bring himself right to the edge...then he'd slow down...then he'd stop and just hold the heated rod for a moment while he tried to calm it down. I'd watch it pulse and wiggle with a false orgasm, a dribble of clear nectar leaking from the blushed tip, and then he'd slowly build back up to speed again. Still keeping my ears open for my mom, I didn't want to actually start masturbating over the video...but then...Jimmy put his feet up on the mattress, knees bent, and I nearly gasped again as I watched him reach underneath his leg and start to slowly finger his tight hole right in front of me!!! It was, like, the hottest thing EVER!!! At that point, I couldn't help myself. Trust me, if you had seen how incredibly hot this video was, you would have masturbated in the front pew of your local CHURCH by that point.

I watched Jimmy push his middle finger in as far as it would go, withdrawing and pushing it back in with a steady rhythm, his face contorted slightly as he closed his eyes and just let the pleasure consume him completely. I started to jerk myself faster. I pulled my pants down to my knees and pulled my shirt up to my nipples. I was breathless with arousal. I was aching for Jimmy. I wanted to just reach out and touch him. I wanted him sooooo bad.

The whole video might have only been about 6 minutes long, but I was so lost in the moment, it flew by in seconds. All too soon, I saw Jimmy's thighs clench together. And his finger sank itself into his moist hole as the first pulses of orgasm shot through him. Jimmy shivered and squirmed a bit, and soon, volleys of warm seed splashed across his chest and flat stomach. It was a lot. So much that by the time he had finished shooting, I was ready to join him. I heard myself whimper quietly as I came hard all over myself, hearing my chair squeak as my body shook with a series of erotic convulsions.

Jimmy laid still for a moment, but then he sat up and smiled at the camera for me. He had a little bit of cum left on his fingers...and with a wink, I watched him suck them clean. Sighhhhh...I swear...that boy is going to get it the next time I see him! Hehehe! I was so turned on that I would have snuck out of the house right then and there and tackled that boy to the floor! That's it. This is happening. I have to have him. Seriously. My GOD!!!

I think I watched that 6 minute video at least three times tonight so far! And I couldn't keep my pants on for either one of 'em! In fact, I'm pretty sure that once I finish writing this, I'm going to go watch it again. And...I'm going to stop writing right now! I'm just that horny. I wonder what Jimmy is doing tomorrow. I want to see him. I want him to come over here, and I want to see if maybe I can get a taste of the real thing...

GOD that was hot!!!

Ok, I'm gonna go now! But..hehehe, yeah...that was hot. Super hot. I wish he was here right now. I need it so bad.

Tomorrow. I'm calling him first thing in the morning. No more games. I'm not even gonna say a word when he gets here. I'm just going to push him up against the nearest wall and stick my tongue down his throat! Hehehe!

Who knows? Maybe Jimmy LaPlane might make for a hot boyfriend after all. (Still looks weird to write that down)

Anyway...later! :) - Billy

Copyright © 2015 Comicality; All Rights Reserved.
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Well, so that took the romance out of it rather quickly. I guess it's okay, as I wasn't really feeling the whole Billy–Jimmy relationship to begin with. I could see it before, but not anymore now.

Anyway, loving the story :D

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Aww man...I adore Jimmy and I'm worried he's going to get hurt cos I have a feeling things aren't done between Billy and Brandon!!

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