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Sanitaria Springs Sanitaria Springs

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Genres: Comedy
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Sanitaria Springs is a real place, but this is an entirely - or nearly entirely - fictional take on it. There will be three original chapters posted, unfortunately much of the rest is owned by other people. Cia has graciously allowed me to point you to them, however.

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Welcome to Sanitaria Springs. Hold on tight, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

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  • 02/14/2015 (Updated: 02/17/2015)
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If you believe in polygamy then this series is for you. If not the stay away. Characters are great, but I wish I knew. I’m a hopeless romantic.

Response from the author:

Polygamy is the act of being married to many spouses, which doesn't happen here and is also illegal. There are instances through the series where relationships develop past a couple. For a series of reasons relationships like that are hard to maintain. While the example of the 'throuple' with Seth/Logan/Grayson ended, it translated to something better. In the case of Alec/Sasha/Kale/Chase they have passed through part of that relationship and have matured into something else.

Romance isn't found in being a couple. Romance is found in all types of relationships and having two examples of people that attempted something numerically larger than a couple doesn't make it polygamous or non-romantic.

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· Edited by Michael C


The jester / clown exists to entertain the world while busy hiding their own anger and sadness. It takes attraction, kindness, tenacity to penetrate that mask and reach the real person underneath. I actually took the time to read more episodes of the Alec - Sasha saga before reviewing this. I may be partial to the setting of the story, having spent some time in the Great Lakes region (which I would like to extend to upstate New York) & found myself drawn to the landscape, climate (yes, that!) and general outlook of its people. I like these 'average' and troubled characters in the world of SS, down to some of their families' Southeastern European heritage. But one thing I want to single out to counter the point of the other reviewer ('polygamy') is that Alec and Sasha are honest about their feelings and desires. And the idea that a truly romantic relationship has to be confined to 2 people at all times is not applicable to many truly romantic relationships in real life.

And a good writer, like Dabeagle for example, shows us the potentials and possibilities of relationships. Humans do not get to decide who they are attracted to. Attractions happen even without us noticing. In fact, what Dabeagles does exceptionally well is to lay out the many forms and shades of attraction and how people become aware of them & work on them. First loves like Alec & Sasha's may survive life's many vicissitudes and become permanent, but more likely than not, humans go through different stages of life & different forms of romantic entanglement, some clearly defined & others very messy. Alec & Sasha talk about their feelings and attractions, negotiate the rules and boundaries, and I find their approach very adult. All characters in the world of SS are trying to live their lives to the full, and they're caught in a constant state of 'becoming' themselves. I find it totally relatable that some characters fall in love with just about everything and everyone, and it is how they work through their complex psychological processes that I find captivating.

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