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The Meaning of Living

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Genres: General Fiction
Sub-genres: Drama

One of my favorite stories of my own - in the top three. Failure, redemption, loss, recovery and finally...the meaning of living.

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Timothy M.

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Sometimes you get into a bad situation, fall in with the wrong people, harbor misunderstandings about other people or yourself. Your worth as a human being isn't measured by your ability to avoid mistakes, because everybody make those. No, it's what you do afterwards which matters. Do you admit the fault you made? Do you try to make up for it, to do better?

This is a story about a boy who takes the first steps towards the man he is meant to be, just by being honest and willing to learn from his misstep. It's a frustrating path at times, perhaps mostly for us readers, but we hope he gets there and is rewarded in the end.

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A sweet short piece about self-discovery. A kid did something wrong by mindlessly following the crowd. He was given a chance to show who he really was. In the process he had a glimpse of how 'normal' the everyday life of the community he was conditioned to hate was. Then he got to know people that prompted him to really get to know his true self.

Arguably nobody in this day and age likes to ponder 'the meaning of living'. For our main protagonist Chris it's more 'the meaning of living one's true self'. Slow or 'dense' as he sometimes could be, he finally decided to seize the 'elastic moments when you're at peace & just totally in the moment' and make that moment worthwhile. 

My own takeaway from this story is perhaps a bit 'tangential'. You can right past wrongs. But you must own them first. You must first accept the version of yourself that made those mistakes before you can possibly move on. 

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