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All We Have Now 1. All We Have Now

   (1 review)
Genres: Horror, Romance

It has almost been a year since the world ended. The majority of the population died, came back as mindless and highly aggressive creatures and killed most of the rest. Cody is one of the last survivors. He is small, sensitive, innocent and about to starve to death. While he is desperately trying to find food, he gets attacked and then saved at the last second by Troy, who is a hardened brute. Cody hates him, but knows he is probably his only chance to survive the winter, so he sticks with him.

This story is set in a post-apocalyptic world with zombies and it's rated "Mature" for: graphic violence/gore, sexual content, drug use and language.

Please don't let that scare you off though, besides its setting and adult content it's still "funny, warm, and thoughtful", to quote someone who's already read it.

To Kitt, my editor, and Irritable1, my beta-reader - thank you so very much!

Now, I hope you enjoy reading this and please let me know what you think.

Copyright © 2014 DavidAB; All Rights Reserved.

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Table of Contents
  • 1. Part 1
    • 8,346 Words
  • 2. Part 2
    • 7,839 Words
  • 3. Part 3
    • 7,357 Words
  • 4. Part 4
    • 6,916 Words
  • 5. Part 5
    • 6,925 Words
  • 6. Part 6
    • 5,459 Words

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Nearly one year ago, zombies took over the Earth, causing civilization to collapse. Whoever survived was left to fend for themselves.

In a remote forest, a teen has somehow survived several months without knowledge about how to survive in the wild. However, it is now winter, and he has no food left. Exhausted, sick, and starving, he decides to try and go to a nearby town to find food and medicine. There, he is attacked by a monster. He thinks that he is about to die… and then a saviour appears.

But will Cody want to stay with them?

What I Loved

The entire story has this gloomy atmosphere which I found to be perfectly fitting. The way that the remnants of human civilization (like dilapidated commercial buildings, houses, and cars) were portrayed contributed to this.

Integration of religious aspects was something I didn’t expect. Perhaps I don’t interact with “zombie apocalypse” media enough, but is it me or do survivors never pray to God or anything?


Troy is definitely one of my favourite characters. I really liked his character development – hardened brute to a loving and committed boyfriend.

I would usually criticize an ending for being too inconclusive (can you tell I’ve been burned by this before?), but I don’t think All We Have Now’s ending deserves that. In fact, I quite liked the ending. It represented something that neither Cody nor Troy had before – hope. Hope for a better future, together. 

What Could’ve Been Better

There were several long stretches of dialogue where I lost track of who is talking. I believe it was because each line was just the raw dialogue without being broken up with “[person] said” (or similar) and descriptive sentences. 

While I get that Cody is supposed to be “sensitive”, he really does cry a lot.


I can’t help but feel that the boys’ reasoning behind their plan to travel specifically to California is a bit… odd? While I get the part about heat causing the zombies’ bodies to rot faster, I’m pretty sure there’s other hot places within the United States too. (Do we even know what state they’re in right now? Maybe I missed it.)

Miscellaneous Thoughts

All the talk about “apocalypse gay” reminds me for some reason of those porn actors that are like “gay for pay”. No idea why. Maybe because it’s a similar concept?


At first, I questioned if Troy’s little outburst at the house (where he bent Cody over the counter in a very half-hearted attempt to rape him) was realistic after the time the two of them spent together. On a re-read, however, I can see why he lost his temper. Cody really was poking the beast.

Similarly, I wondered if Troy would really act the way he did at the beginning (rude, short, abusive…) to what he thought was an angel. Thinking it through, I think that perhaps the way he was raised and the isolation he felt for the last year or so contributed to how he acted towards Cody.


All We Have Now is a fantastic story about two guys just trying to survive in a hostile world. I really loved Cody and Troy’s story, and I can’t wait to read more about them.

Now, onto The Road!

5 stars.

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