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The Road 2. All We Have Now

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Genres: Horror, Romance

Part II of "All We Have Now".

It's rated "Mature" for the same reasons as Part I, except there's no drug use this time.

I highly recommend to read Part I first, because this is not really a stand-alone story and picks up right where Part I left off.

To Kitt and Irritable1 - thank you so very much!

Sorry this took so long. Now please enjoy :-)

Copyright © 2014 DavidAB; All Rights Reserved.

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Table of Contents
  • 1. Part 1
    • 8,346 Words
  • 2. Part 2
    • 7,139 Words
  • 3. Part 3
    • 8,625 Words
  • 4. Part 4
    • 5,036 Words
  • 5. Part 5
    • 8,428 Words
  • 6. Part 6
    • 5,036 Words
  • 7. Part 7
    • 3,425 Words

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Now that Cody and Troy are an item, they set off for California in their RV. They face new challenges and learn more about each other while on their long road trip.

What I Loved

The Road picks up right where we left off in All We have Now without any fuss.

I liked the juxtaposition between the grim atmosphere of the outside world and the romantic atmosphere in Cody and Troy’s RV haven. Sometimes there will be a scene where the two are having a romantic moment, but the next will be a reminder of the hostile world they live in (for example, when they search for supplies). I’m sure someone might criticize these transitions as being too jarring, but I like it. 

Cody and Troy are not a perfect couple. Conflict is part of human nature, after all.


The incident with Marueen really shows why Troy is this hardened brute instead of someone like Cody. He thought that he found someone he could stay with forever, but they (along with the rest of their group) nearly killed him instead.

What Could’ve Been Better

The same criticisms from the last story still apply here.

Troy’s backstory should’ve been a full-on flashback instead of him simply telling Cody the story about what happened. It would’ve worked way better and have been more interesting that way, in my opinion.


Minor nitpick: Troy being unconscious for hours (at least, that’s how long Cody said he was crying for) indicates he probably has a severe brain injury. Pretty sure that’s not what was intended.

Cody is quite naïve. Perhaps excessively so. I found his behaviour with the old man to be quite annoying – trust your boyfriend, Cody! You’ve already seen and heard first-hand why you shouldn’t immediately trust others in this post-apocalyptic world! Did he learn nothing from Troy’s story? Or the intruders at the house?

Miscellaneous Thoughts

There’s less travelling depicted here than expected. I also didn’t expect Christmas celebrations to take up three parts, either. 


I honestly fell for Troy’s fake death. That was a twist that came out of nowhere. (Kinda like the zombies that attacked Troy, haha.) I really don’t know why I fell for it, especially since I know there is a third story in this series. Troy dying wouldn’t make much sense.


The Road is another fantastic entry in the All We Have Now series. The guys got to learn more about each other, and their relationship survived through the adversity (conflict) it faced.

And now, time for me to read Home.

5 stars.

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