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The Cockney Canuck - 32. Chapter 32 Home Alone

It was remarkable how much my life had changed in just one year. Twelve months ago, I was still living with my mom in our apartment in London. She had started her treatment which seemed to make her even more ill and constantly tired. By the time I had reached fourteen, I was used to being in the apartment on my own, I could look after myself, do my washing, clean the house and cook a basic meal for myself, but it wasn’t very nice without her.

I wanted to be responsible, so that my mom wouldn’t worry about me and focus all her energies on getting better, but it was difficult to remain disciplined. I suppose that it was a blessing when they took her into the hospital for the last time and I went to live with Tom.

All those evenings that I had spent alone in that small apartment, when I would love to have had some company, and now a year on, I was ready to do a back flip at the thought of having the house to myself for just a few hours. Well Fran and myself actually.

* * * * *

That afternoon was the first time in Canada, that I had ever walked into an empty house and it felt somewhat strange. I had been living in that place for twelve weeks, but it still felt as if I shouldn’t be there, almost as if I was trespassing. This was where I lived, but I doubted that I would ever be able to think of it as my home.

I opened the back door to the balcony and for once, it was cooler inside, than out. There was a note stuck to the fridge from Sue telling me that she had left some cold meat and salad for me to eat. It made me laugh, I had planned to make myself beans on toast.

‘I can cook; you know’.

I went downstairs to tidy the bedroom, or at least Daniel’s half. I picked up his discarded clothes from the floor and removed half a dozen cups, plates, bowls, and empty glasses. I even made his bed for him, before stripping off and heading for the shower as Fran had instructed.

She had seemed quite enthusiastic, when I asked her to come over. It would be the first time that we had spent on our own indoors, since I had stayed over at her place and there was no doubting what was on the agenda. The last time we had sex, was a few weeks back, in that old tree house near her parent’s cottage and in the weeks that followed, she had been servicing my needs by hand, usually when we studied together. I had dubbed it, ‘Homework with a happy ending’ and it was for me, but I knew that something so one sided, couldn’t last for long. She would want something in return and I couldn’t blame her.

To make it up to her, I had promised myself that the first opportunity we had to be alone, I would please her in a way that I knew most girls considered extremely erotic. I had heard other boys talking about it at school, although I doubted if any of them had much in the way of experience. Alex had spoken about it during my sleepover, when he gave the impression that it was something that he liked to do, but he could stick his knob into a hornets nest and find it erotic.

To me, just the thought of putting my mouth between a girls legs and sticking my tongue into that wet, fleshy crevice, had always made me feel ill, and it was something that I would never have imagined myself doing, before Fran appeared in my life. I had been trying to convince myself that it wouldn’t be as bad as I imagined, but there was no way that I was ever going to enjoy it in the same way as I enjoyed playing with a penis. I was good at that, and in London, I had been more than willing to receive Tom’s eager rod into my mouth, every morning before school.

‘Does that make me gay'?

I knew the answer, but I was still too scared to admit it to anyone, so I decided to swallow my gay pride, and go for it, to show Fran how much I cared. I would do it that afternoon, as a surprise.

I had been mulling this over in the shower unaware of the time and I stepped out to the sound of the doorbell. I was still dripping wet and panicked.

‘Shit, why is she always on time, can’t she be late just the bleeding once’.

I needed to get her in quickly before any of the neighbours saw her waiting outside and mentioned it to Sue, so I wrapped a towel around my waist and ran upstairs.

It rang once again, just as I reached the door.

“Okay, okay, I’m coming.” I opened the door wide and stood there, dripping wet, out of breath and dressed only in a towel.

Fran’s eyes lit up like Piccadilly Circus as she looked me over and smiled.

“Hi there sexy,” she said. I moved aside to let her in and she allowed the back of her hand to brush against my package as she passed me.

“I was in the shower.”

“Really, I would never have guessed. Why don’t you finish off and I’ll come in and wash your back for you.”

“That won’t be necessary,” I said, shutting the door behind her. “I’ve finished now.”

“Too bad, maybe we can shower together later, after sex or something.”

‘How many showers do I need to take in one bleeding day’?

“Who mentioned anything about sex?” I said, teasing her as I led the way downstairs to the family room.

“You did earlier, why else would I come round here?”

“To see me, of course.”

“Well I’ve seen you now, so let’s screw.”

“Do you think that I’m that easy?”

“Oh yeah,” she said, “but I can only judge you by the company you keep.”

“You mean, you,” I said.

“I mean Alex; I’m surprised that you're not meeting up with your new friend tonight.”

“Oh…no I haven’t got any plans to see him, we’re not good friends, it’s just a baseball thing. You’re not jealous of Alex are you, because I went over to his house for one night?”

“Jealous, God no.”

“But you don’t like it that I’m friends with him?”

“It’s not that I don’t like it,” she said, “I don’t understand it.”

‘You're not the only one’.

“And you hardly talk to one another in school.”

“I know, weird isn’t it,” I said, edging back towards the bedroom. “I won’t be long.”

“Where are you going?”

“To get dry…and dressed.”

“You don’t need to get dressed, stupid; you look really cute as you are.” She followed me into the bedroom and kissed me on the lips as water still dripped from my hair and trickled down my face. “You look sexy when you're wet too, but you need to dry off; I can do that for you, if you want?”

“I can manage,” I said, smiling at her.

“You're not still shy, after everything we’ve done together are you?” She didn’t give me the opportunity to answer as she grabbed my towel and pulled it off me, leaving me naked in front of her. Then after spending a few moments, she moved in close, put the towel over my head and began drying my hair. She kissed my face before turning her attention to my neck and chest.

Then turning me around, she worked her way down my back, from my shoulders to my bottom, tickling me with her tiny kisses. She sat me down on Daniel’s desk chair and knelt on the floor in front of me to continue. This time she worked her way upwards, lifting my feet and slowly and sensually inching her way up from my ankles to my thighs, never missing a kiss.

She looked at me and smiled as she draped the towel across the top of my legs with only one thing left to do. She had saved the best for last and it stood up to meet her halfway. She paid it special attention, just as I had expected, making sure that it was dry right up to the tip before soaking it in her own saliva as she took it into her mouth as deep as she could and held it there for an impossible amount of time.

‘Oh fuck, how does she do that’?

She gave me one final kiss right on the top of my penis as she stood up and looked me over, smiling.

“Don’t stare,” I said.

“Why not, you look so sexy when you're naked and your thingy’s hard. Did you like me drying you?”

“Yes,” I said, and she giggled before pressing her mouth over mine and wrapping her arms around my neck, pulling me into her.

“Can we have sex now?” she said, whispering into my ear.

“I thought that you were coming over to help me with my homework.” She reached down and grabbed my penis.

“I don’t think your willy wants to do homework,” she said.

“I need a drink first. Do you want me to get you one?”

“Okay, I’ll be waiting for you in your bed, naked. So don’t take too long.”

“I picked the towel up from the floor and for the second time that afternoon, ran upstairs with it wrapped around my waist. I grabbed two cans of lemonade from the fridge, and then in a hurry, I dropped one of them on my foot.

“AH FUCK, that hurt,” I swore as I hopped around the kitchen in pain. I sat on a stool at the breakfast bar and lifted my foot to check for any damage. There was a big red mark above my big toe but nothing serious and I rubbed it for a while until the pain subsided.

‘Now I remember why I don’t like walking around barefoot’.

Then as I stood up, I noticed Sue’s swear box, which I had been gradually filling with dollars. It was on the counter, right in front of me and I sneered at it. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” I said loudly. It was a hollow victory over an inanimate object; but it made me feel better, if Sue had been there, it would have cost me five bucks.

When I got downstairs to the bedroom, I was surprised to see, my bed, still made, with no sign of Fran. Then as I closed the door behind me, I noticed her, tucked up nicely in Daniel’s bed and judging by the amount of clothes on the floor, she was probably naked. I stopped myself from laughing and wondered what Daniel would think if he had walked in at that moment. I always got the impression that he rather liked Fran and finding her naked in his bed would have been a nice surprise for him to come home to. For whatever reason, the thought of Daniel banging Fran as I watched, excited me, causing a substantial tent in the towel that hung from my hips.

“Why were you swearing?” she asked.

“Oh, it’s not important; I was just getting back at something that’s cost me a lot of money lately.”

She had no idea what I was talking about and I doubt very much if she even cared, as she watched me drop my towel to the floor. I could see her shifting her body to make room for me, but instead of walking over to her, I turned around and casually climbed into the other bed in the room.

“You're in Daniel’s bed,” I said, and giggled.

“You little shit, you could have told me.”

“I just did.” Then the duvet lifted and I could feel her warm body wrap around me.

“You dork,” she said before kissing me hard on the lips and invading my mouth with her tongue.

“I thought for a minute that you had ditched me for Daniel.” I pulled away from her to breathe and then rolled on top, playing with her breasts and sucking on her nipples. She had her hand tight around my penis, working it rhythmically and we kissed again with passion.

“I don’t want Daniel, I want you,” she said breathing heavily and she pushed me onto my back again and climbed on top, kissing her way down to my nipples.

“Daniel’s a nice boy,” I said, and I think that he needs a girlfriend. Her head disappeared under the duvet and I could feel her soft lips against my skin, as she inched her way lower, towards her intended target.

“So what do you want me to do about it?”

“Nothing, I just thought that you might know somebody who…oh shit.”

I knew what was coming and sure enough, I felt her warm mouth close around me, sucking gently and slowly, as if she had all the time in the world. We had three hours, which was nearly as good, but I wasn’t going to last longer than three minutes at this rate. She allowed me to slide out of her mouth as she eagerly sucked on my balls and then took me into her mouth again, as deep as she could, making me moan and squirm beneath her. I was fighting a losing battle against an impending orgasm, and was close to the point where nothing could stop me.

“Fuck me, Robbie,” she whispered. Well maybe there was one thing that could, and as she sat on top, to ride me cowboy style, the excitement that I was feeling gradually subsided. I knew then, that I would need to work hard in order to finish and probably introduce a bit of fantasy as insurance, to guide me over the edge.

My bed had never seen this kind of action before and Fran wasn’t holding back any, as she pounded away on top, working herself up into a frenzy. She came hard, grinding herself against me and shouting loudly, before collapsing on top, in a hot, sticky heap.

It was only a few minutes before she rolled onto her back and pulled me on top of her, with a look that told me exactly what she wanted. She was already so wet and slippery down there, that I doubted if I would be able to make any real difference.

‘I wonder if I could even fake it.’

The thought of that made me laugh, but it was never going to happen. Fran wouldn’t allow such nonsense and I was well overdue. She liked it when I cum inside her and she wasn’t about to be cheated out of it. I was certain that she was going to get a good return for her investment, as I pushed into her slowly, at the start of what would become a mini marathon. Half an hour later, I was covered in sweat, as I rammed my dick into her with increasing abandon, in an attempt to give us both what we wanted. The more force that I used, the more she enjoyed it and the more vocal she became. I watched her eyes roll back in her head and she squeezed me as hard as she could as she came once more whimpering into my ear. She went all floppy like a rag doll, as I pounded her hard, forcing myself as far as I could go before pushing that little bit further, making her squeal in pleasure. She wrapped her legs around the small of my back and held me deep inside her as I finally relaxed and spurted enough to fill her twice over. She screamed with every volley that I shot into her and clung to my neck until I collapsed on top of her, completely spent.

“That was awesome,” I said, as she kissed me slowly, with loving eyes and a contented smile; she had enjoyed herself and was almost purring, as she rubbed her hands over my back. It had taken me a lot longer than I would have liked, but I had finished with aplomb, making another big mess.

We made out for a while, and then chatted for even longer and I kept it inside her the whole time, going from hard, to soft and back to hard again. It was getting late, but I knew that she wasn’t ready to call time on our lovemaking and there was something that I still needed to do.

“Fran, there’s something that I wanna do for you.”

“Model for me in the nude?” she said.

‘Does she still want to paint me in the buff’?

“No, but I’ll consider it,” I said, “I’m talking about something sexual. Something that I think, most girls like, but we haven’t done.”

“You wanna fuck me in the ass?” she said.

“No, that’s not what I meant.” That was a real surprise and I was shocked, but it got me thinking.

‘Would she really let me do that to her’.

“I don’t mind if you wanna try it,” she said. “I’ve heard it’s nice.”

Now I was stuck in two minds and unable to make a decision. I was tempted, by her sudden revelation, but I didn’t want to hurt her and I had first hand experience of how bad that could be, even with lube. I wasn’t sure if she was really prepared for such a bold move and I could only see it ending badly, so I reluctantly decided to stick to my original plan and get it over with, before I changed my mind.

I ran my fingers gently over her body from her neck down over her breasts and down to her stomach. Her skin was warm, smooth and sweaty. There wasn’t much difference so far between her and a boy, only the breasts. I could live with those, they were quite cute really, all spongy and wobbly.

‘I think I quite like them’.

Fran watched me as I fumbled around, unsure of how to start this. I looked at her and smiled.

“You have a lovely body Fran,” I said, “its perfect.”

“I’m pleased that you like it,” she said, “It’s all yours Robbie, to do whatever you want.” She smiled and then added, “Within reason.” I wondered now what she regarded as being within reason, now that I knew that banging her in the ass was acceptable.

I began, by kissing her nipples and then working my way down her silky smooth body, just as she had done to me earlier. She soon realized where this was headed and as I looked towards her for permission to approach her sacred zone, she smiled erotically and pushed me down further. Her breathing became heavy as I kissed my way down to her pubic hair and gently eased her legs apart. I could hear her encouraging me, between moans of pleasure, telling me how much she wanted this.

I needed to be comfortable, so I slid off the bottom of my bed, to kneel on the floor, then threw off the duvet and pulled her towards me. I wanted to get a better look at what I was up against, but it wasn’t a pretty sight.

I decided that if there was any part of the human body that was unnecessarily overcomplicated, it had to be the vagina. I was in un-chartered territory down there, with no idea of what to do, so I gently inserted my finger and nearly lost my hand. She was wet of course, and most of it had come from me. I wasn’t sure if I was overly keen on the idea of lapping up my own sperm, I didn’t mind it but I had never really swallowed any of my own, except to taste it occasionally. I was sure that every boy, did that at some point, but this was a different proposition altogether. There was a lot of it, and it was seeping out of her and making a mess on my sheet. I didn’t have a great deal of choice at that point, other than to close my eyes and think of England.

It was just as nasty as I had thought, even though all I could smell was the familiar, bleachy scent of fresh sperm. I pushed my tongue into her as best as I could, while trying to stop myself from heaving.

‘It’s gonna be mega embarrassing, if I throw up while doing this’.

She was moving around like a fish out of water and clearly enjoying the attention that I was giving her, but I didn’t know what to do and I took a time out, looking up at her, my face coated with my own juice.

“I want to please you Fran, but I don’t know if I can do this,” I said, as I continued to probe away with my fingers looking for her clitoris.

“Aw Robbie, it’s okay, I understand, you did just fine baby. I know that it’s your first … Arrghh, oh my god!”


I struck it lucky, making her quiver and scream in delight. She made a lot of noise, and her voice went up a couple of octaves as she held my hand and aimed it exactly where she wanted. At last, some guidance and I carried on for what seemed like ages, using just my fingers and pushing them into her as far as they would go, as it all got very messy. When Fran had her third orgasm of the afternoon, I felt her body shake and she screamed as she held on to my bed frame. Then she gasped for breath, as if she had just surfaced after being underwater for longer than she should have. When she had partially recovered, she pulled me up level and began kissing me wildly all over my face.

“It has a weird taste, doesn't it,” she said.

“All I could taste is sperm,” I replied.

“That’s what I’m talking about, you dork.”

“Oh, yeah…I suppose.”

“I guess guys aren’t into tasting it,” she said.

‘How wrong can she be? She thinks that I was put off by the taste of my own sperm’.

I had swallowed more of that stuff than she could ever imagine and from a couple of different sources, other than my own.

At least I had tried to do it for her and even though I had only managed a few seconds, I knew that I wouldn’t want to try it again.

I liked it when Fran had an orgasm though; it just seemed so much more intense than a boy and went on for much longer. She had been completely out of control and totally consumed by the pleasure. It was awesome knowing that I had been responsible for it, even if I didn’t really like it much down there.

It was nearly eight o’ clock when I handed Fran my towel and she sat up in my bed, wiping her face with it. Then she got out of bed and stood naked to look at herself in the full-length mirror that hung on the back of the door. I had to admit that she had a great body, for a girl, and I unashamedly watched her getting dressed from the safety of my bed.

“Don’t you think that maybe you should get up and dressed before Sue gets back with Amy?” she said.

“I dragged myself reluctantly out of my super comfortable bed, which had finally seen some action. There was a big wet patch in the middle.

“Shit where did that come from?”

“From there,” said Fran, as she pointed to my willy. “It’s like a fireman’s hose when it goes off. How can one boy make so much mess?” Once dressed, she rushed to the bathroom to rinse her face. Only a few minutes earlier, she had been pleading with me to squirt over it and I had duly obliged, using my own hand and hitting her right between the eyes. She seemed to like that and I didn’t blame her, I thought it was hot too.

“I have to go Robbie,” she said, as she leaned in for another kiss. Then she looked ruefully at my still naked body. “It’ll look bad if they come home and see me here, especially with you naked. I need to get back and have another shower, after the one that you just gave me. I’ll see you tomorrow and I’m gonna totally suck you off in the cinema.”

I pulled on the first pair of briefs that I found in my drawer, a particularly tight, dull yellow pair that my mom had bought for me a good five years earlier. Then I followed her upstairs to see her out and she dragged me towards her, for one last kiss before opening the door.

“Oh and thanks for doing, you know, what you did earlier,” she said. I thought that it was comical that neither of us could actually say it. The problem was I didn’t really know what to call it.

“Glad you enjoyed it,” I said, proud of the fact that I had managed to satisfy her again.

‘I just hope that she doesn't expect that every time we hook up.’

The sexual release had helped to lift my mood even higher and Fran’s compliments had boosted my ego. I felt good about myself, and that at least, was a big improvement from the previous week.

When Fran had gone, I made my way downstairs to clear up. I needed to change the bed sheet and pillowcase, but first of all, I went to the bathroom to wash my face, clean my teeth and have another shower. It would be my third of the day, but this time I really did need it but as I went to turn on the shower, the doorbell rang. It had to be Fran; everyone else had a key.

‘She must have forgotten something’.

I ran upstairs still wearing only a pair of boxer briefs and thankful that I hadn't managed to get into the shower. I opened the door, expecting to see Fran again.

“Did you forget some…?”

It wasn’t her.

I froze.

Nathan stared back at me, his eyes wider than I had ever seen them before. He looked me up and down and a faint, shy smile appeared on his lips. It was cute enough to bring on the mother of all blushes and I could feel my cheeks burning, as my face turned a deep shade of red.

“N…Nathan,” it was the best greeting that I could muster under the circumstances. I smiled nervously at him, as his eyes darted upwards to briefly meet mine, before returning shamelessly to my chest.

“Yes,” he said, confirming his name, but seemingly unable to make any other conversation. I suppose that it must have been a shock for him to see me standing in front of him, naked but for a pair of tight, cotton briefs and I couldn’t blame him for making the most of the opportunity, but did he need to be so obvious about it?

“Ahem,” I cleared my throat to get his attention and he smiled apologetically as he tried to keep his eyes on mine. I felt uneasy standing in the doorway and couldn’t keep still, shifting my weight nervously from one foot to another.

“Sorry,” he said, he looked edgy and flustered. “Did I call at a bad time?”

“No,” I said, “you can come in if you want.” I felt a little exposed standing in full view of the road and I was anxious to shut the door before somebody saw me.

“Are you sure?” he said. “I can come back another time.” He looked and sounded wary, as if he was certain that he was interrupting something. Had he turned up half an hour earlier, then he would have been.

“Don’t be silly; come in, so that I can shut the door.” He walked past me and casually slipped off his sneakers in the hallway as I closed the door behind him and walked briskly into the living room. “I’m sorry, I don’t usually walk around the house like this, I wasn’t expecting you.”

“Obviously,” he said, raising his eyebrows and smirking. “But don’t apologise, I don’t mind.”

‘I know that’.

He looked as if he was enjoying the view and as I darted downstairs to throw some clothes on, he followed me.

“Who were you expecting then?” he said.

“Nobody,” I said, but I don’t think that he believed me. A naughty smile crept across his delicate face as I turned to face him and I wondered once more, what it would be like to kiss him.

I suddenly panicked as I realized that I was starting to go hard and there would be no way of hiding it, in those skimpy briefs.

I’ll be right back,” I said, leaving him sitting in the family room as I ran into the bedroom and shut the door.

‘Oh shit, why did he have to come round now? Thank fuck I wasn’t naked, I would never have been able to look at him again’.

I threw on a t-shirt and a pair of jogging bottoms then looked in the mirror as I struggled to control my breathing. I left the bedroom and strolled out into the family room where Nathan was waiting for me.

“You didn’t have to get dressed, because of me,” he said. “I’m not offended.” He was smirking again and I offered him a bashful smile in return.

“It’s okay,” I said, feeling a lot more relaxed than I was wearing just my briefs in front of the hottest boy in the world. “I was just about to jump in the shower when you knocked.”

“It’s no big deal, I really came to see Daniel, but I guess he’s not home. I can come back another time.” He stood up to leave.

I didn’t want him to go though, it was the first time that he had visited the house since I had been there and we were alone. I was still nervous, but in a pleasant way. I was getting used to this strange feeling, it happened whenever I was in his company.

“Don’t go,” I said, probably sounding a little too desperate and he sat down again, expecting me to continue. “I…he might…maybe coming back sometime.” I must have sounded stupid but he just smiled cutely at me, almost as if he understood why I wasn’t able to get the words out in the right order. “You must think I’m crazy.”

“Yeah,” he said, as I sat down in the armchair to his right.

“You do?”

“Yes of course.”

‘What’s that supposed to mean’?

“Where did Daniel go anyway, and where’s everyone else, I don’t think that I’ve seen this house so empty.”

“Oh they're all dead,” I said, he stared at me, as he processed what I had just said. “I killed them, when I got home from school, they're in the garage.” I kept a straight face even though there was no way that he was going to believe me.

“You killed all of them, why?” he asked.

“Because, I was fed up with Sue’s cooking, she tried to give me the same dinner two days in a row.” He laughed loudly. “I swear Nathan, nothing winds me up more than that, so I lost control and knocked them out with caterpillar gas. Then chopped them up into tiny pieces and fed them to the Piranhas.”

“No way, man,” he said, surprised. “I didn’t know that they had Piranhas.”

“Well technically, the Piranhas had them,” I said.

“Oh…oh that’s terrible,” he said, “What Sue did to you, I mean. I don’t blame you for being mad. I would have done exactly the same, if it were me.”

“You would?”

“Absolutely, they must have been totally crazy to try to pull a stunt like that on you, what is it with these lunatics?”

“I was thinking the same thing, you don’t think that I overreacted or anything do you?”

“No way, you went easy on them dude, believe me you did.”

“It was for their own good.”

“They’ll thank you for it some day.”

“It hurt me, more than it hurt them.”

“I’m sure it did.” There was a silence and I could see a faint smile on his face. “So everyone’s gone out then,” he said nonchalantly.

“That’s about it,” I said, and we both started laughing. Soon we were deep in conversation on our favourite subject and quoting lines from ‘Monty Python’ and the ‘Carry On’ films. Nathan could do a perfect impression of Kenneth Williams, which had me rolling off the chair with laughter and he was impressed when I recited Monty Python’s messiah sketch, almost word for word.

It was after nine thirty, when Nathan decided that he really had to get home. Sue had just sent me a text telling me that Don was picking her up and they would be home in twenty minutes. I knew that Nathan liked Sue and of course Amy, but I got the impression that he didn’t want to be here when Don came in.

“I’m sorry I kept you here so late,” I said. “I know that you only came here to see Daniel.” His expression became a bit more serious as he pondered those words.

“Well actually,” he said, pausing as he searched for the right words. “I didn’t just come here to see Daniel; He’s still my friend and I love the guy, but I came here tonight, mostly to see you.” He was looking into my eyes and I quickly looked away, blushing again.

“Thanks Nathan, well you certainly managed that,” I said giggling and staring out at the garden, which was now in darkness. “I hope that you weren’t too disappointed.”

“Are you kidding, you looked really hot…I know I shouldn’t say anything, are you okay with that dude?”

“Yeah, of course I am, that was a really cool thing to say,” I said, but my insides were churning like a cement mixer and I was upset, although I couldn’t figure out why. I was confused by his statement and scared by the way that I was feeling. I couldn’t understand why I felt so out of sorts, all of a sudden.

“Are you sure that you're okay.”

“Yeah of course, I am.”

He stood up to leave and I when I finally managed to look over at him he was perfect. I swear that I nearly collapsed in a heap at his feet; I was so overwhelmed by his beauty, charisma, charm. Whatever it was, it was all-enveloping and it gripped me so tightly, that I could hardly breathe.

He was talking to me but I wasn’t listening, his lips were moving about in front of me, forming erotic shapes, but that’s all. I couldn’t hear or see anything else and I wanted to grab him and kiss those lips so badly, that it hurt.

“I’ll be okay.”

“I didn’t mean to freak you out,” he said, “and I didn’t mean to stare at you earlier.”

“Yes you did,” I said, laughing.

“Well okay then, I did, but you know that I like boys.”

“Yeah, and I’m not complaining, I think it’s cool that you like me in that kinda way, it makes me feel…I dunno, good. No, that’s not the right word; I can’t even describe how it makes me feel.”

“Well don’t get worked up by it, I mean I’m a freak,” he said.

“No your not, Nathan, you're gorgeous.” I hadn't intended to say those words, they just escaped my lips in the spur of the moment and the result was a long uncomfortable silence, as he stared at me and I crumbled and looked away.

“I gotta go,” he said, and I walked him to the door.

My head was spinning as I tried desperately to work it all out. I wanted to touch him on the hand or skin and hold him, hug him and squeeze his delicate body. I stopped to open the door for him, and he stood directly behind me almost touching me as I turned towards him and looked him directly in the eyes. I was acting completely on impulse when I leaned in and kissed him gently on those wonderful, inviting, soft, lips of his. It was only for a few tantalizing seconds, but probably the best few seconds of my entire life.

We stood there watching one another, and he put his hand up to my face resting it softly against my cheek. It felt to me as if I was being touched by an angel. I didn’t realize that something so gentle, could also be so powerful and tears began to appear in my eyes.

“We need to talk dude,” he said with a grin, and I smiled back at him.

“Yeah, I know.”

“I can come round tomorrow, if you're in, during the day.”

“Okay, but Daniel will be here.”

“Do you wanna meet someplace else?” he said.

“I don’t know anywhere else.”

“That’s because there isn’t anywhere else, not that’s private anyway…I’ll come over here, I’m sure that we’ll get plenty of opportunities to talk alone…I need to see Daniel anyway. Can you tell him to call me when he gets in?” he said. He was talking nervously and all the while, I bravely kept my eyes on his, as we switched roles and he was the one looking away. Then he smiled again, looked at me and leaned forward. This time he kissed me and it went on for much longer, long enough for me to put my arms around him and feel his smooth back through his t-shirt. We pulled away when we heard a car pulling up on the driveway and I could see Don’s car out of the spy hole in the door. Turning to Nathan I put my finger to my lips telling him to be quiet. As expected a few seconds later we could hear the whirring noise, as the garage door opened and we stood in silence until we heard Don drive into the garage. We giggled excitedly to each other as I opened the door and Nathan walked down the path, just as the garage doors were closing. Then I shut the door, ran downstairs and jumped in the shower, as excited as I had ever been before in my life.

I laughed as I stood under the stream of hot water and soaped my swelling dick.

‘I don’t believe that I kissed him, I really kissed him, on the lips and he kissed me. He’s so gorgeous, and cute, and sexy, and hot, and he likes me, he really likes me. That boy is so special, I dunno what it is, but I love him, I swear I do’.

I was missing him already.

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In the next chapter, Nathan's visit shakes things up a little.

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For discussion of themes and topics. The book can be found here: https://www.gayauthors.org/story/dodger/thecockneycanuck After 47 chapters and lots of drama I think it's time this story has a discussion topic where readers can interact with the author and each other. There are certainly plenty of situations, characters and emotions to bring up, and of course most of all Robbie the Cockney Canuck. Dodger has kindly given me permission to start this thread and has promised to be part of the di

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ok so you like Nathan,get rid of the skanky bitch and that guy who is useing you,get with Nathan ffs.end of story.

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Robbie and Fran certainly have a hot time, but it seems more and more that Robbie is having to work harder and harder at it. Sensation is one thing, and real out and out attraction is another. But if Fran and Robbie get hot, I imagine he and Nathan will be combustible; enough to heat the house in a Canadian winter. Thanks for this chapter!

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Robbie has finally done it. :facepalm:
The kiss with Nathan has to shake something loose!


You're painting him into a corner Dodger :gikkle:
I still worry about Alex and the potential of his little video. :unsure2:


Keep them coming!

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I had to reread these last few chapters to refresh my memory on some key points. I'd almost forgotten how beautifully written they were. I am so enjoying this story Dodger. It's one of the warmest and most sensitivity told tales I've discovered on GA.

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Things are looking up but drama is bound to ensue so what goes up must come crashing down.

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Ah-ha, drama indeed. I feel a little bit sorry for Robbie, but keep hoping he will pull his head out of a very dark place and admit, at least to himself, that he is much more comfortable with boys than with girls. I can only wonder at what Nathan is taking from this meeting. Though Robbie's experiences with Alex are totally unfortunate. Dodger,  you are a total master as an author, I envy your skill, but how can I envy and enjoy so much at the same time?


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On 8/9/2018 at 5:25 AM, Will Hawkins said:

Ah-ha, drama indeed. I feel a little bit sorry for Robbie, but keep hoping he will pull his head out of a very dark place and admit, at least to himself, that he is much more comfortable with boys than with girls. I can only wonder at what Nathan is taking from this meeting. Though Robbie's experiences with Alex are totally unfortunate. Dodger,  you are a total master as an author, I envy your skill, but how can I envy and enjoy so much at the same time?


I'm just happy that you're enjoying it, Will. I get a lot of encouragement from reading comments like these and constantly try to improve.

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Warning!! This chapter consists of heterosexual scenes. If you find this offensive you may wanna skip this chapter.

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I am becoming inreasingly concerned as Robbie's relationship with Fran continues and progresses, about the possibility of conception. Both Robbie and Fran are at an age at which accidents are prone to occur and, to the best of my memory, I have never seen the mention in the story, of either chemical or mechanical means of preventing conception. Because Fran was a virgin at the onset of their sexual relations, the possibility of disease is non-existant, (Though Robbie has been involved both back in Britain, and with a couple of characters in the story, one, at least, being of less than savory reputation.) But the frequency of the Fran/Robbie copulation and their youth both point to the increasing chance of conception occuring.

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