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Noah and Jordan

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It started off as a simple, innocent friendship between two college students brought together by an English project. Noah is shy, quiet and nerdy, while Jordan is the exact opposite, athletic, social and outgoing. A series of events, a break up, an unexpected injury, bring the two closer together. And as the pair delve deeper into their project, they realize that simple, innocent friendship may not be so simple or innocent after all. 


The story contains sex between two adult consenting men

Copyright © 2018 Ethan; All Rights Reserved.

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I am also felling empty with the story ending. I really really would like to see more of the guys, their kids, doctor Young etc. Very good work Ethan.

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This story really moved me while I was reading it. All the emotions, characters and settings were really relateable to me.


I definitely recommend this great read and thanks to @Ethan for this story 😀. If there is anything I hate about it, it's that it has ended. You know you read something epic when a part of you feels empty when the story ends.

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· Edited by Marius

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One of my favorite stories on here. Well written, emotional, funny and with complex characters. If you just stumbled onto it and are considering reading it, please do, it’s so worth it! 

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Hunter of Porn

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I loved this story when it was originally posted on Nifty and waited the six years it took to post there and reread it multiple times.  I savored it there but I devoured it here. I loved the more realistic changes @Ethan made to this story, although sometimes sad it is often the truth. The characters are well written and developed and you couldn’t help but feel attached to them and understand their struggles and points of view. This is a story I am definitely saving and planning on rereading down the line. 

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