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The Preacher's Kid-Book 3: Nate's Story - 2. Back to School

I have to admit it's always fun retelling parts of the previous books, but through new eyes.

We're going to get Nate and Gleason back to school--and G meets Simon. If you've read the other books, you already know it's kind of hard to trust that boy!



Finally! Gleason and I get to start back to school! Six months ago, if anyone had told me I would be so psyched to go to school, I would have told them they were batshit cray cray!

If I had to tell the one thing I’m most excited about—well, that’s easy—Gleason Rogers! I get to spend most of the day with this boy I seem to have fallen for big time. I just hope he’s even half into me as I am into him.

Mom honked the horn, which brought me out of my thoughts. We were parked in front of Gleason’s house. He came running out of the front door and flashed his big smile when he saw me.

Okay—this totally sucks. Gleason had to get into the back seat. I started to undo my seatbelt so I could join him, but Mom ended that real fast.

“What are you doing, Nate?”

“I was going to keep G company, and I thought—”

“No, young man. I’m your mother—not your chauffeur.”

The back door opened, and Gleason slid in.

“Good morning, G. Are you happy to be going back to school finally?”

“Yes, Ma’am. It’s nice to get so of the normal back.”

“I’m sure it is. Nate’s so excited, and he’s having all sorts of crazy thoughts and ideas.”


“Please? What would you like, Nate?”

“You’re embarrassing me—again.”

Mom just smiled and shook her head. It kinda looked like she thought she won something. I don’t think I’ll ever understand how her brain works.

“G? Do you have your schedule yet?”

“Yes, ma’am. Nate talked to the guidance counselor and explained that it would be helpful if I were put in as many of the same classes as he—especially since Nate’s the only person I know in the whole school.”

“That’s a wonderful idea, Nate. Good job! Did it work? Are you sharing classes?”

“Yeah. she put G in five of my seven classes. The only differences are he’s taking musical theatre, and our study halls are the same period, but different teachers.”

“Have you considered getting involved with musical theatre? I know you loved watching Matty in all of his shows.”

“No way, Mom! I can’t sing—and I would look stupid and lost on stage!”

“First of all, you have a lovely singing voice, Nate. I hear you singing every Sunday at church—especially when there’s a song you know well.”

“Maybe—but it’s not very good singing.”

“Your mom’s right, Nate. I heard you last Sunday. You have an amazing voice!”

“But I would feel stupid—and look stupider—standing up there on a stage in front of people.”

“Dude! You’ve been on national television twice—and you did that amazing vlog. And—you did all that in front of millions of people! You looked great—even when you were bald.”

“Right? Whatever—besides—I couldn’t see the audience for any of that stuff.”

“And you can hardly ever see the audience when you’re onstage—the bright lights make that happen.”

“I don’t know. It’s probably too late, anyway.”

“What are you taking for your elective?”

“Computer graphics.”

“I didn’t know you were into that kind of thing.”

“I’m not, really. Maybe I’ll learn something and get into it.”

“You could say the same thing about musical theatre class. We could have so much fun together! Maybe you’ll learn something and get into it. I mean, we would have a lot more fun there than we would in Freshman English or Algebra.”

Gleason wasn’t going to give up on this musical theatre thing. The thing that sucks the most is that both Mom and Gleason made good points. Hell, I would even have to admit they were probably right—I just couldn’t actually tell them that. I had to do some quick thinking, though.

“Okay—let’s make a deal. If I promise to think about it—and talk to Matty—if you’ll—both of you—stop bugging me about it. Deal?”

“I will stop talking about it, Nate. Now—here we are. I’ll pick you up at 4:15, right here at the front door. Deal?”

“Thanks, Mom. Let’s go to the cafeteria, G. I want to introduce you to some of my friends.”

We got out of the car and headed up the walkway to the front door. I opened the door and pointed Gleason toward the cafeteria. As soon as we walked in, I heard Simon.

“Nate! Nate Hamilton!”

Well, I guess everyone knows I’m back now. That boy has a big-ass mouth! He still makes me smile, though! I walked Gleason up to the table.

“Hey, Simon. This is G—the guy from the hospital I told you about—G? This is Simon Middleton—the guy from school I told you about.”

“Nice to meet ya, G! I’ve heard a lot about you. Now all the shit that Nate Hamilton was spewing about me? Lies—all lies!”

“So you’re actually an evil boy from Hell?”


“Nate has only told me great things about you—and you said they were all lies?”

Ha! Simon turned thirty shades of red while we all had a good laugh—totally at his expense! Gleason is going to be fitting in just fine.

“Guys, I’m gonna get a café mocha. You want one, G?”

“Sure. You got me hooked on those at the hospital.”

“Well, those were Starbuck’s—this—not so much.”

“I’ll still take one. My treat tomorrow, k?”

“You got it!”

On my way back to the table, I noticed Simon and G were talking and laughing—like they’ve been friends forever. What the fuck? I don’t know what was bothering me more—the fact that G and Simon were getting along so well so fast—or the fact that it was bugging the shit outta me.

“Here you go, G.” I sat next to him and started drinking my café mocha. Gleason took a sip and cocked his head in thought.

“Well, it’s definitely not Starbuck’s—but it’s waaaaay better than the shit we would get at my old school.”

“What did you get back in Mazeppa?”

“Well, Simon—it’s like this. They were afraid to give us too much caffeine, so we got this nasty stuff that was half regular—half decaf. Plain coffee—cream and sugar. That’s it.”

“Dayum! That half-caf shit would be the last straw for me. Between that and the other shit you’ve been telling us about Mazeppa, I think I would have lost all motivation and been a terrible student.”

“Ha! Like you’re on track to be valedictorian here!”

“Shut up, Nate!”

“You shut up!”

We talked and laughed for the next ten minutes, and the warning bell went off—time to go to class. It’s a “B” day, so that means our first class is English.

We already had our books with us from doing so much of our work at home (and the hospital) for the last couple of months. Gleason and I were the first to get into the classroom, and Mr. Evans smiled and welcomed us.

I introduced Gleason, and Mr. Evans handed each of us a library pass. “The only thing the two of you have missed was a series of videos on Greek Mythology. For the next two days, you need to check in with your study hall teacher and go to the library. Mrs. Jackson is expecting you and will have everything set up for you in one of the study rooms.”

“Thanks for helping us out with that, Mr. Evans. Will there be a test on the videos?”

“Yes, Nate. The class had a test after each video. I’ve combined the three tests into one, so you’ll only have to suffer once.”

Class was okay. We have to read The Grapes of Wrath before Spring Break. God, from what I can tell, this is one depressing-as-fuck book! I’m not gonna let it bring me down, though. After what Gleason and I have been through—plus our Spring Break trip to Hawaii—nothing’s gonna bring me down!

English ended, and it was time for study hall. I told Gleason that I would meet him in front of the library after showing him where to go for his study hall. I got to my study hall, showed my pass to the teacher, and made my way downstairs to the library.

I only had to wait a couple of minutes for Gleason to show up. He had the biggest grin on his face, too. “What’s got you looking so goofy?”

“I get to spend the next hour and twenty minutes in a study room—watching a video—with the sweetest boy in Charlotte!”

“Oh yeah? Do you think he will mind if I’m there with y’all?”

Gleason giggled—Oh. My. God. I’ve heard him make a lot of cute sounds—like that little whimper when we kissed, but I’ll be damned if that giggle wasn’t the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. That’s it. It’s over. He has me wrapped around his little finger now. I just have to be careful not to let him know that particular fact.

Gleason and I walked into the library and showed our notes to the librarian. Ms. Anderson remembered me from the Fall semester and was super nice to Gleason. She took us to one of the study rooms and showed us how to start the video. She told us each of the videos was an hour long and that we could go over the study guide when each one was over.

“Can we keep the study guides so we can use them to study for the test?”

“Yes, Nate. Those are yours to keep. Hold on to them. Mr. Evans may very well use some of the material on his final exam at the end of the semester.”

Ms. Anderson turned to leave us, but before she walked out, she asked us if we wanted the lights on or off.

“Off, please.” We both said at the same time.

Gleason his “play” on the DVD player just as Ms. Anderson shut the door and left.


The next thing I knew, I had a pair of hands around my head, the sexiest lips in the world pressed against mine, and the sweetest tongue working its way into my mouth. Wow!

And then, as quickly as that kiss started, it was over, and the video started playing. Fuck me. I’m falling so hard for this boy!

About halfway through the video, Gleason took my hand and looked at me. “Nate—please take the musical theatre class with me. It’s probably the only place in the whole school where both of us can be who we truly are. That would be soooooo awesome.”

“But don’t you have to audition to get into that class?”

“Yeah—but you’re a boy, and you can sing. They’ll so take you in a heartbeat.”

“I’m pretty sure I can’t dance.”

“I don’t think that’s gonna be such a problem.”

“Okay—let me talk to Matty tonight and see what he thinks. I’ll text you after we talk and let you know what’s going on.”

“Really? Oh, my God! Really?”

Wow! I’ve never seen Gleason so happy since I’ve known him. He even had watery eyes. I’m pretty sure I’m going to do this since it means so much to him. But I’m still gonna call Matty tonight.

Gleason snuggled up to me for the rest of the video, and I put my arm around his shoulders. It was like we were boyfriends—but we’re not. I mean, I’m pretty sure we’re not—at least not yet.

We finished the video and looked over the worksheet until it was time to head to lunch—and Gleason was smiling the whole time. God, he’s soooo fucking cute. I think it’s the dimples that are doing me in. Okay, okay—I was smiling right back.

We made the short trip to the cafeteria, and I sent Gleason over to our table. I told him Simon would be there soon. I had to get in line to get my lunch.

Well, calling it lunch would be an extreme compliment. They called it meatloaf, but even using the word “meat” would be a stretch! Looks like it’s gonna be a salad bar trip today.

I finally got through the line and the salad bar and was making my way back to the table when my stomach ended up in my throat. I saw Gleason and Simon sitting a little too close to each other. They were laughing, and Gleason put his arm on Simon’s shoulder and whispered something in his ear.

When I got to the table, I sat on the other side of Gleason. “Hey, sorry that took a little longer than I expected.”

“It’s cool, Nate. I was just getting to know Simon a little.”

“Cool.” Tears? Why the fuck did I start getting tears in my eyes? I need to eat and ignore everything. It was quiet for a little bit—just a little bit.

“Nate—you okay?”

“I’m fine, Simon. There’s just a lot on my mind—first day back and all.”

“Yeah, I get it.”

I barely finished my salad when the bell rang. Thank God for small favors. The next period was my computer graphics class. At least I would have 80 minutes away from everyone, and I could get my shit together for the rest of the day.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, and we headed out of the building. Mom was right where she said she would be—of course.

We dropped Gleason off, and we promised to at least text later that night. On the way back to the house, Mom asked if I was alright. I just gave her the answer I’d been using all afternoon—that I was fine—that it was just weird being back after so long.

She bought it—well, at least she let it go. We didn’t say anything the rest of the way home.

As soon as I got to my room, I sent a text to Matty.


QBMATTYAPPSTATE: hey little bro! sup?

NATEDOESNTSUCK: i wanted to talk to you about musical theatre class. thinking about taking it

QBMATTYAPPSTATE: whoa! you would love it there! you can sing and that’s already a big step ahead. you can act too


QBMATTYAPPSTATE: dude. you act every day you pretend to be something ur not. every time you keep a secret from mom and dad, you act your ass off. btw-ur WAY better at it than eddie or i ever was

NATEDOESNTSUCK: never thought of it that way

QBMATTYAPPSTATE: so what brought this on?

NATEDOESNTSUCK: remember gleason from the hospital?

QBMATTYAPPSTATE: yup. he’s going to school with you now isn’t he

NATEDOESTNSUCK: yeah. he really wants me to get into the class with him. prolyl gonna do it but wanted to see what u thought first

QBBMATTYAPPSTATE: you need to do it! u want me to send something to ms. fisher and let her know how awesome u are?

NATEDOESNTSUCK: no!!!! it’s hard enough having to live up to eddie’s rep. i don’t need to add you to that list.

QBMATTYAPPSTATE: you got it kiddo! u know what ur gonna sing for the audition?

NATEDOESNTSUCK: shit. i dunno. the only theatre song I know is the one you sang for eddie at the mall.

QBMATTYAPPSTATE: it’s a great song. u should do it! do u need a track to sing with?

NATEDOESNTSUCK: naw. i can grab one off youtube. can’t believe i’m gonna actually do this.

QBMATTYAPPSTATE: ur gonna kill it. proud of u, kiddo!

NATEDOESNTSUCK: thx. gotta go. need to talk to eddie now.

QBMATTYAPPSTATE: sweet. kiss eddie for me.

NATEDOESNTSUCK: ewwww. that’s just gross.

QBMATTYAPPSTATE: ha! ttyl! love ya, kiddo.

You know, I really do love Matty Jacobs. I mean, it’s more than the fact he literally saved my life. He always treated me good—even during those times Eddie didn’t. He always would say that I was the little brother he always wished he had. He pretty much has always felt like my other big brother.

Now—I need to send a text to Eddie.


EHAMPK: sup kiddo?

NATEDOESNTSUCK: can i come over? need big bro time.

EHAMPK: always got time 4 u. come on over. ordered pizza. u want some?

NAEDOESNTSUC: yup. b right there.

I went downstairs and found Mom in the kitchen. I told her that I needed to go see Eddie and that he ordered pizza.

“That’s fine, Nate. Don’t stay too late. I’m sure you have homework you need to catch up on, yes?”

“Yeah, I won’t be too long.”

I made my way next door and knocked on Eddie’s door. I walked in, and Eddie walked out of the kitchen.

“Hey, kiddo! What’s got you freaked out?”

“I’m not freaked out. I never said I was freaked out. What are you talking about?”

“Dude—it’s written all over your face.”

“Okay, okay. I can’t hide shit from you, can I?”

“Nope. Not possible. I know you too well. I’ve known you your entire life, ya know.”

“Yeah, but don’t get a big head. There’s shit you don’t know.”

“Oh yeah? Spill it.”


“Yeah. I remember him—that pretty boy from the hospital. Dad gave his mom a job at the church so they could stay here. What about him?”

“I kissed him. When we were still in the hospital, I kissed him. And then he kissed me.”


“He freaked out—ran out of the room. But he’s never mentioned it after. We kissed again my last night there. It was pretty intense. Again, he’s never mentioned it since then. But he still hangs around me—and Simon.”

“And you’re afraid Simon’s gonna kiss him next?”

“Well—kinda? Today at lunch, I was sitting with my best friend, who used to be my boyfriend, and my new friend, who I totally want to be my boyfriend. And then I panicked when I started thinking about the two of them together.”

“Have you talked with Gleason about the kisses?”

“No—I figured he would bring it up when he was ready.”

“And it’s been what? Almost two months?”


“You boys are such idiots.”

“Hey, you were too—when you were my age.”

“Nope. Never as stupid as you two!”

“Right. You have sleepovers almost every night with your best friend. You fall in love with him when you’re like twelve. You don’t say anything to him until you’re both sixteen. Both of you were stupid. You could have been having sex for at least three years before you finally got to it! That’s stupid if you ask me!”

“I didn’t ask you, did I?”


There was another knock on the door. Pizza!

Eddie brought the pizza into the living room and set it on the coffee table. I went into the fridge, got a couple of sodas, and joined my brother on the floor. While we were eating, we continued our conversation.

“Tell me something, Nate. Are your feelings about Gleason the same that you had—or have—about Simon?”

“It’s totally different. Now that Simon and I aren’t doing shit, I look back at it and realize that while he’s my best friend, the sexual stuff was just this cool thing—this cool thing we did with each other and got off with it. But with Gleason—wow—it’s so different. I just see him, and my whole body fills up with this weird feeling that I’ve never had before. When we had that kiss in the hospital, it felt like I was gonna explode—well, I kinda did after the second kiss. I know he felt the same way because he was reacting the same way I was.”

“So you’re sure you’re gay then?”

“That’s just a word, Eddie. You know that. For me, it could have just as easily been a girl—well, I think so, anyway. I’m into Gleason because he’s this amazing, awesome boy—it’s not because he’s a boy. Does that make any sense?”

“It makes perfect sense, Nate.” Eddie put down his pizza and pulled me in for a hug. “You know, every time I turn around, you just end up getting more and more awesome. You’re making me look like a total slacker.”

“Shut up. Everything I do that people think is good—I do it because Matty and you inspire the shit out of me. You guys have played a huge part in me being who I am. So just shut up—slacker! Wait a minute—maybe you are just a big ol’ slacker, and we’re finally figuring it out?”

“You little shit!” Eddie reached over and started his favorite little-brother-torture—tickling!”

I was laughing my ass off and yelling out for Eddie to stop. When I said I was gonna pee on his sofa, he stopped. We calmed down, I called him a slacker again, and we went back to our pizza.

“So, what do you do now?”

“I think he’s nervous about it all. He was bullied quite a bit before, and it feels like he’s afraid to act on his feelings—which I know are there—but I think he’s afraid of being bullied again. So, I’m gonna ask Mom and Dad if I can have him over for a sleepover Friday night. We can talk about shit without anyone overhearing or getting in the way.”

“And do you think Simon is going to be a problem?”

“No. I’m gonna talk with him tomorrow before first period. If he wants to stay friends with me, he’ll stay away from anything more than being friends with Gleason.”

“Who the fuck are you? And what the Hell did you do with my twerpy little brother?”

I just smiled. Eddie might have a weird way of saying shit, but when he says it, I feel pretty damned good!

“By the way, I texted Matty earlier. He wanted me to give you a kiss. Not gonna happen, Eddie. But at least you know he had one for you.”

Eddie and I finished the pizza, and I told him I needed to get back home to finish my homework.

“Good luck with Gleason and Simon. It’ll happen for you—I got a feeling! If anyone deserves to be with the perfect boy—or girl—it’s you, Nate Hamilton.”

Eddie walked me to the door, and I turned around to hug him. As we finished our hug, I planted a kiss on my brother’s lips!

“What the fuck?”

“After all Matty’s done for me, I can’t deny him anything he needs from me. Later!”

I think I laughed—and wiped my lips—all the way home. I love shocking the shit outta Eddie Hamilton!

I got home and found Mom and Dad sitting on the sofa. They were watching The Voice. I waited for a commercial and asked, “Would it be alright if I invited Gleason over for a sleepover Friday night?”

“I think that would be okay. What do you think, Mags?”

“I think Gleason—I mean, G—is a fortunate boy to have a friend like you, Nate. Go ahead and set things up.”

“I’m kinda the lucky one, too. He helped me so much when we were in the hospital.”

The show came back on, and I went up to my room—where I Facetimed Gleason and invited him over for Friday night. He accepted—only after I promised to get my schedule changed tomorrow morning.

I told Gleason I had to end the call so I could get my audition song ready. He gave me his dimply grin when I told him what I was going to sing. Now, why would that get me all goose-bumpy and hard? What the fuck?

I finished my homework and started to work on the audition song. I kinda surprised myself at how easy it was for me to get things sounding pretty decent. I guess it helped when I listened to it so many times when I tried to increase the number of views on the promposal video.

When we got to school the next morning, Gleason took me right to the theatre wing. I introduced myself to Ms. Fisher and told her I wanted to audition for the Musical Theatre class.

She seemed to be pretty excited to have another boy interested in the program—even more excited when I told her I would sing “You Will Be Found” from Dear Evan Hansen.

She asked me why I waited so long to audition for the class but understood when I explained that Gleason and I had just started back to school after a long hospital stay.

The audition went well, and Ms. Fisher called the guidance counselor and asked her to change my schedule.

“You’re a theatre kid now! This is gonna be so awesome!" We were on our way to the offices, and Gleason was practically giddy.

“We’ll see, Gleason. It’s not like anything will come out of it—except we get to spend more time together.”

God help me! What have I gotten myself into?

I love the relationship Nate has with Eddie and Matty. They'll make some more appearances in this book--as will a few other characters from the first two stories.

Thank you so much for your comments and encouragement. They are the motivation I need to keep going!

Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

Love you all!


Copyright © 2021 FlyOnTheWall; All Rights Reserved.
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G and Nate are so good for each other. Simon better not try and mess things up for Nate.

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Well Nate says G and himself are not BF's yet but they sure seem like it to me and Nate sure gets jealous enough.So far everything has been great so I'm guessing some drama is coming up and it's a classic  dilemma the boy he's into and his best friend.

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Ah, the essential element of conflict already appears in the form of Simon - not my favorite person.  Nate needs to let G know how he feels, but I have a feeling this won’t be so neat and tidy for awhile.  I just hope Nate doesn’t get his heart bruised in the meantime.  Good move for the sake of story drama, not so much for my acid tummy.

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2 hours ago, tesao said:

Ah, the essential element of conflict already appears in the form of Simon - not my favorite person.  Nate needs to let G know how he feels, but I have a feeling this won’t be so neat and tidy for awhile.  I just hope Nate doesn’t get his heart bruised in the meantime.  Good move for the sake of story drama, not so much for my acid tummy.

Isn't that a little too obvious? Hehe. Don't i normally wait four or five chapters for trouble? Don't worry...I have some MAJOR plans.

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3 hours ago, FlyOnTheWall said:

Isn't that a little too obvious? Hehe. Don't i normally wait four or five chapters for trouble? Don't worry...I have some MAJOR plans.

I suppose this is what I get for reading and commenting at 2 AM when I’m half awake.

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With a clearer head (actual sleep after a rough night, plus multiple double espressos), I have to wonder if Simon cozying up to G had more to do with Simon‘s recognition of the chemistry between G and Nate.  Simon could have been briefly filling G in on on Simon’s and Nate‘s history, as well as the best way to get Nate to be G‘s boyfriend.  The alternate interpretation would destroy Simon’s and Nate‘s friendship, and wouldn’t likely lead to a relationship between Simon and G, so there’s only downside for Simon if he attempted such a stunt.

I think Nate and G began falling in love when they were in the hospital together. G keeps giving Nate luscious labial hints; Nate just has to wake up and get off his ass.

Just random observations fueled by freshly ground espresso beans ️ instead of 🥂.

PS.  I still don’t entirely trust Simon.

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5 minutes ago, tesao said:

With a clearer head (actual sleep after a rough night, plus multiple double espressos), I have to wonder if Simon cozying up to G had more to do with Simon‘s recognition of the chemistry between G and Nate.  Simon could have been briefly filling G in on on Simon’s and Nate‘s history, as well as the best way to get Nate to be G‘s boyfriend.  The alternate interpretation would destroy Simon’s and Nate‘s friendship, and wouldn’t likely lead to a relationship between Simon and G, so there’s only downside for Simon if he attempted such a stunt.

I think Nate and G began falling in love when they were in the hospital together. G keeps giving Nate luscious labial hints; Nate just has to wake up and get off his ass.

Just random observations fueled by freshly ground espresso beans ️ instead of 🥂.

PS.  I still don’t entirely trust Simon.

You know me too well. One of your "new" theories is spot on! I promise not to kill Simon. 😉


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Posted (edited)

20 hours ago, drsawzall said:

Someone stick a fork in Simon...he's done!!!

Ouch, that’s not a very nice comment 

Edited by Bft
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