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Between the Shadow and the Soul

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Thirty-year-old Greg Beaumont is still fleeing the ruin of his life fifteen years ago. Now he's sharing a new home with his best friend Nate Sawyer, pouring himself into his work, and avoiding romantic entanglements while claiming he's just taking his time. But when he meets Kyle Wakeham, a fifteen-year-old neighborhood boy, he'll not only face the wreckage of his past but he'll also discover he's not defined by the torments and tragedies of history.

Rated Mature for graphic sexual discussions, casual marijuana use, casual underage marijuana and alcohol use, flashbacks to the grooming and sexual assault of a minor, and explicit sexual activities.

Includes mentions of intimacy between high school students but otherwise contains no underage sex. Nope, not even a kiss.

This is a tale of healing, coming of age, self-discovery and romance.

There are no reviewers or editors, so all errors are my own.

Copyright © 2018 Jason MH; All Rights Reserved.

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Amazing, skillfully written story. Two lifelong friends Greg and Nate are living together seemingly normal every day, early thirties men, life. But appearance of a young neighbor Kyle, his teen age, free spirit and attractiveness, wakes up some painful memories in Greg. As story goes on, in flashbacks, we can see how two boys, Greg and Nate, innocent and happy, grew up together, strengthening their relationship, discovering sexuality and feelings. What they didn’t know is that somebody is watching. Nate’s father, an evil man, pedophile, predator waiting to take his prey. Discovering chapter by chapter in flashbacks, we can see his evil plot to take Greg. One of the most terrifying characters ever written on GA. He is not some drunkard or punk, oh no, he is pure evil disguised in distinguished doctor, with knowledge of medicine and social connections which helps him to cover his crimes.

In the present, Greg and Nate are still suffering from the bruises of the past. Greg, fighting the psychological trauma and painful memories of physical pain; and Nate, fighting the guilt, enormous, terrifying guilt. Above all, there is love but, can love survive ghosts of the past? You will find out after reading this wonderful story I highly recommend.

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Beautifully written and well worth the read. The story had me guessing until the end, and left me feeling satisfied and happy to have been along for Greg’s tumultuous journey of self discovery. 

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A really wonderful story. You can really feel how hard it is for Greg and Nate to overcome their past. But in the end it is  worth it.

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Fae Briona

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Wonderful story, that handles some difficult topics with a delicate touch. Heartwarming ending and well worth the reading.

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Wonderful story, with enough twists and turns to make it interesting. Heartwarming in the end (which is something us romantics like).
Many thanks for writng & posting it.


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