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The Night Before Aaron's First Christmas

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Sub-genres: Drama, General Romance

It’s Christmas Eve and Jacob and his friends are celebrating the holiday with food, gifts and family.  As challenging as the last two months have been, he’s going to find that the best gifts are the ones you never plan on getting.

This is a short story that picks up after the events of "The Acquittal."

Copyright © 2018 Jdonley75; All Rights Reserved.

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While this is a short story in its truest sense, it is a great continuation of "The Acquittal" - enough to let us know life is progressing for Kyle and Jacob.  It is very well-written and worth the read!

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Review:  The Night Before Aaron’s First Christmas

by Jdonely75


Mercy!  A story about needing diapers in bad weather? I thought this would describe a duct-tape and paper towel fiasco inflicted on an infant in lieu of a standard, disposable nappy.  Thankfully, it wasn’t.  Good, mysterious start, though.


As I followed this story, the characters’ thoughts were clipped to the expected tasks of running a house, planning a holiday dinner, allocating tasks on top of the complications of a 4-year-old and a two-month-old in the house.  With family and friends, one would think disagreements would arise yet these are civil characters – no one argued or brought up the topic of politics once! 


Interactions in the group reveal past and current personal struggles.  Gifts are exchanged and children/babies are cared for, photos are taken.  All is warm, rosy and the high point of the story comes with the phrase, “A look of recognition.”  (I’ll not give away the most touching moments.)


This story kept coming to mind; scenes returned to my head for several months.  After some thought I researched.  There are books on gay parenting, many for children with gay parents.  Adoption manuals, some are humorous, some illustrated, cover the legal process, responsibilities, etc. all designed to be commercially viable for publishers.  For centuries there have been few or none of these kinds of books.  It is this fiction writer who has dug underneath the available materials to detail some of the difficult changes and joys that children bring to a gay home.  In a world where homosexuals are too often oppressed, on a planet where few queers can be themselves safely, and when most nations disallow queers from adoption or raising children, these glimpses into the creation of family are tender, sensitively reminding me:


Family matters; forgiveness along with love makes family.

Human touch creates closeness

Small humans have the power to erase self-centeredness in adults, teaching adults balance

Priorities shift by the moment with babies, stressing relationships

Profound changes happen when we take the time to observe closely and listen carefully to others around us.  Those changes are the recognition of our shared humanity.


I thank Jdonely75 for observing, listening, thinking and writing this piece. 


Yes, I am aware of are other stories profiling queers with families, and this review is simply a reminder of how precious families are.  It is a reminder that globally, many of our diverse family, are not able to even write about making a gay family.  We are fortunate, and the struggle continues.


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Simply lovely.

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Absolutely loved this snapshot of the Chronicles from the Orchard group, from mostly Jacob's perspective. If you're reading this one right after The Acquittal, prepare to be hit with Feelings. 

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