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Unrequited - 7. Chapter 7

It’s been a few weeks since things started happening between us. More than a month, maybe. We’ve fallen into an easy routine of seeing each other almost every day. When he comes over, he brings a duffle bag and sleeps over. He doesn’t seem to think it’s a big deal. Maybe it isn’t to him, but it is to me. Everything about him is a big deal to me.

Things between us are a little strange. On the one hand, we can’t stay away from each other. We are out of control and both of us are next level horny for each other. Some nights, he barely makes it in through the door. Often, we land up in a heap on the floor. On the other hand, aside from the fact that we can’t keep our hands and mouths off each other, things between us are completely normal. It’s truly bizarre. We joke and we laugh together just like we always have. I’m still a little up-tight and he’s still the most carefree person I know. When we wake up together in the morning, he stumbles to the kitchen to get the coffee going, mumbling in monosyllabic grunts until he gets his first hit of caffeine. Just like the old days.

The only difference is, now, he’s naked when he does it, and I’m not even trying not to look. I can’t keep my eyes off him. I don’t try to hide it. Now, he looks back. He doesn’t try to hide it either.

It’s scary how good it feels. Very scary.

“You seem worried about something.” He says after dinner on a Friday evening.

That’s the thing about being with your best friend. He knows you. There’s no getting away from that. I am worried about something. I’m worried about several things, actually. I’m worried he’s just curious, like lots of guys are. I’m worried he’s going to sober up any minute and realise that this isn’t for him. I’m worried he’s going to freak out and go running back to Ashleigh, just like he always does. I’m worried Ashleigh is going to change her mind and realise she wants him back. I play all these scenarios in my head. I play them over and over, whenever he isn’t with me. I wish I could talk to him about it, but I’m worried about that, too. I don’t want to put pressure on him and I don’t want to freak him out.

“I guess, I am, a bit.”

“What’s on your mind?”

“I can’t help thinking this is a lot. It’s a lot for anyone, but it’s especially a lot for you. You’ve been through a lot. This is a lot of new stuff. You’ve never done anything with a guy before, and your divorce has literally only just been finalised.”

He looks at me calmly, waiting for me to clarify what the problem is.

“I guess, it just feels like this might be some sort of epic rebound for you. Rebound: Curious Guy Edition, you know?”

“I get it,” He says quietly, “and you’re right, but you’re also wrong. This is new, but at the same time, the thought of me being with a guy is not new to me. It’s not a knee-jerk reaction for me. It’s something I’ve been thinking about and dealing with for years. I’ve just spent six months in therapy dealing predominantly with this.”

I raise my eyebrows. I had no idea that he’d taken it so seriously.

“This is why I was in individual therapy. It’s a big reason the marriage ended. Things between Ash and I were fucked, but there might have been more we could have worked on. The truth is, I didn’t want to. I’ve wasted enough of my life. I’ve spent enough time being confused. I know my orientation now. It’s not some sort of abstract concept to me anymore. It’s crystal clear. I’m not just curious, Andy. I’m bi and that’s who I am.”

“Do you miss her?” This is my worst fear. Technically, my worst fear is that he’s going to wake up any second and go back to her, but him missing her is a very close second.

He thinks for a long time. “Sometimes, maybe? That’s a hard question to answer. Mainly, I miss what we could have had. You know, I miss the dream I had for a good life together. The thing is though, we weren’t right for each other. We were badly suited. We always were. Nothing between us was ever easy. Everything was a fight. We should have had an epic fling and we should have ended the first time she broke up with me. It was a fucked up dynamic right from the start.”

Even though I hear what he’s saying, I know that for any guy who’s even partially straight, Ashleigh is not the kind of woman who would be easy to get over. She just isn’t.

“Do you think you’re over her?”

“Yes.” He says quickly and very definitively. “I know I am. I was over her for a long time before the marriage ended, and I’m absolutely sure, she felt the same. I’d been sleeping in the guest room for over a year. I can’t even remember the last time we had sex other than when we were trying to conceive.”

He smiles almost wistfully, “Do you know how she used to proposition me?” I shake my head. “She used to say, “I’m ovulating. Come fuck me, Dickhead.”

He bursts out laughing as soon as he says it. I’m a little shocked by how bad things between them got, but I have to admit, Ashleigh’s a bit of a badass.

“My God, how awful.” I say, before dissolving into giggles.

“I know this is soon, Andy. And I know that technically, it’s a rebound. I know that I’m still dealing with a sense of failure that comes with the breakdown of a marriage and I’m happy to talk to you about it anytime you want, but I’m not worried about whether or not I’m in the right place to be doing what we’re doing.”

“Okay.” I say.

I’m glad I asked the question, even though I still have so many more questions, I feel reassured. I smile at him when I catch his eye. He smiles back instantly and for a second, his eyes light up like they used to. Like fireworks.

“You’re a good listener, Andy, but don’t think I don’t know what you’re doing.” I give him a look. I’m not entirely sure I know what he means. “You’re still exactly the same, after all this time. You still don’t give anything away. You still don’t tell me anything.”

I scoff at him. I’d love to tell him everything, but I have no doubt in my mind, that would send him running straight for the hills. I can’t imagine a better way of freaking a guy on a rebound out, than telling him that he’s been your singular obsession for years and years.

“I didn’t know you remembered that.” I say, “You were really pretty out of it that night.”

“I remember everything.”

The way he’s looking at me is making me uncomfortable. It feels like he’s trying to wake something deep inside me that’s been asleep for a long time. Something that wants to keep sleeping. I try to lighten the mood.

“I’ll tell you one thing,” I say, “I’ll never say, “I’m ovulating. Come fuck me, Dickhead.”

I mean it as a joke, but as soon as the words have left my mouth, the air in the room seems a little thicker. The way he’s looking at me is not helping. It’s not helping at all. I know that look now. I know what it means. I know we’re about to be taken over. I feel it coming.

I try again for a laugh, “I can’t swear on my life though, that I’ll never, ever say, “Come fuck me, Dickhead.”

He doesn’t laugh though. He looks at me seriously. He’s doing that thing, where he clenches and unclenches his jaw rapidly. Every time he does it, it unnerves me. It unnerves me completely.

“D’you know, I don’t think I’d mind as much if you said that.” He says thoughtfully.

“I, I wouldn’t.” I stammer, my mouth going dry. “I wouldn’t call you a dickhead.”

“Oh, no?” He says in mock surprise, taking a step toward me, “What would you say then?”

My stomach and heart and throat all constrict tightly. I feel strangled and breathless. I know, before I even open my mouth, that I can’t vouch for the state of my voice.

“I’d say, “I want you. Come fuck me.” I whisper, before adding softly, “Please.” My voice is so soft and unsure, it hardly sounds like my own.

“Is that what you’re saying?” He asks, looking at me intently. “I think about it, you know. I think about it all the time. I think about it when I’m at work. I think about it when I’m on the train. I think about it whenever I’m around you. Do you think about it?”

I’d probably be five years younger, if I could undo all the time, I’ve spent thinking about it.

There’s an edge in his voice now. Raspy and raw. He speaks again quickly, before I’ve had time to respond, “I hope you do. I want it. I want more, Andy. More. I want it so much.”

I feel like I can’t breathe and I’m pretty sure, my voice has taken me as far as it can, so I nod. My cheeks instantly redden and burn, as I do.

His face breaks into a huge smile. It’s the best one I’ve seen on him in years. His scar creases all the way down his cheek and his dimple dents deeply. His eyes are dancing and there’s a madness about him right now, that’s hard to describe. It makes me want to run to him and away from him, at precisely the same second. I’ve started breathing again, but my breaths are coming in quick, ragged gulps.


“Yeah,” he murmurs. “Now. Right now.”

“I need to get ready.” I say, “It will take a while.”

He nods very quickly, “I’m not going anywhere.”

I feel his eyes boring into me as I head to the bathroom. I can feel him undressing me in his mind’s eye. I can feel exactly what he wants from me.

It’s exactly what I want to give him.

I confess, while I’m in the bathroom, I have a little attack of nerves. While I’m going about my business, it occurs to me just how long it’s been since I’ve bottomed. I haven’t let anyone top me since before I got together with Paul. That’s at least a year and a half ago.

Holy shit. My ass is about to take the biggest dick of its life and I’m completely out of practise.

What the hell have I been thinking?

I should have been preparing on my own, at least. Using toys or something. Instead, I’ve been in such a crazy fog, I haven’t had a sensible thought since the first time I kissed West. I’ve been so completely and utterly wrapped up in him, I haven’t even been able to think of anything else. I’ve been doing my best not to put pressure on him, not to scare him away by moving too fast. Now, here I am stark naked, ill-equipped and unprepared. About to get on the wrong side of the most well-endowed man I’ve ever met.

It doesn’t stop me though. My whole body is shaking. Trembling. From nerves and a little fear, sure, but more than that, I’m shaking in excitement. I’m wound up. I’m so wound up, every ligament and every sinew in my entire body feels like they’ve been pulled so tightly, they’re in danger of snapping.

When I walk into the living room, I find all the lights dimmed. My bedroom door is ajar, a warm glow streaming from the doorway. My heart starts to pound.

This is happening.

It’s really happening.

“Hey.” He says, swallowing hard and standing to greet me. He’s dimmed the bedside lights and he’s brought the pillar candles from the dining table into the bedroom. He’s arranged them on every solid surface in the room. His eyes glow in the candescent light. Flickering in excitement.

“Holy shit.” I say quietly.

No-one has ever done anything like this for me. I’m starting to realise, that even though I’m technically the one with all the experience, when it comes to seduction, I’ve got nothing on West. Absolutely nothing.

“Romantic, huh?”

“Romantic as hell.” I whisper.

I’m still standing a few feet away from him. The space between us is charged. The space feels big. Wide. It feels like a chasm. I don’t like it. I don’t want any space between us. I’m frozen though. Not sure I can move. Not sure, I should be the one to make the move.

“You think that’s romantic? Wait till you hear the playlist I made.”

“Jesus.” I say, more to myself than anyone else, “I don’t stand a chance.”

He flicks his phone, pressing play. I smile instantly as I hear the first strains of Edge of Glory, by Lady Gaga.

“Remember this?” He asks, moving close to me, but still not touching, “It was playing the night of Tyler’s hat party. Remember?”

I do. I remember vividly, I feel like I’ve been transported right back to 2012. I remember the shock of seeing him there that night. I remember how humiliated I felt when he saw me dressed and made-up like that. I remember the way he leant in, to talk into my ear. I remember the terrible flame it ignited in me.

“You looked unreal. I’d never seen you look like that. I nearly lost my shit. You probably don’t remember, but I touched your back.”

“I remember.” One tends to remember when a light touch feels like death by electrocution.

You’re not the only one who remembers everything.

“I had to leave. I couldn’t stay, I had to get out of there.”

“I wonder what would have happened if you’d stayed?”

He smiles. He reaches down and pull his t-shirt off. “Maybe, something like this.”

“Hmm,” I say, taking a sharp breath. “What next?”

He unzips and pushes his pants and his boxers down, stepping out of them and shaking his erection at me with a flourish. It bobs and wags from side to side. I burst out laughing. I can’t help it. He laughs, too, closing the space between us in a few purposeful steps.

Christ, he’s good-looking.

His body is pressed up against mine. Skin against skin. His hair against my belly and chest. Moving in time with the music. I almost forgot what he looks like when he dances. He wasn’t one to dance often, and usually, when he did, I knew it was time for me to head home. The sight of him on the dancefloor was too much. The effortless control he has over his body. Over his hips. It was unstoppable. It drew girls to him like a magnet.

He’s still magnetic. The only difference is, now, I’m the one being drawn in. The attraction is so strong, it pulls me toward him, slamming my body against his.

He crinkles his nose, turning his face to the side, singing with passion, “I’m on the eeeedge, of gllllory.”

I laugh again. He can’t sing for shit, but that’s never stopped him. He looks so sexy when he does it, I would pay thousands of dollars to see him live in concert, even if it meant I had to wear noise cancelling headphones the entire time.

His arms are loosely around my neck. I wrap mine tightly around his waist and pull him toward me, kissing him deeply. We kiss and we kiss, for the rest of that song and for the next one, and possibly for the whole song after that. After a while, I lose track of time. I no longer feel sure, if we are moving, or if we are standing still and the room around us is slowly rotating. His hands are wondering now. Mine are too.

Both of us are out of breath. Panting. His eyes are hooded, and his jaw is a little slack. I reach down and take his dick in my hand. Stroking gently. Swallowing quickly when I’m reminded of its terrifying potential.

“Are you, um, will you be okay with…?” he motions down to his colossal erection, looking a little apologetic.

Only West would be sorry for being so hung.

I nod quickly. “I, I think so.” I squeak, pressing my hand to my mouth. I’m almost sure it will be fine. But I know damned well, it won’t be easy.

“Do you want me to use a condom?” He asks.

A condom is standard for me. Even with Paul, we always used one. For some reason, now, my body aches towards, “No.”

“I got tested a few months after Paul and I broke up.” I say, “I haven’t been with anyone since then.”

“I got tested for everything under the sun before each round of IVF. I’m all clear.” He looks at me for a long time. He looks at me with longing, “Bareback?”


I nod, pulling him back into me. Kissing him again. This time, when he pulls away, he starts kissing my neck. He moves around me, standing directly behind me, running his hand up my spine, making me shiver. He combs his fingers through my hair, tightening his grip suddenly, pulling back, making me arch my neck. Making me expose my throat to him. Growling, as he kisses my neck again. This time it’s different. This time, it’s wild. He’s wild now. I feel myself slipping, too. I feel myself losing my socialisation, losing the training life has imposed on me, losing every bit of conditioning I’ve ever received. It all falls away.

It leaves me untamed. I’m wild now, too. I’m just as wild as West.

He nudges me toward the bed. I take the three or four shaky steps required to get me there.

“Lie on your belly.” He growls into my ear. I quickly comply. As I make myself comfortable, he puts a hand under me, lifting me easily, shoving a couple of pillows under my hips.


I love this position. I love lying prone. Being pinned down. Having the weight of a man on my back. Something about it is so passive and helpless, it’s such a change from my usual speed, it really does it for me.

He starts at my feet, running the back of his fingers up and down my soles, making my toes curl. Moving slowly up my calves, pausing at the back of my knees, using his lips and his tongue. He takes his time on my thighs. Teasing me. Touching me lightly. My legs start to shake as he works his way up.

Oh God, I can’t wait for him to get to my ass.

He skips it completely though. Instead, he begins again, starting right up at my neck. I’m panting and writhing now. I’m so desperate, my hips are rocking, pressing my dick up against the softness of the pillow in front of me. He works his way down my back, running his tongue down my spine. I arch and I moan, as he kisses the small of my back. He senses immediately how sensitive I am there. He stops his assault on every other part of my body and focuses only on that. My entire body breaks into gooseflesh as he kisses and strokes this secret erogenous zone. He doesn’t stop until my spine aches from arching so violently.

“West.” I gasp. “West, please.”

He takes pity at last, running his palms down my back one last time, before taking my ass cheeks in both of his hands, cupping them, kneading them, making me lift my hips back toward him. Arching involuntarily.

He spreads my cheeks gently, taking a sharp breath as he does. “Oooh,” he gurgles, “that’s beautiful. Oh, God, that’s beautiful.”

I moan in response.

He runs his tongue up and down my crack. Mercifully, he doesn’t make me wait. Right now, I strongly suspect, if he did, waiting, would be listed as cause of death on my death certificate. He taps my hole lightly with his tongue. Circling me. Prodding gently. Probing me.

My head rears back and I groan from the depths of my soul.

Holy shit.

West is good at many things. I guess, one could say he’s an over-achiever, but I didn’t expect this. I suppose I should have though. There’s never been any doubt in my mind that West has managed to tame the enigmatic clitoris. He’s mastered it, that much I know. And from what I’ve heard, that’s saying something. What he’s doing to me now, leaves me in no doubt whatsoever, that those skills are highly transferable. He tackles my ass with a level of proficiency that leaves me reeling.

I’m dimly aware, that we must have run through the whole playlist now, as we are back on the Edge of Glory.

I’m on the edge of reason.

My body is thrashing wildly. I’m so desperate for more that I push my hips back so I’m in a kneeling position. He doesn’t stop but pushes me down again. Taking my dick in his hand this time, pulling it back gently, as he pushes me down on the pillows. He has full access to it now, and he uses it. Stroking it as he licks my balls and delves his tongue as deep in my ass as he possibly can.

“West!” I exclaim, trying desperately to break out of his grip, “Careful! I’m going to shoot.”

He backs up right away. Running his hands along my sides, as he heads to the bedside table. I know what he’s looking for.

“Top drawer.” I say, aware of how thick my tongue feels in my mouth, as I speak.

He comes back, spreading my legs roughly and kneeling between them. I grab large bunches of the sheet in both of my fists as I hear the tell-tale squelch of lube. His finger finds its way into me quickly. Pleasure floods my body. He lets me moan on that finger for a minute or two, but he doesn’t take very long to give me another. That gets my attention, alright.

Ooh, God, even his fingers are big.

He works me over until I can’t remember a time before him and me. Until I can’t remember a time we weren’t in this room. Until every second before this, just ceases to exist. Like it was nothing.

He makes me take another finger. I grunt as I feel it. It’s a lot. My moans are high pitched and whiny at the end. I know I should be grateful, and I am. I know I need all the help I can get for what I’m about to receive.

At last, he pulls out his fingers. I feel instantly bereft. I feel a quick sense of confusion. I don’t know whether to beg him to put his fingers back inside me, or whether to say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Though, what exactly I’m so grateful for, isn’t immediately clear. Thankfully, my ability to speak has been seriously compromised. My brain is struggling severely to send messages to any part of my body, that West isn’t touching.

I flinch and lurch forward, the second he rubs his dick on my hole. I take a long deep breath. Steadying myself.

Calm down, for God’s sake.

He waits until I arch my back slightly, pressing my hips out, opening myself as much as I can. He starts his assault as soon as I still. Pressing. Pushing. Relentless, until my ring starts to give way. It doesn’t give way easily. Even though no-one has ever prepared me better, there are some things that are just hard to take, and West’s dick happens to be one of those things. I feel myself stretching grotesquely. I try to breathe through it, but the pain is intense. As his massive head pops into me, I’m still for a second. Frozen as it hits me. I try not to, but I can’t help it. I cry out loudly. The thin sound bounces off the wall in front of me.


He waits until I calm. Until I nudge my body back against him, letting him know I’m ready. He holds my hips in both hands, digging his thumbs into my lower back. Massaging deeply, making me relax. When I loosen, he gives me some more. It knocks the breath out of me. For a second, I’m immobile. I’m acutely aware of every bone in my entire body. My entire skeleton feels as though it’s fused together. My bones feel brittle. They feel as though they are locked tightly together. The shock of what he’s doing to me, flows through my bone marrow, making it quiver. Making it sizzle.

“Fuuuck.” I groan, as he gives me some more.

The pain is still there, but this time, there’s pleasure too. It flows through my marrow, charging it. Making it feel alive. Making it start to vibrate. My bones are slowly unlocked, ligaments loosening, as I finally give way. He takes his cue and gives me all that he has.

I cry out again. “Arrrrghhh!”

This time, the pain is heavily weighted in pleasure, but I feel him hesitate. I know West, if he thinks he’s hurting me he’ll stop. I know myself, too. If he stops now, I will go insane. I’ll never recover. I reach up and grab a pillow, pulling it down to my face, balling up one corner and shoving as much of it into my mouth as I possibly can.

I thrust back and forth a little, urging him on. He takes my cue, and thrusts into me. I don’t hold back. I open my lungs and scream. Most of my cry is drowned out and mercifully, he seems to understand that now, the sounds I’m making were born in untold pleasure.

He starts slow. Long, gentle strokes designed to get me accustomed to the massive intrusion he’s bestowing on me. He seems to sense when I’ve got it. When I’m able to take it. He starts changing the pace. Torturing me with the slowest of slow thrusts. Teasing me with short, tentative shoves. Every time he penetrates me, I’m blinded by pleasure. He scrapes every inch of me. The most sensitive parts especially. Initially, I wonder if it’s dumb luck. If he’s just so big, he can’t help hitting my gland. But the more he moves inside me, the more I’m convinced that it’s no accident. West seems to have an internal compass that guides him straight to what drives people crazy. He seems to have a peculiar propensity that leads him exactly where he needs to be, to drive people wild.

I’ve never heard anything like the sounds he’s fucking out of me. I sound like one of the frantic, hysterical girls who used to lie beneath him. In truth, I sound even worse. Way worse. When he withdraws, it feels as if I’m coming apart, as if I’m being torn open and parts of me are falling out. Important parts. Parts I need. Every time he thrusts into me, I feel as if I’ve been put back together. Melded and moulded. Welded into a better version of myself. Every time he shoves his massive cock into me again, I feel as if he’s built me from scratch. Made me brand new. My cries are unbridled now. The pillow is no longer enough to contain my agitation. It’s not even close.

I’ve pushed back now. I’m on my knees. Meeting him. Greeting every one of his thrusts with a gentle rock of my hips. He welcomes every movement with a deep, animalistic grunt. He pulls me back to him. My hand is on my dick. Our bodies are pressed together. We’re joined everywhere.

He breathes heavily into my ear. “Say my name.”

“West.” I shudder helplessly.

Thrust. “Say it again.”


Thrust. “Again.”

“WESSSST!” I scream as I let go.

I let go of everything. Everything I’ve ever tried to control. Everything I’ve ever wanted. Every disappointment I’ve ever felt. Every dream I’ve ever had. I let it all go and the world explodes into bright white, as I break into pieces. I fall apart. I shatter completely. I shatter like never before.

He holds me up as I shake and tremble, moaning softly as I feel him thicken and pulse and find his own release. He finds it with such force, I feel as though a pressure washer has been shoved up my ass. He sprays deep inside me. Drenching me. Coating my guts. I’ve never loved anything more.

I slink down onto the mattress when he releases me. I collapse onto the bed, back in my position, over the pillows. Legs spread. Hips raised. Ass tilted upward. I don’t move. I can’t.

He collapses onto me for a few moments but rolls off as soon as he’s able. He lies next to me. His lips on my shoulder, kissing me softly. His arm slung heavily over my back.

Neither of us move for a while. A long while. At last, he traces my shoulder blade with his nail.

“Hey,” he says, “do you want me to run a bath for you?”

“Ugnng.” I say. I mean, “Yes.” Fortunately for me, he knows me, so he understands. He gets up and heads to the bathroom.

I’m alone. Everything is quiet. Peaceful. I’m still reeling. I feel like I’ll be reeling for the rest of my life. I can’t imagine a time that I won’t be.

“Andy,” he says softly, “the bath’s ready.”

He nudges me gently. “Why haven’t you moved?”

I look up at him quickly. My eyes are unsteady in my head. “I can’t feel my legs.” I say, apologetically.

He smiles quickly. His eyes flashing wildly. He leans down and kisses both my ass cheeks. Squeezing them softly. He runs his hands down my hamstrings, rubbing hard. Rubbing life back into them. Moving down to my calves, digging his fingers into me until I sigh. He rubs my Achilles tendons firmly and presses his thumbs into the arches of my feet until they curl.

“These are your legs,” he whispers, “and these are your feet.”

“Oh.” I say, dumbly. I have a feeling that if he hadn’t just shown me who and where I am, it might have taken me a very long time to figure it out.

He pulls me up to my feet and heads to the bathroom. I stumble along behind him. My legs are weak, wobbly. My ass is open. Gaping. I try to clench, but it’s no use. As I walk, I feel him leaking out of me. Running wetly down my thighs.

I step into the bath. Grateful to feel that it’s scalding. It makes me shiver, but I know it’s exactly what my sore body needs. I rinse the lube from between my cheeks and wash my dick carefully. It’s still wildly oversensitive. I lie back and breathe deeply as I feel a deep sense of calm overtake me.

“Scoot up.” He says, startling me.

“Uh?” I say, a little confused, but I move down quickly, making space for him behind me.

He sinks down into the water, wedging his legs around me. Sending a tidal wave of water over the edge of the bath as he leans back. He pulls me towards him, so I’m lying against his chest. Part of me is immediately uncomfortable. I need space after sex. I need to be on my own. I always do. I need to find myself again. He circles me with his arms. I expect to feel trapped. I wait for the feeling to hit me, but it falls short. It’s replaced by something else. Something different. Something that makes me feel as if the edges of me are just as blurred as the edges of a figure in one of my paintings. I feel as if I’m liquid. As if I’m melting.

“Andy.” He says, like a benediction. “Andy. You have me at such a disadvantage.”

I’m so confused. When has West ever been at a disadvantage?

“You know exactly what you’re doing. My God. You are so good. I feel like I’m floundering, but I swear, I’ll get better.”

I turn my head to the side. My brain feels befuddled. What could he possibly get better at?

“I’m going to learn your body, okay.” I feel him nodding determinedly against the back of my head. “I’m going to make it my primary goal. I’m won’t rest until I know what every single part of you wants.”

I look back at him, disorientated. “West,” I sound a little drunk, or stoned, maybe both, “you can’t get any better.”

His mouth drops open. He looks shocked and hurt. “I will, I swear. I will get better.”

“You can’t get better.” I say, definitively now, “There’s no way.” I glance back at him, as I add, “That was the best fuck I’ve ever had. No way you can get any better.”

“Really?” He says, his voice raising an octave or two, the way that it does when he’s utterly thrilled, “Seriously?”

The smile that overtakes his face has to be seen to be believed. This is not a firework; this is an entire galaxy. His eyes aren’t just flaming. They’re shooting stars.

He wraps his arms around me and holds me so tightly, I feel my rib cage adjusting slightly.

“Mine too.” He whispers into my ear.


Copyright © 2021 Jesse_H_Reign; All Rights Reserved.
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Thank you for reading. This is my first post on this site. I hope you enjoyed it. I'm a very new writer, so feedback is invaluable to me. 

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Posted (edited)

When their words finally catch up with their emotions and thoughts, and when those words are finally said out loud, Andy and West will set each other’s souls on fire.  

Edited by 84Mags
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For as lengthy as your chapters can be, they’re not long enough, lol.

You need to post more often (every day?) 🙏

If you can’t tell, I think this story is incredible, lol.

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So good. I love their dynamic. My heart is happy to read the good (especially after the last chapter of requited. Ugh, so hard on my feelers)

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8 minutes ago, Mrsgnomie said:

So good. I love their dynamic. My heart is happy to read the good (especially after the last chapter of requited. Ugh, so hard on my feelers)

Yes! 👆🏼

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6 hours ago, 84Mags said:

When their words finally catch up with their emotions and thoughts, and when those words are finally said out loud, Andy and West will set each other’s souls on fire.  

So true, and beautifully put

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2 hours ago, Mrsgnomie said:

So good. I love their dynamic. My heart is happy to read the good (especially after the last chapter of requited. Ugh, so hard on my feelers)

Thank you! Requited might take a turn for the better a little sooner than you think 😉

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4 hours ago, FanLit said:

For as lengthy as your chapters can be, they’re not long enough, lol.

You need to post more often (every day?) 🙏

If you can’t tell, I think this story is incredible, lol.

Thank you! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it

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6 minutes ago, Jesse_H_Reign said:

Thank you! Requited might take a turn for the better a little sooner than you think 😉

No complaints from me 

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You tied my brain in a knot with this chapter and there are no additional words I can conjure. Please sir may I have some more lol 🥣

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5 hours ago, headtransplant said:

You tied my brain in a knot with this chapter and there are no additional words I can conjure. Please sir may I have some more lol 🥣

Heeee he he he! I love this 😂

And, yes, you may ☺️

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I'm so happy - so happy !! This chapter brought smiles to my face and requited compassion to my thoughts!  I believe West has finally found peace and happiness. I absolutely love this story - thank you Frank!

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