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The Star, The Demon, and The God 3. The Grand Adventure of Thymestrys

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Picking up from the ending of Part 1, Luno and Tobias must work together to defeat the great evil that threatens the lands of Thymestrys. What could stand in their way? An Angel? A Demon? A God? A mix of the two?

Blood and Violence once again. There may be suggestive themes due to a certain character in this story...

If you have not read the first two, I highly recommend it!

The first one is short and a bit rushed because this was supposed to be the main story. The second story is important for you to learn about most of the characters.

Hope you enjoy!

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Talk about a rollercoaster! So many twists and turns and bumps along the way. Really an excellent job writing and really ties all three books together nicely. Lots of pain and suffering here, especially for a certain someone. The ending to the story was really beautiful, i can think of several authors who would have done a full 180 and i never like endings like that. I loved following along with these amazing characters through their journey and i can't wait to see more of your work! 

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